Tea in Vietnam has sneaked into every corner of Vietnamese tradition, from daily life to special occasions. Nowadays, tea is still is an indispensable part of Vietnamese people. In this article, let’s explore the history, culture, and types of traditional Vietnamese teas. We also introduce to you the prestigious supplier of Vietnamese tea.

1. A brief of traditional Vietnamese tea

Tea has long been a part of Vietnamese history. Therefore we have a rich culture, tradition, and history. Here are some signature features.

1.1 Vietnamese history tea

Tea was first recorded in history during Hung Kings’ dynasties (2800 – 200 BC) as a daily beverage for ancient Vietnamese people. It is a contrast to a popular belief that tea was introduced to Vietnam during the Chinese 1000 years of domination. Many pieces of evidence suggest Vietnam is also one of the birthplaces for tea. This news means that Vietnamese tea tradition has a comparable depth of history to that of Chinese tea tradition.

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drinking tea in the Hung Kings
Tea has always played a part in the life of Vietnamese people since Hung Kings’ dynasties

1.2 Vietnamese tea culture

Tea has always been holding an important position in Vietnamese tradition. Tea plays many roles in Vietnam life. For example, it is a warm welcome for the guest, a conversation starter, a connection in the community, a medium to relax and meditate, a healthy way to start a new day, and a meaningful gift. All in all, tea in Vietnam is a segway to a deeper conversation and connection between people.

It is no exaggeration to say that tea is the adhesive that glues Vietnamese people into a community. Therefore, you can find tea in every corner of Vietnamese streets, from the most common street stalls to the household of all Vietnamese. As society change, traditional Vietnamese tea adapts as well. To accommodate the fast-paced lifestyle of Vietnamese people, tea makers have innovated into iced tea, lime ice tea, jasmine iced tea, etc.

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Tea in Vietnam tradition
Tea is ingrained in Vietnamese tradition

2. Types of Vietnamese traditional teas

Despite the constant changing states of tea in Vietnam, traditional Vietnamese tea still holds its notable position in the life of the people. Here are the 3 most popular traditional Vietnamese tea:

2.1 Vietnamese Green tea (Trà xanh)

It was said that green tea was first accidentally discovered as a beverage when a tea leaf fell into a cup of boiling water. Though the story might be a bit exaggerated, there are some truths in making of green tea. Green tea is traditionally drunk fresh like in the story using only boiling water.

Another way of making Vietnamese Traditional Green tea is frying. After drying the leaves for a short amount of time, the tea leaves are fried to keep their green color and prevent further oxidation. Depending on which part of the tea tree the leaves came from, they are divided into different gradings.

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Vietnamese traditional green tea
Green tea made by FGC

2.2 Vietnamese Lotus tea (Trà sen)

Lotus tea is the most popular among Vietnamese traditional tea types. This tea is green tea flavored with the natural scent of lotus flowers. It may sound simple, but the process and the history behind this tea are not.

Lotus flower, also known as Vietnamese national flowers, has an authentic and elegant fragrance. For this reason, lotus tea was a gift for the Kings. Not only does it has many beneficial properties like promoting relaxation, improving memory, decreasing fatigue, controlling blood sugar, blood pressure; lotus tea is also a fascinating beverage with an alluring aroma.

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Vietnamese traditional lotus tea
Lotus tea made by FGC

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2.3 Vietnamese Snow Shan tea (Trà Shan Tuyết)

Vietnamese Snow Shan tea is one of the most premium traditional tea in Vietnamese tea culture. Snow Shan tea trees are usually only grown in a high mountainous area. The leaves are hand-plucked from ancient Snow Shan tea trees, which can exist over 150 years of age. Snow Shan tea has a signature light yellow hue with a captivatingly sweet fragrance.

To preserve the signature features of Snow Shan tea, artisans do process leaves lightly. Therefore the level of caffeine and polyphenol will be quite high compared to other tea. It is suggested that we use less tea than normal when brewing a pot of Snow Shan tea.

Vietnamese traditional Snow Shan tea
Snow Shan tea made by FGC

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3. Where to buy Vietnamese traditional teas

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FGC’s black ctc Tea ordering process
FGC’s professional workflow with our global partners

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