Lychee is a delicious and popular fruit in the summer around Vietnam. Additionally, lychee fruit also has a long-standing healing effect and is very often used in Chinese medicine. As a result, Vietnamese lychee tea is also a very popular drink in many countries around the world.

Vietnamese lychee tea
Drinking Vietnamese lychee tea easily when using Cozy lychee-flavored packaged in form of tea bags

1. Vietnamese lychee tea – a tropical drink bringing summer vibes

The world knows a lot about lychee originating from Southern China, such as Guangdong, Fujian province. However, few people know that up to 80% of lychees in China are grown from Vietnam.

Lychees from China or Malaysia have some characteristics like their taste is more sour and the seeds are larger than lychees from Vietnam. The production of lychees harvested in those countries is not as much as in Vietnam. According to an ancient Chinese book called “Southern Grass and Trees” written by a Chinese author, Vietnamese Lychee fruit had been known as a great tribute since 111 BC.

Lychees growing from Luc Ngan (Bac Giang province) are a small round fruit only about 3- 3.5cm with tiny seeds and thick pulp. The lychee is the sweetest of the Lychees. They ripen late so people will harvest from the beginning of May to June of the lunar calendar.

Luc Ngan - Vietnam lychee
Luc Ngan lychee variety from Bac Giang province, Vietnam with small round , small seed & sweetest taste

Frequently eating lychee will nourish the brain, benefit intelligence, aperitif, benefit the spleen, make healthy, very good for people who have just woken up sick, debilitated, skincare beauty; cure many diseases. Therefore, lychee is very often used in Chinese medicine.

Regarding chemical composition, lychee pulp contains protein, glucose, organic acid, carotene, mineral salts Ca, Fe, P, vitamins B1, B2, C,… In particular, the high sugar content is mainly glucose, sucrose. Lychee seeds have 1-1.5% tannin, saponite.

Because of lychee’s taste and health benefits, Vietnamese use lychees to combine with tea to become lychee tea. Vietnamese lychee tea is a popular beverage in Vietnam and many countries in the world.

a glass of Vietnamese lychee tea
Vietnamese lychee tea is a typical beverage of summer

Check out the delicious Vietnamese lychee tea recipe in the video below:

2. What is the specialty in FGC’s Vietnamese lychee teas?

As mentioned above, Vietnamese lychee is well-known as the sweetest lychee with a typical aroma & taste that makes our tea have a unique & unforgettable taste. Moreover, we provide a vast number of options of Vietnamese lychee tea for the various consumers with more convenience in drinking.

FGC provides 3 types of Vietnamese lychee tea for consumer options, including Tetra Pack box, tea bag and instant tea.

Lychee Tea Type Image
Cozy Lychee Tea in Tetra Pack box

(Trà vải đóng chai Cozy)

Cozy Lychee Tea in Tetra Pack box
Cozy Lychee tea bag 25*2g

(Trà vải túi lọc Cozy)

Cozy Lychee Tea in Tetra Pack box
Cozy Instant Lychee Tea

(Trà vải uống liền Cozy)

Cozy Instant Lychee Tea

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For on-the-go consumption, Cozy Lychee Tea packed in TetraPak or PET bottle is a perfect choice with sweet taste & fresh lychee scent; keeping you awake and dispelling the summer heat. The tea also enhances vitamins and antioxidants for the skin. Opt for a liquid tea with this packaging that lets you enjoy small sips on the go & save down to the last drop. In addition, this type of packaging is also quite environmentally friendly.

You may feel peace and pleasant when drinking lychee tea because of its natural taste of black tea and the passionated aroma of dried lychee. If you use lychee tea bags dipped, you will see the color of amber water waves and a unique scent. With this type of Cozy tea, you can also unleash your creativity by adding many fruit toppings to change the taste.

drinking vietnamese lychee tea
The specialty of our product is bringing a pleasant feeling to users

3. 7 reasons why you should choose FGC to be your Vietnamese lychee tea supplier

Here are 7 reasons to explain why you should choose FGC to be your Vienamese lychee tea supplier. Those are also our prides about FGC we want to share with you.

3.1. FGC is the most reputable & diversified manufacturer in Vietnam

  • FGC has provided a lot of the world’s major tea partners such as Twinings (UK), Lupicia (Japan), Akbar Brothers, Orimi, Mayski, etc.
  • FGC’s brand Cozy is also well-known locally as the second big market share with 28% (according to Kantar WorldPanel)
  • FGC is known as the biggest supplier of various types of orthodox tea in bulk but also the RTD producer in tea drinks

3.2. Our perfect blending method will provide you a unique blend and wide range of choice

With over 3000 ha tea farms owned by FGC and many kinds of orthodox tea standards. The private label production process is managed by quality control according to ISO 22000 & HACCP 2003 which guarantees the safety of quality and product for your brands.

3.3. Supplies a huge variety of professional packaging

  • If you are looking for a new brand design, then our professional teams can provide consultancy for your private label
  • There are various types of packaging such as tea bags 25,50,100 enveloped bags or non-enveloped bags; round tea bags; pyramid tea bags.

3.4.  Provides many customized services

FGC provides customized service for Vietnamese lychee tea packaging according to customers’ needs. The table shows some of our most popular packaging styles:

Packaging type

1. All the tea bag shapes

All the tea bag shapes

  • Include: Single chamber, double chamber, Pot bag, Premium pyramid bag
  • Premium pyramid shaped bag packed by Fuso Japan machine.
  • Pod bag packed by Universal Pack machine.
  • Single/Double chamber tea bags packed by IMA C21, C23, T4, ACMA T2, HST machines.
  • From 2 gram – 30 gram each tea bag.

2. All shapes of box

All shapes of paper box

  • Include: paper box, plastic box, laminated pouch, vacuum aluminum pouches for loose tea packing
  • Manual packing

3. Stick, rectangle sachets for ice-tea packing

Stick, rectangle sachets

  • 10 lines automatic packing lines for ice-tea & tea powder

4. Tetra Pack box & PET bottle for RTD tea packing

Tetra Pack box

  • Tetra Pack Lines
  • Krones packing lines

5. Kraft bag, PP & PE bags & master carton for bulk packing

  • Automatic-blending by Barnard Line
  • Manual packing

3.5. All of our tea sources are under strict control & traceability system down to the bush

  • All input materials for lychee tea belong to FGC’s own supply chain, FGC’s tea garden farms.
  • All refreshing tea sources are recorded and controlled at the inlet of subsidiary factories & systematically coded.
  • All sources of semi-finished tea at the outlet of subsidiary factories are also systematically controlled.
  • All sources of finished tea at the official export factories are strictly controlled according to the process and systematically coded.

3.6 The private label production process is managed by quality control according to ISO22000 & HACCP code 2003

Not only private label production but also all of our bulk packing processing line & our own brand are managed by quality control according to these certificates for over 20 years which assures all the quality tea we have served worldwide.

3.7. Offering the most competitive prices

We always advise our customers to find the best solution to get the best price. We also want long-term companionship with customers’ brands with the most reasonable price solutions.

In general, there are many outstanding features of FGC’s Vietnamese lychee tea product. If you want to taste or bring this drink into your market and create your brand, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Author: Ms.Jennie – Sales Executive

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