Flower-scented tea is one of the most consumed types of tea. The most famous name in these group would probably Earl Grey Tea. However, there are also many other options like: Apple Tea, Strawberry Tea, Mint Tea, etc.

Flower-scented tea is a combination of loose tea and various types of flowers. The tea types bring both many health benefits and a comfortable feeling for tea drinkers.

Flower scented tea has been one of our best-selling product lines recently. Let us share with you more information about our pride in this post. Let’s get started!

1. FGC – The reliable flower scented tea brand

With more than two decades of experience in the tea business, FGC is proud to be the most reliable flower-scented tea supplier from Vietnam. Our outstanding strengths include:

  • With a tea-growing area of almost 25,000 hectares and more than 60 tea gardens nationwide, our annual export volume has reached 20,000 tons.
  • FGC has established a professional R&D center to research and create various flower-scented tea formulas to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers, such as flower flavored tea, fruit-flavored tea, flower-scented tea, milk tea, and so on.
  • FGC has diversified to produce various flower-scented products. Some of the main products we can refer to are lotus flower-scented green tea, jasmine flower-scented green tea, earl grey tea, cardamom tea, chamomile tea, and pandan tea.
  • FGC frequently updates new packaging types, applying new modern technology, from small bags 100 – 200 gram to 10kgs of tea pack in a carton, from filter tea bags to RTD bottles.
FGC’s tea garden in Phu Tho province 
FGC’s tea garden in Phu Tho province

Let’s come to the next part of this article to have more details about all flower-scented tea we can currently provide.

2. Types of flower scented tea

Flower-scented tea increases the flavor of the tea but also does not lose the tea quality. So, what types of flower-scented tea do we have?

Product name Description
Vietnamese Lotus scented-tea

Lotus flower-scented tea

  • Ingredients: Finest Vietnamese green tea scented with Lotus flowers
  • Packaging: 100grm or 200grm vacuum bag
  • MOQ: 1 pallet
Vietnamese Jasmine-scented tea

jasmine flower-scented tea

  • Ingredients: Finest Vietnamese green tea scented with Jasmine flowers
  • Packaging: 100grm or 200grm vacuum bag
  • MOQ: 1 pallet
Vietnamese Panda-scented tea


FGC’s Pandan Tea
FGC’s Pandan Tea under “Tam Ma” brand name
  • Ingredients:  Finest green tea, pandan leaves, dried jasmine flowers
  • Packaging: 500grm bag
  • MOQ: 1 pallet
Vietnamese black tea Earl grey flavor

ear grey tea

  • Ingredients: Black tea, earl grey flavor
  • Packaging: 5 or 10kgs carton
  • MOQ: 1x20ft
Chamomile tea in Vietnam

chamomile flower-scented tea

  • Ingredients: Dried chamomile flowers
  • Packaging: 50-100 gram vacuum bag
  • MOQ: Please contact us

2.1. Lotus flower scented tea

Lotus tea has become a salient feature in Vietnamese tea culture, contributing to the world’s tea culture. Vietnamese Lotus tea is different from Lotus teas in other countries as it is the combination of green tea and lotus flower or lotus flavor.

Lotus tea has a unique taste, green liquor, and a special aroma from lotus. A cup of lotus scented tea will bring you a slight astringency, fresh mellow taste, sweet after taste, combined with the gentle flowery and pure aroma of the lotus flower.

Green tea appears in Vietnam flower tea
Green tea appears in Vietnam craft flower scented tea

One of the outstanding advantages of FGC’s lotus tea is owning fresh and clean tea gardens. Our experienced quality controllers undertake to control lotus flowers and lotus aroma strictly. Therefore, we ensure all the input resources are safe for human health and the environment.

The great combination of green tea and lotus flower brings many health benefits such as reducing cholesterol, reducing stress, stabilizing blood pressure, preventing cancer, heart attack, and stroke.

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2.2. Jasmine flower-scented tea

Jasmine scented tea is a specialty tea of Vietnam that has been considered traditional Vietnam flower tea for a long time.

The flower brings a delicate flavor and an unforgettable impression to tea lovers who have ever enjoyed it. Its characteristics are yellow liquor, sweet and delicate tea aroma, a light acrid taste carrying a gentle jasmine scent, leaving a sweet after tea.

Jasmine flower craft tea
Jasmine flower craft tea take advantage of jasmine aroma and green tea

All our green tea and jasmine trees are grown without using chemicals in an organic orientation. Hence, our Vietnamese jasmine scented green tea is completely safe and good for health.

2.3. Pandan tea

Pandan tea is a familiar drink on hot summer days. This cool drink is the favorite beverage of many people at any age due to its delicious taste and unique herbal flavor.

Green tea, pandan leaves, and jasmine flowers are well combined together to become a drink. As a result, it has a delightful floral and herbal scent, a clear green-yellow liquid, a mild tea flavor, and a sweet aftertaste.

Pandan Tea in Vietnam
Pandan leaves, green tea and jasmine flowers are three ingredients of a Vietnam flower tea –  pandan tea

2.4. Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey tea is a mixture of dried black tea leaves and bergamot oil – a citrus fruit that commonly grows in southern Italy and parts of Europe. As a result, it has a comparable flavor and taste to traditional British earl grey tea. The tea liquor has a brilliant orange hue and distinct flavor after brewing.

Earl Grey tea can bring natural relaxants and anti-depression because of its distinct flavor.

vietnamese tea flower
Earl Grey tea is a best scented tea for afternoon tea-break

2.5. Chamomile flower-scented tea

Chrysanthemum is the second most popular flower in the world, just after the rose. These flowering plants come in many different varieties. Chrysanthemum flowers for making tea, for drinking water are like yellow chrysanthemums and small white chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemum flower-scented tea has a bitter taste and is slightly spicy but cool. The delicate and gentle aroma makes tea drinkers fall in love at their first taste. With many well-known benefits, chamomile tea is recommended to add to the daily beverage menu by nutritionists. Some of these benefits include improved sleep, calming the nervous system, preventing cancer, and so on.

chamomile flower for flower-scented tea
Cuc chi – small chrysanthemum family uses for making craft flower scented tea

Recently, FGC has grown many chamomile gardens for manufacturing tea. All our planting activities adhere to ISO and HACCP guidelines. Therefore, FGC Vietnamese chamomile flower scented tea items are guaranteed to be of high quality and safe for health.

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3. How to purchase flower-scented tea products from FGC

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