black tea vs coffee

Is black tea better for you than coffee?

18/12/23 Lan Anh
You are looking for a drink to help you stay focused, and you are wondering: is black tea better for you than coffee? Let’s follow this article to find out. 
black tea export

What you should know about global black tea export

21/11/23 Lan Anh
Have you wondered how global black tea exports have been recently? Let’s update some helpful news in this article.  Introduction Tea is the second most popular drink in the world,
Tea farms in Ha Giang, Yen Bai

Ha Giang, Yen Bai – The hidden gems for organic black tea

28/07/23 Lan Anh
Introduction  Currently, Vietnam is the fifth and sixth largest country in the world in terms of tea growing area and production respectively. Tea farms and factories are located across the
earl grey tea powder

Interesting Facts about Earl Grey Tea Powder

23/05/23 Hoàng Anh
Earl grey, well-known for its significance in the tea market, has a mellow and chic Bergamot orange flavor. With Earl Grey Flavor Powder, you can incorporate this vibrant citrus flavor
black tea packaging

An introduction to black tea packaging types provided by FGC

24/03/23 Hoàng Anh
With Private Label Services – OEM, FGC promises to provide customers with diverse, good quality and suitable black tea packaging types. Introduction OEM, or Private Label Service, is an amazing
How is black tea made

How is black tea made? The manufacturing process of the most-consumed tea…

22/09/22 Hoàng Anh
Introduction Black tea, also called “red tea”, is known as the most popular tea in the West. The list of black tea is very diverse, making black tea a good
Tea market knowledge- The best supplier of loose leaf black tea bulk in Vietnam

Tea market knowledge- The best supplier of loose leaf black tea bulk…

05/09/22 FGC
With over 26 years of experience in tea production and export, Future Generation Co., Ltd is the leading loose leaf black tea bulk supplier in Vietnam. If you are looking