Vietnamese ginger tea is one of the first products of Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC). If you are wondering about our product or looking for a supplier of this herbal beverage, this is where you need to spend time and read more. We will share with you some outstanding features of the tea in order to answer your interests.

Vietnamese ginger tea of cozy
Vietnamese ginger tea – a good drink for your health

1. Vietnamese ginger tea can fascinate any tea lovers

Vietnamese ginger tea is one of the herbal drinks that has the oldest history in Vietnam. This tea is made from natural ginger roots. Vietnamese people consider it as one herbal medicine because of its many health benefits. Some great health benefits of ginger tea are:

  • Relieve stress, nausea, and motion sickness.
  • Reduce and prevent inflammation.
  • Fight respiratory problems.
  • Improve stomach performance.
  • Improve blood circulation, protect against heart diseases.
  • Strengthen immunity.
ginger tea
Vietnamese consider ginger tea as a safe herbal medicine for health

Vietnamese ginger tea contains not only healthy elements but also a unique taste and a pleasant aroma. Therefore the drink can fascinate any tea lover.

2. Why should you buy FGC’s Vietnamese ginger tea?

Future Generation Co. Ltd. has been developing several ginger teas under our brand name Cozy. The main ingredient of our tea is natural ginger aged 12 months, carefully selected from reliable sources.

Currently, there are three types of FGC’s Vietnamese ginger teas on markets with different tastes and packages:

Type Image
Cozy Hot Ginger

(Cozy Trà Gừng Hot Ginger)


  • Ginger powder
  • Sugar


  • 10 gram x 20 bags/Box
  • 30 boxes/carton

Cozy Hot Ginger tea

Cozy Ginger Tea

(Cozy Trà Gừng)


  • Ginger powder
  • Sugar


  • 20 gram x 20 bags/Sachet
  • 24 sachets/carton

Cozy Ginger Tea

Cozy Ginger Tea (tea bag)

(Cozy Trà Gừng – dạng túi nhúng)


  • Ginger
  • Green tea
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon leaf


  • 2 gram x 20 filter tea bags with envelope/Box
  • 36 boxes/carton

Cozy Ginger Tea bag

Ginger might be a familiar herb to chefs in particular and people in general. Making herbal drinks from fresh ginger is not complicated. However, it is hard to find natural roots in some countries and areas.

It is also inconvenient to bring ginger roots along with you to your office, school, or during the trips. FGC’s Vietnamese ginger tea product may be a better solution. You can enjoy a cup of ginger tea in the blink of an eye while still absorbing all the benefits of this herb.

Here you can see how easy it is to make a cup of Vietnamese ginger tea:

Including but not limited to the products mentioned above, FGC can research and provide you with more types of Vietnamese ginger tea to suit your taste and under your own brand. There are more reasons that you can add FGC to your reliable supplier list.

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3. 6 reasons why you should choose FGC to be your Vietnamese ginger tea supplier

Why should you choose FGC to be your partner while many suppliers provide Vietnamese ginger tea in the tea market? This part will give you an explanation in detail.

3.1. Be the most reputable brand in Vietnam

Established in 1996, FGC has been developing and becoming the leading tea company in Vietnam. Our production capacity surpasses 20000 tons per year. FGC’s Vietnamese tea have been exported to almost 60 countries worldwide.

Our first brand Cozy was created in 2003 and has become one of the biggest tea brands in Vietnam. It is the only tea brand that has won Vietnam Value, a highly prestigious award by the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce, since 2010. We also won Gold Medal at North-America Tea Competition in 2017 and The BrandLaureate Awards in 2018.

FGC’s brand COZY has won Vietnam Value Award since 2010
FGC’s brand COZY has won Vietnam Value Award since 2010

3.2. Provides ginger tea products made from the highest quality raw materials

We select raw materials of FGC Vietnamese ginger tea from trustworthy suppliers carefully. All activities of our company have been following the ISO and HACCP standards. FGC’s quality management system is verified and audited periodically by authorities. Our company and partners are aware of the importance of product safety and quality self-assurance.

FGC’s factories got ISO and HACCP certificates

3.3. Guarantees that ginger tea maintain the best quality, despite transportation for long distances

With more than 20 years of export experience and modern packaging technology, FGC can guarantee that our ginger tea products can be preserved in the best condition, even after long-distance transportation.

3.4. Supplies a variety of Vietnamese ginger tea product

FGC has experienced tea masters who have been developing many types of Vietnamese ginger tea. We can supply you with this healthy beverage as instant tea, leafy tea, or even RTD. Our tea experts can research more samples of ginger tea according to your requirements.

3.5. Provides many customized services

FGC’s Vietnamese ginger tea can be packed in:

  • Teabag
  • Aluminum bag/stick
  • Plastic pouch/sachet
  •  In bulk: paper sack, PE + carton
  • Tin box
  • Tetra Pak aseptic box with UHT treatment or PET bottle.
  • Etc.

We have equipped a diversity of modern packaging machinery imported from the EU, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and so on. We are more than ready to offer you OEM and custom production services.

private label services
FGC can supply a wide range of Vietnamese ginger tea on private label

3.6. Offers good quality ginger tea at competitive prices

FGC can offer you not only ginger tea but also other tea products at a reasonable price. Since FGC has a diversified supply of materials and packages, we can be flexible in selecting the tea and packaging that match your requests the most.

Here are some outstanding features of FGC’s ginger tea that make us proud of our products and services. If you want to bring Vietnamese ginger tea products into your market or create your ginger tea brand, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Author: Ms. Hang Gina – Sales Executive

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