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Tea in bulk

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Specialty tea

When it comes to Vietnamese Special Tea such as Matcha powder, Snow Shan tea, and flower-scented tea, FGC is a trustworthy partner who can supply the best and unique tea…

Herbal tea

Herbal tea or tisane is not actually tea but a mix of flowers or roots of medicinal plants.

Flower-scented tea

Flower-scented tea is one of the most consumed types of tea. The most famous name in these group would probably Earl Grey Tea. However, there are also many other options like: Apple Tea, Strawberry Tea, Mint Tea, etc.

Cozy Tea

With our brand “Cozy”, we are proud to be Vietnam’s number 1 tea brand.
Our “Cozy” we have also reached many countries in South East Asia, Africa, and America.
Here are our product lines:


Tea bag

Cozy tea bags- the most authentic and attractive tea products for daily energy Tea bag is among the most popular tea products in the market for its convenience and flavor diversity. Our teabags under the Cozy brand are the “ from farm to table” tea products. We are proud to be the leading Vietnamese tea supplier for internal and external markets currently.

Instant tea

Instant tea demand is likely to explode in Vietnam and Asia over the next ten years [1] because it is convenient for busy people to drink at any time, anywhere.…

Rtd tea

RTD Tea from FGC - the best beverage for convenience and health-related choice Our RTD Tea is produced from fresh tea leaves grown at over 1000 meters of altitude and healthy ingredients from natural sources. They are processed, filled, and packed with modern machinery systems imported from Spain and Germany.