Drinking tea is a long-standing culture of Vietnamese people. It often appears in social interactions, from casual chats to national gatherings. In Vietnam, people consider tea as a delicate gift for many occasions, such as grand opening, wedding, Lunar New year (Tet), etc.

If you want to buy the best tea to present to your relatives or friends, here are three criteria that can help you choose the best Vietnamese tea gifts.

Cozy tea gift basket
Tea often appears in gift baskets in Vietnamese Lunar New Year

1. Best types of Vietnamese tea for your gifts

Delicious, famous, or premium teas will often be the first choice for gifts. In addition to the unique taste and aroma, health benefits brought by the teas also need to be concerned. Let’s take a look at some outstanding Vietnamese teas below that will be great options for tea gifts.

Vietnamese scented lotus tea

Lotus tea is without a doubt the best Vietnamese gift tea. Vietnamese lotus flower tea is made by putting the best quality tea buds inside lotus flowers then artisans will harvest them before sunrise. So the tea may absorb the natural aroma of the flower. The price of one kilogram of premium lotus tea is usually not less than $50. Lotus harvest season in Vietnam is summer (from June to August), so if you need to give gifts at this time, lotus tea is a great choice.

lotus tea
Summer is the time for lotus blossoms, convenient to make lotus tea

Vietnamese snow Shan tea

It is a tea type with large gray-white buds, under the tea leaves covered with a layer of fine, white hair, so people call it snow tea. Vietnamese Shan tea has a mild aroma, yellow water with honey color. The tea is grown naturally and processed according to the manual method of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups in the Northern high mountains of Vietnam (Lai Chau, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, etc.).

The spring tea crop is around March and April every year, with foggy weather and high humidity, which will give the freshest tea buds. Therefore, you should choose Shan tea harvested around this time of the year to be your gift tea.

Vietnamese famous Shan tea leaves
Shan snow tea is considered as ‘organic tea’ because it’s cultivated naturally without using any chemical.

Oolong tea

Vietnamese oolong tea varieties like Kim Tuyen or Tu Quy etc. are as good as Taiwanese oolong tea. Oolong tea in Vietnam is semi-fermented naturally, so it still retains the content of Polyphenol that helps enhance the activity of the SOD enzyme to help prevent free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer. Oolong tea is suitable as a gift for those who love a gentle, delicate aroma and a tea taste that is not too bitter.

Kim Tuyen imperial oolong tea
Oolong tea is cultivated popularly in the South area of Vietnam (Lam Dong province)

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Vietnamese Jasmine tea

The jasmine variety in the north of Vietnam is regarded to be the best for producing tea, thanks to its long-lasting scent. Vietnamese jasmine green tea has an iridescent golden liquid color and a sweet and delicate fragrance. The tea has a little bitter flavor with a seductive jasmine smell that leaves a pleasant sensation in the throat after drinking. This will be a good tea gift for those who love natural floral scented teas with Vietnamese typical flowers.

jasmine traditional tea
Jasmine tea is a traditional flower scented tea in Vietnam

Vietnamese Herbal tea

Herbal tea is a tea type made from plants available in nature (artichoke, hibiscus, chamomile, licorice, etc.). These teas often have a refreshing and healthy taste, therefore they are perfect tea gift for many people from youth to elder.

The ancients often said that drinking herbal tea is not only for refreshment but also brings various benefits to health (such as preventing cancer, purifying the body, curing insomnia, etc.). Therefore, you should give Vietnamese herbal tea to people who have physical or mental health problems or who need to relax after a stressful time. However, it is important to learn about the use of herbs in advance to avoid side effects.

Herbal tea
Herbal tea has many health benefits

2. Choose the materials that make Vietnamese tea gifts look luxury

The first factor that attracts and impresses the recipient is the appearance of the gift. A high-class gift tea box with beautiful designs will be the ideal choice to send to relatives, friends, superiors, partners, etc. The information below will give you some ideas for a perfect Vietnamese tea gift packaging.

2.1 Aluminum canister

An aluminum canister or tin box is a type of metal packaging made of Western iron that goes through different processes, such as welding or stamping, seaming.

Aluminum canister tea packaging
Aluminum canister ensures the tightness – one of the most important criteria for packing foods and drinks

The aluminum canister is still the popular material for tea gift packaging today because of many reasons:

  • It has light weight, is convenient for transportation.
  • It ensures the tightness, helps to preserve the product well from external influences; suitable for food product packaging.
  • It can withstand high temperature and great pressure
  • It’s flexible to print any label or coat the surface with a protective varnish.
  • It can be reused.
Samples of oolong tea tin boxes
Cozy green tea and oolong tea packed in aluminum canisters

2.2 Paper canister

Consumers are aware of and prioritize choosing green packaging in their consumption to protect the health of themselves, their families and improve the living environment. Pressures from the governments and the international markets to limit plastic packaging, plastic, solid waste, and strict controls in an effort to create a healthy living environment have partly boosted the paper packaging industry.

The type of tea gift box made from the paper canister is the most popular today. This material can be suitable for both large and small size box with diverse designs while ensuring reasonable prices, that are suitable for most consumers.

Paper canisters
Paper canisters are widely used thanks to their reasonable cost and diverse designs

The advantages of using a paper canister are:

  • Safe for users, ensuring food safety.
  • Paper materials are very environmentally friendly, easy to decompose in natural conditions, and help protect the environment.
  • Reasonable price, cost saving for manufacturers
  • Various models, eye-catching design, easy to print
black paper canisters
Paper canister is the most popular packaging in the world for Vietnamese tea and coffee products
red paper canisters
Paper canister has many designs from square, round, to hexagon
aluminum canister and paper canister in Cozy tea product
A great combination of the aluminum canister and paper canister in Cozy tea product

2.3 Wooden box

Wooden boxes can be made from many different materials such as pine, oak, ash or industrial plywood. Each material will have different colors, weights, and costs, creating a variety of choices for buyers.

Wooden boxes
Wooden boxes can be carved to create elaborate patterns

To design the tea gift box, people often choose wood with high hardness, smooth surface, and round grain to increase aesthetics. Wooden boxes are very durable, not easy to break or dent. If the inside has an extra layer of velvet or foam, it will limit the pressure exerted on it.

However, wooden boxes also have some disadvantages such as: easily damaged by external conditions (termites, bugs, rats, mold), heavy weight, high costs, etc.

Wooden boxes for Vietnamese gift tea
People often choose a wooden box for the luxury tea gift

2.4 Aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bag is assembled from 2 or more layers of film in which pure aluminum film (AL) is a part of the structure. Aluminum foil bag is a type of tea packaging with a long shelf life (over 3 years) and suitable for a variety of environments.

aluminum foil bags
Nowadays, aluminum foil bags become more and more popular packaging materials in F&B industry

Regarding the structure of aluminum foil bags, the aluminum film is the outermost layer, or the middle layer of the package of package, while the inner layer is usually materials that are easy to be welded to facilitate packaging (such as LDPE, LLDPE, PP).

  • Aluminum foil bags are the best packaging for keeping the scent and taste of the product. Therefore, aluminum bags are now popularly used to make tea bags and coffee bags. However, the cost is a bit high.
  • Corrosion resistance, good water resistance, and high temperature resistance
  • Aluminum foil packaging has a glossy appearance, making the product more luxurious and beautiful
  • Diverse design: the mouth of the bag can be heat sealed (like a tea bag) or added a zip lock (aluminum foil zipper bag); label printing: can print in many colors.
Aluminum foil bag for matcha tea
Aluminum foil bag can guarantee quality like color, taste, and aroma for tea

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3. Arrange the tea gift basket in an aesthetic way

Although the main gift is Vietnamese tea, it will be much better if there are accessories to go with it. This part will introduce to you some options which are suitable to give in a tea gift set.

Books: Drinking tea brings comfort and ease; so there’s nothing more interesting than enjoying a cup of tea while reading a good book. Books and tea make a perfect match, so choose one that matches the taste of the tea you’re giving.

Reading books and drinking tea
Reading books and drinking tea will bring comfort after busy days

Cookies: Tea and cookies is also a classic combination, the sweetness of the cake will blend with the slightly acrid taste of the tea. In addition, in Vietnam, a box of tea will be an indispensable ingredient in an annual mooncake gift set.

tea and cake
Tea is a popular gift every mid-autumn festival in Vietnam and other Asia countries

Dried fruits: Similar to cookies, the sweetness of dried fruit is so attractive when eating or brewing together with tea. A cup of hot black tea and some slices of dried grapes or mango will be so great on a cold winter day.

Some slices of dried fruits
Some slices of dried fruits will enhance the aroma and taste of a cup of tea

Finally, if you are looking for a Vietnamese supplier which can offer tea gift sets with high quality tea and diverse packaging design, Future Generation Company is the best answer.

various types of tea packaging
FGC is a professional tea manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam

Why you should choose FGC as a partner?

  • Our staffs have a deep understanding of tea & tea drinking culture, always ready to advise customers on the most appropriate options.
  • Strict quality management system from input materials to final products
  • Modern machinery system, production line, ensuring large capacity
  • There are clean and diverse sources of both tea and packaging
FGC’s packaging standards for tea products
FGC’s packaging standards for tea products

How to contact FGC for an inquiry of Vietnamese tea gift?

Please visit our website www.vietnam-tea.com or send your inquiry via email info@vietnam-tea.com. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions!

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