With over 25 years of experience in the tea industry, FGC has provided many varieties of high-quality tea products. One of the best-selling products we want to introduce in this article is Vietnamese lemon tea which our R&D team devoted a lot of their time to research and develop to become successful today.

1. Vietnamese lemon tea – the best drink to start your day

Lemon tea is undoubtedly one of the most common tea all around the world. With its refreshing flavor, it is also becoming one of the most popular tea drinks in Vietnam. In addition to its taste, lemon tea also has many other benefits:

  • Keep the body hydrated
  • Treat colds and flu
  • Detoxify and boost energy
  • Benefit for your heart
  • Good for digestion
  • Cancer prevention

While lemon tea helps people feel more fresh during hot weather, in the cold winter, it is recognized to help relieve cold and flu symptoms and keep the body warm. A cup of Vietnamese lemon tea to start your day is a perfect choice.

drinking vietnamese lemon tea
Start your day with a cup of lemon tea

2. Types of FCG’s Vietnamese lemon tea

Our enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable R&D team is working hard to research and develop various types of Vietnamese lemon tea under our brand name Cozy. We select all raw materials thoroughly from verified plants.

Currently, FGC offers three types of lemons tea for your choices:

Filter tea bag type

Finest black tea combined with a certain amount of lemon extract. This type we pack in 2 grams x 20 filter tea bags with a heat seal envelope/box, 36 boxes/master carton under brand name Cozy which you can find in every supermarket in Vietnam.

For export, we can customize according to the customer’s request. It can be 25 filter tea bags or 50 or 100 filter tea bags per box, 24 or 48 boxes in one master carton, under the brand name of Cozy, or your private label.

Vietnamese lemon tea in box
The appearance of our filter tea bag type

Iced tea Lemon in powder type

It is a fabulous combination of Vietnamese black tea extract, lemon extract, and sugar. We pack this type in a 17grm sachet or stick, 18 sachets/sticks in one box, 24 boxes in one master carton under our brand name Cozy. The brand is famous in Vietnam and finds its products easily in every supermarket in Vietnam.

For export, we customize according to the requirements of customers. For example, we can pack in 20grm, 30grm sticks/sachets, under the brand’s name of Cozy brand or customer’s private label.

Cozy lemon flavored iced tea 
Cozy lemon flavored iced tea

Lemon Tea in TetraPak package/ PET bottle

The type is a good choice for on-the-go consumption because of its convenience. We can pack from 225-500ml in either Tetra Pak or PET bottle depending on your need. Under our brand Cozy, we have made our Vietnamese lemon tea one of the most sought out drinks of 2020 for many teens and young adults all over Vietnam.

Vietnamese lemon tea in Tetra Pak 
Vietnamese lemon tea in Tetra Pak

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To make a cup of Lemon tea, simply put some fresh lemon in a cup of black tea and add some sugar. However, it will be more convenient when you choose our best natural Vietnamese lemon tea. You can save your time to make the tea and bring it everywhere and enjoy a cup of lemon tea even when you are on the go. On hot summer days, a cold Tetra Pak bottle of lemon tea or adding some ice on instant lemon tea is an absolutely good idea while the filter tea bag type may be the best choice during cold winter days.

Besides our best quality teas, we can offer flexible customer service. It means we will customize packaging designs according to your request. To more detail, our R&D team is ready to adjust the blending formula to suit the taste and market demand as customers desire.

packaging types
Example of packaging types that we can offer to our customers

Including but not limited, there are still many reasons why customers should contact us. Let’s go to the next part to understand more about us.

3. 7 reasons why you should choose FGC to be your Vietnamese lemon tea supplier

Here are some reasons to explain clearly why you should FGC to be your supplier for not only Vietnamese lemon tea and other Vietnamese teas.

3.1. Be the most reputable brand in Vietnam

With more than 25 years experience in the tea business, FGC is the most reputable name in the Vietnamese tea Industry. Our name is recognized in many international tea events, forums, trade fairs including Dubai Gulfood,  Siam or Thaifex. Customers can search for our company’s information by key words “FGC” or “Vietnam-tea”.

Thanks to our reputation, FGC has established good and long term business relationships with more than 100 business partners in more than 50 countries in the world, our annual export volume reached 20,000 tons recently and continues to increase.

FGC’s factory in Phu Tho province
FGC’s factory in Phu Tho province

3.2. Provides Vietnamese lemon tea made from the highest quality raw materials

FGC ensures the highest quality of raw materials because quality assurance and product safety are our priorities. We select all our vendors strictly according to ISO standard process. They also have to provide us all valid required certificates annually. Our whole production processes are controlled under ISO & HACCP 22000.

FGC ISO & HACCP 22000 certificates 
FGC ISO & HACCP 22000 certificates

3.3. Supplies a variety of Vietnamese lemon tea

Besides the three types of Vietnamese lemon teas that are on shelves now, our R&D team continuously researches and develops new types. We expect we can introduce a variety of RTD lemon drinks, Lemon tea juice in PET bottles, and lemon tea with lemongrass in the very near future.

3.4. Guarantees that lemon tea maintain the best quality, despite transportation for long distances

Thanks to our best modern machinery technology and years of experience in the tea business, our factory always ensures the best quality of Vietnamese lemon tea and packaging during long transportation.

vietnamese iced fruit tea
We design a strong packaging that can maintain the quality of lemon tea inside

3.5. Provides many customized services

Our most highlight strength is OEM private label service. With various options of tea blending, packaging, designing, We will help you to determine the best way to promote your products:

  • Filter paper tea bag
  • Aluminum sachet/stick or bag
  • Plastic bottle, duplex box, tin box
  • Tetra Pak aseptic box with UHT treatment or PET bottle
  • Carton 10kgs, 25kgs or in bulk paper sack
private packing service
FGC private label service

3.6. Offers competitive price

Our flexibility and diversification ensure the best competitive price to our customers. With a very effective and professional procurement team, we can select and adjust from teas to packages to best match your target price.

3.7. Aware of sustainability in business

FGC is aware of the importance of sustainability in our business. Thus, we consider a sustainability strategy is necessary for now and for the future. We begin to take on some priority for commitments. Those are reducing waste maximumly, minimizing footprints, and optimizing material usage. There still is much-needed work to do. However, we are aiming to have a positive effect and contribute to our society.

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Last but not least, we expect this short article to give you a general picture of our company and our Vietnamese lemon tea products. For more information or if you want to make your own tea brands, please feel free to email us at info@vietnam-tea.com or contact me directly.

Ms. Huong Mai – Sales Executives (huongmaifgc@vietnam-tea.com)

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