Vietnamese peach tea is a favorite beverage of young people, especially in the summer, because of its addictive taste. The taste comes from the slight bitterness of black tea and the sweet and sour taste of peaches. If you are interested in Vietnamese peach tea, here is where you can find helpful information for your business.

Cozy Vietnamese instant peach tea
Drinking Vietnamese peach tea easily by using Cozy instant peach tea

1. Vietnamese peach tea – A special taste of the tropics

Vietnamese peaches have a sweet and light sour taste. It is different from other countries because Vietnamese peaches are small fruits with yellow or white flesh, and their skin is soft like velvet. In Vietnam, peach trees are mainly grown in the northern areas like Lao Cai or Son La province.

Vietnamese peaches
Vietnamese peaches are small size but have a fantastic flavor and taste

Peaches are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. People often use peaches to flavor tea in both regular tea and iced tea. Vietnamese peach tea is a harmonious combination of dried tea leaves and fresh or dried peaches. Drinking peach tea brings to people many health benefits, such as:

  • Prevents anemia: Peaches are one of the fruits that are extremely rich in iron. Drinking peach tea can help your body regenerate the amount of hemoglobin to create red blood cells, thus preventing anemia.
  • Prevents cancer and oxidative stress: One of the main components of peaches is vitamin A. The vitamin has an effective antioxidant and free radical control effect.
  • Maintains healthy and young beauty: The carotenoid component in peaches will help the skin resist the effects of ultraviolet rays and prevent melanin pigmentation. Drinking Vietnamese peach tea also helps the body be replenished with the necessary amount of water, and keeps the skin moist and smooth. In addition, the high amount of fiber in peaches also helps to eliminate toxins, pigmentation, and tanning.
cups of Vietnamese peach tea
A cup of peach tea on a summer day is the best idea for you

To sum up, Vietnamese peach tea is not only a beverage but also a source of vitamins. It has created a vast demand in the market. Therefore many F&B companies supply this kind of drink, including Future Generation Company Vietnam (FGC). In the next part, we will explain why FGC is the best choice for cooperation if you want to find a reliable supplier of Vietnamese peach tea.

2. Why should you choose FGC’s Vietnamese peach tea for your business?

FGC is a leading company in producing Vietnamese tea. For Vietnamese peach tea, we supply three types, including hot brew tea, instant tea powder, and ready-to-drink tea.

Type Image
RTD tea: – enjoy the tropical taste and aroma while on-the-go

  • Lemongrass peach tea
  • Peach milk tea
Vietnamese lemongrass peach tea

vietnamese milk peach tea

Instant Peach tea – preferred drink in the summer vietnamese Instant Peach tea
Hot brew tea: Peach Flavored tea – a great mixture of black tea and natural peach flavor Vietnamese Peach Flavored tea bag

We have distribution channels stretching throughout Vietnam and other countries, which can serve our clients in the shortest time. All the Peach tea products with reasonable prices are easy to approach in the supermarkets, convenience stores, or on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Amazon, Lazada.

Make sure you will be satisfied with the choices of buying products and services from Future Generation Company. If you are still wondering, just keep your eyes on the reasons below – why starting a business with our company can lead to success.

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3. 7 reasons why you should choose FGC to be your Vietnamese peach tea supplier

Future Generation Company was established in 1996. Over the past 25 years, we have developed from a small trading company to a large tea group in Vietnam. Nowadays, we can supply various types of tea products, packaging, and extra services.

3.1. Be the most reputable brand in Vietnam

Our domestic brand “Cozy” has had the largest market share in the Southern areas of Vietnam in recent years. Our Vietnamese peach tea products have appeared in many large coffee & tea chains, hotels, national airlines, etc.

We have exported Cozy Peach instant & RTD tea products to neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos. In the near future, we will expand our products to Japan, Korea, and Australia.

3.2. Provides Vietnamese peach tea made from the highest quality raw materials

Our Vietnamese peach tea is a perfect mixture of high-quality ingredients, including black tea leaf and natural fruit extract. We produce all our tea on the modern processing lines imported from Tetra Pak (Sweden), Viking Masek (Czech Republic), or ACMA Spa (Italy), and under the strict control of quality management systems (ISO 22000, HACCP 2003, GMP, Halal).

3.3. Supplies a variety of Vietnamese peach tea product

Co-operating with Future Generation Vietnam, partners have many choices to develop a wide range of products. We supply peach tea leaf for hot brew/cold brew, instant peach tea powder, RTD peach tea. We can offer many various styles for packaging designs, such as tea bags (round bag, single chamber bag, double chamber bag, triangular bag), tea powder (in square sachets or long sticks), paper boxes, or plastic bottles.

3.4. Guarantees that peach tea maintain the best quality, despite transportation for long distances

We guarantee that our Vietnamese peach tea can keep the best taste and aroma from the factory to clients. We use modern production technologies and always control our products by food safety conditions. We also check all the raw ingredients carefully before putting in the warehouse and releasing them for production.

FGC certifications
Our ingredients are guaranteed to quality and quantity

3.5. Provides many customized services

Future Generation Company does not supply only raw peach tea but also introduces to our partner various additional services, from custom tea blends to custom packaging materials and standards. If you have your current brand name with existing design packaging, or you only have the idea. No problem. Our sales managers will help you to detail the inquiries.

private label service
We can support you to have your own products

3.6. Offers competitive price

Future Generation always offers the most competitive price to our partners. With more than 20-year experience in the F&B industry, we are confident in sourcing raw materials and processing lines. It can help to minimize production costs. Furthermore, Vietnam is a potential area with low labor & logistics costs, convenient to deliver products to other countries by sea, air, or rail.

3.7. Provides continuous improvement

Future Generation Company always considers research & development as the priority in sustainable development strategy. Our R&D staff regularly create new blends for our tea, including a mixture of dried fruits, dried flowers, and dried herbs. In the next few years, we will soon operate the two new processing lines for health supplements and bottle-packing RTD tea, in which we can add vitamins and other minerals to the drinks.

In general, drinking Vietnamese peach tea is not only a trend but also becoming a daily routine. Because its benefits for health and also is convenient for buying or brewing. Future Generation Company is confident to be a reliable supplier in Vietnam as well as foreign markets. Any time you want to start a business with Vietnamese peach tea, think about our company!

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