If you are searching for the best Vietnamese tea brand there is no need to look further because Future Generation Co. (FGC) is your one-stop-shop. With over 20 years of standing on the top Vietnamese tea exporters and owning many leading domestic tea brands, FGC is confident that we can always satisfy your need for tea. We have outstanding production capabilities, deep and thorough blending recipes, packaging experiences, and excellent services.

processing factory in Phu Tho province of FGC tea brand
FGC’s main processing factory in Phu Tho province

1. FGC – Vietnamese tea brand was born in 1996

Founded in 1996, Future Generation Company (FGC) placed its focus on manufacturing and trading tea. From a small trading company in 1996 with only a processing factory in Vinh Phuc province, the company now has 15 tea factories across the country. Our total annual export reached nearly 20,000 tons of tea to over 60 countries worldwide. Along with over 60 controlled tea farms, FGC has been the top Vietnamese tea exporter for many years.

Along with building our production capabilities, FGC has also been working toward developing domestic tea brands. Now we possess one of the most famous tea brands in Vietnam. Its name is Cozy. Cozy has been recognized by many government awards as the most trustworthy Vietnamese tea brand since 2003. That said, the Cozy brand’s current standing can only be achieved through FGC’s production capabilities.

Cozy Vietnamese tea brand Products Display
Cozy tea brand Products Display

2. Distinctive manufacturing capacity of FGC

Manufacturing capacity is one of the factors that make FGC the best Vietnamese tea brand. Our abilities of manufacturing come from:

2.1 Wide varieties of tea sources and materials

With over 60 controlled tea farms in Vietnam and many partners all over the world, not only can we have access to tea of high quality but also at a reasonable price. This is a great point for us to provide you with the most suitable blend of tea.

Since our Cozy brand also produces a large and diverse profile of tea products, we can also procure many other supporting materials for your tea products like packaging, flavouring, herbal ingredients, etc. at a much cheaper price.

2.2 Top of the line packing machinery

To stay on top of customers’ needs in many different markets, FGC is constantly upgrading and diversifying our packing machinery. All our packing lines are directly imported from Germany, Italy, or Japan, thus producing consistently high-quality products so that you will never have to worry about the stability of quality.

Furthermore, with miscellaneous types of packing lines, we can produce many forms of tea products such as tea bags, instant tea, and RTD. You can visit Tea packaging: All necessary factors to select the best one for a full list of our packing options.

FGC’s tea bag packing line
FGC’s tea bag packing line

2.3 Experience in tea industry

Despite having a strong source of materials and a high quality production line, what we in FGC are most proud of is our people. With a very experienced R&D team, we take pride in our blending skills. Not only do we aim to achieve the most correct quality requested by our customers, we also strive to make our blend as affordable as possible for our customers.

3. Kinds of FGC’s Vietnamese tea product

Here are some of our products that are performing well in our domestic market to get you thinking about all the possible combinations and products that we can offer you:

3.1. Vietnamese loose tea

Products Description
Van Tien Oolong Tea 500g (in foil bag)  

Van Tien Oolong Tea 500g

Cozy Lotus Tea in Tin can and Paper Canister  

Cozy Lotus Tea in Tin can and Paper Canister

Cozy Premium Tea Assortment (in gift box)  

Cozy Premium Tea Assortment (in gift box)

3.2. Vietnamese tea bag

Products Description
Cozy Gold Label

(packed in double chamber tea bag without envelope inside duplex box)


Cozy Gold Label

Cozy Gold Label

(packed in double chamber tea bag with envelope)


Cozy Peach Flavor Tea

365 Artichoke Tea

(packed in pod bag in duplex box)


365 Artichoke Tea

3.3. Vietnamese instant tea

Products Description
Cozy Lemon Iced Tea (packed in aluminum stick)  

Cozy Lemon Iced Tea

Matcha Latte (packed in aluminum stick)  

Cozy 3in1 Matcha

Cozy Iced Tea Assortment (stick packed in Canister) (for Tet occasion)  

Cozy Iced Tea Assortment

3.4. Vietnamese Rtd tea

Products Description
Cozy Peach Milk Tea (in Tetra Pak Edge 225 ml)  

Cozy Peach Milk Tea

365 Detox Tea (in Tetra Pak Edge 250ml)  

365 Detox Tea Vietnam

F5 Energy Tea (in PET bottle 350ml)  

F5 Energy Tea

4. Advantages of FGC’s services

Other factor that make FGC the realiable Vietnamese tea brand is our services. After all the consideration taken to create a product, it is of the most importance to us that your product will sell well in your market. Therefore, we take a great deal of care in our following services:

FGC’s R&D team
FGC’s R&D team
  • During our Q&A phase after you contact us, we will thoroughly discuss your needs to provide you with all possible solutions for you to choose from. With our extensive knowledge and data in the tea market, we believe that we can give you important insights and suitable solutions to your problems.
  • With our manufacturing capabilities, we believe in our abilities to provide you with a solid solution for your private label regarding tea blends and packaging.
  • To reduce friction in the purchasing process, our export managers can advise on modes of transport, import documents, and other procedures suitable for each market.
  • We also provide additional package designing to go for our customers that requires new packaging for their products
  • Our sales will often give you updates on global tea and beverage trends so you will never miss new and prosperous business opportunities.

5. Professional purchasing procedure of FGC

Furthermore, it is quite simple for you to become one off FGC’s partners. Just follow the diagram below:

FGC’s Tea ordering process

You can contact us by


After that, we can discuss your needs regarding your RTD tea products, then we can fully understand what you want and devise a proper solution for you.


We will then create and send you samples based on your need and send you a quotation.


At this point, we can continue discussing terms for packaging, payments, logistics, etc. until we reach approval to begin contract signing.

In conclusion, we hope you understand why we are confident to be the best Vietnamese tea brand. We will be pleased for you to contact us to start talking about your plan for your products.

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