RTD Tea from FGC – the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice

Our RTD Tea is produced from fresh tea leaves grown at over 1000 meters of altitude and healthy ingredients from natural sources. They are processed, filled, and packed with modern machinery systems imported from Spain and Germany.

RTD Tea or ready-to-drink tea is consistent with the changing lifestyle of beverage consumers in the world. They are trending towards eating lighter meals on the go because of the faster pace of life and the shortage of time for many daily activities. Furthermore, the healthy beverage is also the trend currently as consumers are more health-conscious. As a result, RTD Tea is the best alternative to every traditional soft drink for its convenience and beneficial properties.

If you are looking for a sustainable and reliable ready-to-drink tea supplier, FGC is a suitable name that should be considered. 

The reasons why FGC is the best RTD Tea supplier

Vast high-grown tea farms in Southern Central Highlands and in Northern mountainous areas

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice
Tea sources from high-mountain regions are 100% organic and contain many features of premium teas. Source: fantasea.vn

With more than 4,500 hectares of tea plantation, we ensure sufficient tea leaves for production. Our tea sources come from both high-grown and low-grown regions, therefore, we provide clients with many different tea grades, from medium to high ones.

Depending on specific tea types, our tea sources can come from specific regions. For instance, for Oolong tea, our tea plantations are located in the Central Highland of Bao Ngoc-Lam Dong. For Matcha, our tea farms are planted with the shade-grown method and harvested by hand to ensure some special compounds in the powder. Tea sources from high-mountain regions such as Ha Giang province, Yen Bai province, Son La, and Moc Chau are 100% organic and contain many features of premium teas. 

Large and sterilized processing, filling, and packaging environment, with modern production machines

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice
TetraPak machine line with Aseptic filling and packaging technology is applied in FGC’s factory

Our RTD tea manufacturing plant including processing, filling, and packaging areas is a totally sterilized environment and is strictly managed with smart and advanced technological systems. Such ideal conditions contribute to the quality, longevity, and safety of our ready-to-drink products. 

The technological application plays an important role in the production of an RTD tea product. Knowing that concept, we focus on installing and innovating our machinery system to ensure the high capacity and productivity of the factory and the quality of the product. 

We own TetraPak machine lines imported from Spain, with Aseptic technology as the most modern filling and packaging solution for RTD tea production. We also have Krones machine lines from Germany, with the Hotfill PET technology as the most popular filling and packaging for beverage bottles nowadays. 

Diverse products, with well-controlled quality

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice
RTD Tea products from FGC

Our ready-to-drink products are available in a variety of types such as tea, herbal tea, milk tea, detox tea, fruit juice, etc. 


4 flavors of Cozy RTD Tea
Four most renowned flavors of Cozy RTD tea

This category contains tea as the main ingredient and other natural food-safe ingredients from fruit or flowers. Some products include Mango Oolong tea, Orange Cinnamon Goji Berry Tea, Peach Orange Tea, etc.

Herbal Tea

This category can or cannot contain tea in its ingredients. The tea is beneficial to drinkers’ health, skin, mind, and other body parts. Our ready-to-drink herbal tea composes of Jasmine Lemon Tea, Passion Fruit Tea, Ginseng Tea, Chamomile Honey Tea, etc.

365 herbal tea from FGC
365 herbal tea from FGC

Milk Tea

Milk tea seems to be the hottest product loved by millions of teen consumers on the market currently. Milk tea is the blending between tea powder, milk, and other ingredients such as pearls, etc. Our RTD milk tea products include Cozy Moment Peach Milk Tea, Cozy Moment Matcha Milk Tea, British Milk Tea, etc. 

Cozy RTD milk tea
Cozy Moment Milk Tea- the best RTD milk tea produced by FGC

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Detox Tea

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice
Detox tea- one of the hottest beverage trends currently

The demand for detoxing has been increasing for decades because people are more aware of what is intake in their bodies. The more things people consume every day, the more health risks they have to face. As a result, detox tea is among the most popular beverages on the market. 

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In addition to the above categories, we also provide clients with other RTD products Fruit Juice, Coffee, Energy drinks, etc. 

In particular, all ready-to-drink tea products’ quality is well-controlled from “ farm to table”. We own many vast tea farms meeting many international and regional standards such as ORGANIC QUALIFICATIONS, ISO, HACCP, HALAL, etc. Manufacturing plants are also strictly managed to ensure the highest quality and safety of all products.

Private Label Tea Service (OEM)- an ideal commercial solution for your growth

Aside from being a reputable and experienced tea supplier, we are also a prestigious Private Label Tea manufacturer, with more than 4000 partners around the world. See what is composed of in our attractive service

Packaging types

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice
TetraPak – the most modern filling and packaging machine line in the world

We offer a wide choice of packaging types for different tea products in different environmental conditions. Our packages are high-quality and ideal to protect tea under circumstances. Some of them include pouches (paper, aluminum, and tin), cartons, box sachets, etc.

In particular, for RTD Tea, there are two packaging types including TetraPak Aseptic boxes and Hotfill PET bottles.

TetraPak boxes: Aseptic filling and packaging technology, 225ml, 6-sterilized layer boxes

Krones PET bottles: Hot filling and packaging technology, 350ml/455ml

Stable tea and ingredient supply

With 60 tea farms located throughout the country and diverse flower, fruit, and herb sources, we ensure sufficient and stable tea leave and ingredient supply for production. Such availability of input sources helps us be proactive and flexible in our tea production around the year. 

As a result, our Private Label tea service is also composed of tea and ingredient sources.

R&D support

Cozy tea bags- the most authentic and attractive tea products for daily energy
Research and development at FGC’s R&D department

Research and development play an essential part in the creation of a new and fantastic product. Our Private Label Tea Service offers clients R&D support in tea recipes, blending, and analyzing if they want to create a new product or promote the quality, aroma, and taste of their available products.

Our professional tea experts and researchers will help you with everything relating to R&D. Contact them via nfo@vietnam-tea.com to be consulted. 

Free label design

Apart from research and development, we also provide clients with free label design. Label and packaging make important contributions to brand positioning and promotion. Labels designed by our creative designer team are stunning, attractive, and professional.

How is RTD Tea produced at FGC’s factory?

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice

How to purchase RTD Tea products from FGC

If you are looking for a large quantity of RTD Tea products that meet your demand in terms of costs, tastes, qualifications, and even customized label designs, etc, Future Generation Co., Ltd is committed to being your expected supplier.

Please feel free to contact us via info@vietnam-tea.com to get more information about our RTD Tea products and our Private Label Service!

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