Export volume of Vietnamese tea has continued recently increasing thanks to its good quality, affordable prices, and abundant resources. Green tea, scented tea, black tea CTC and black tea orthodox are types that have the largest export volumes.

If you consider buying Vietnamese bulk tea, this article will help you find the best products and the realiable supplier which will offer you reasonble price!

1. Four types of Vietnamese bulk tea favored by wholesalers

With an experience of more than two decades in the tea business, we concluded that there are 4 types of Vietnamese teas in bulk that are favored by wholesale importers which are black tea orthodox, green tea, CTC black tea, and scented tea.

1.1 Vietnamese Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages in Vietnam for a long time. Thanks to the Vietnamese environment and characteristics of soil, the tea plants have favorable conditions to develop. These facts are what have made Vietnam be one of the biggest green tea producers.

Green tea manufacturer in Vietnam is recognized as one of the best quality origins in the world with the highlights of green liquor, very strong taste, and sweet aftertaste. FGC’s green teas are graded from OPA, OP, Pekoe super to fannings which bring many options to buyers.

Vietnamese green bulk tea
Vietnamese green tea pekoe super

Furthermore, diversification in packaging is also our other advantage which our customers can rely on. Recommended packaging for Vietnamese green bulk tea is in a vacuum aluminum bag/ box 500grm or in 10kgs Carton. These packages will ensure the quality of green tea during long-distance transportation.

Main export markets of green tea include Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

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1.2 Vietnamese Scented tea

Among the bulk tea export category of Vietnam recently, scented tea types are rising notably. Amongst them, we can mention jasmine tea, Lotus tea, and earl grey tea.

Vietnamese jasmine tea is made from Green tea and jasmine flowers, Lotus tea is made from green tea and Lotus flowers. These ingredients are very popular in Vietnam, and therefore the production costs are much cheaper than similar tea from other countries.

jasmine flower-scented tea
Vietnamese Jasmine tea produced by FGC

Earl grey tea is made from black tea and earl grey flavor.  Although Vietnam is not the homeland of Earl grey tea, Vietnamese earl grey produced by FGC has been appreciated by many tea drinkers around the world due to its high quality and its very similar taste as traditional British tea origin.

These bulk teas are recommended to pack in vacuum aluminum bags/ duplex boxes or in PE bags then strong cartons to keep their aroma and taste during transportation.

The main export markets of jasmine tea and lotus teas are Taiwan and  USA while earl grey tea is now best-selling to Middle East markets.

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1.3 Vietnamese Black Tea Orthodox

90% of FGC’s export volume in bulk is Vietnamese black tea Orthodox and this is our main business so far.

Black tea manufacturers in Vietnam has a blackish appearance, deep red beverage. Thanks to a large supply of tightly-controlled tea, the tea we offer will also have a fresh aroma. Customers are attracted to our Vietnamese orthodox black tea because of our cheap prices. Vietnamese black tea is often considered to be in a blend due to its amber red color and its strong taste.

Vietnamese black tea Pekoe in bulk
Vietnamese black tea Pekoe

Apart from that, we grade into main black tea grades such as OPA, OP, Pekoe, BOP, and so on. We can also create custom blends for customers depending on their requests or our knowledge of the import industry

The best packing for Vietnamese black tea orthodox in bulk is in kraft paper sack or in cartons.

Buyers from the Middle East, Iran, Russia, and Pakistan are seeking our Vietnamese black tea orthodox.

1.4 Vietnamese Black tea CTC

Vietnamese black tea CTC is one of our best-selling tea in bulk. FGC has imported new CTC machinery lines from India recently. As a result, we are able to make CTC black tea items that have the same properties and fulfill the same criteria as Indian origin but at a much reasonable price.

Black tea CTC BOP in bulk
Vietnamese CTC BOP grade

Vietnamese black tea CTC is categorized into grades such as BP, BOP, PF, PF1, PD… which are classified worldwide, and therefore it is very convenient for customers to choose. Recommended packaging for Vietnamese black bulk tea CTC is in kraft paper sacks or in cartons to preserve quality during long overseas transportation. Some customers also request small packaging in 250grm box or 450grm box under their private label.

Our main export markets for CTC black tea are the Middle East, Iran, and Russia.

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2. FGC – Loose leaf tea wholesale supplier in Vietnam

FGC is honored as the leading tea supplier for wholesale tea in bulk, and here are reasons why:

2.1 Stable supply

According to statistics of the Vietnam Tea Association, by the year 2020, Vietnam have 34 provinces and cities growing tea with a total area of 123 thousand hectares, the average yield is nearly 96 quintals/ha, the output is 1.02 million tons of fresh bud tea. Vietnam is currently ranked 5th in terms of tea export volumes and 7th in terms of tea production in the world. Products of Vietnamese tea have now been exported to 74 countries and territories globally.

According to the Vietnam Tea Association, in recent years, Vietnam’s tea productivity and output have continuously increased thanks to positive changes in varieties, farming techniques, and production organization. In addition to that, many mechanisms and policies have been promulgated by all levels from central to local levels to develop tea production and consumption. In particular, there have been many synchronous solutions applied in the matter of ensuring food safety on tea products with positive results.

FGC’s tea garden in Phu Tho province
FGC’s tea garden in Phu Tho province

2.2 High-quality tea

Tea is a plant originating from subtropical, central land, and mountainous areas in the north of Vietnam with high terrain, humid tropical climate, cold winters, and a large area of ferralitic soil for growing tea. Vietnam has favorable conditions to develop and plant tea trees, and therefore wholesale tea in bulk in Vietnam is recognized as high quality.

Along with continuously updating new tea growing and production techniques, over the years FGC has imported many modern machines from India and Japan in order to improve the quality of finished tea products.

wide variety of high-quality tea in bulk for wholesalers
FGC offers a wide variety of high-quality tea

In order to improve tea quality and sustainably develop the tea industry in the coming years, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has proposed solutions from the organization of production areas to building brands and promoting export. With priority policies from the Government, Vietgap programs have been applied in many tea plantations in recent years.

2.3 Reasonable price

Vietnam is recognized with many favorable factors to develop the tea industry with big volume and reasonable prices such as natural conditions, soils, and cheap human resources.

The company has a sales policy that prioritizes discount prices for tea wholesalers.

Packing wholesale tea in bulk in FGC factory
Packing wholesale tea in bulk in FGC factory

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2.4 Convenience

With a flexible sale policy, FGC provides bulk tea wholesaler with many useful support services including import and export procedures, various tea packing types, and designing products according to customers’ requests.

  • Our professional manager will consult customers on transportation modes (by sea or by air), import documents that may be needed, and other related import works.
  • Various packing types: kraft paper sack, strong cartons
  • Our designers will give customers the best solutions on how to design private labels.

With these advantages, Vietnamese bulk tea wholesaler enjoy their convenience and save much time as well as costs when dealing with us.

3. How can wholesalers buy Vietnamese bulk tea?

To buy the best wholesale tea in bulk in Vietnam with reasonable price you can simply leave us a message on our website: www.vietnam-tea.com or email us to our office email: info@vietnam-tea.com, in a short time, we will respond to your inquiry.

The purchase procedure can be pictured as follows:

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