Packaging is one of the most crucial factors that affect the quality of any tea product directly. Selecting a suitable tea packaging is as important as blending new recipes. Because packaging can protect the quality of products, preserve the tea taste and flavor, though they are delivered through many countries and climate zones.

This article will show the main elements when considering tea packaging.

 various types of tea packaging
An example of various types of tea packaging

1. 4 vital criteria for finding perfect tea packaging designs

According to research, it takes about an average of 7 seconds for a buyer to decide whether they will purchase a product. Furthermore, one-third of consumers’ buying behavior depends on only packaging-based decisions. For this reason, most tea brands invest in tea packaging to have an attractive and vibrant design.

Let’s find out four primary factors for seeking the best tea packaging designs.

Quality preservation

Packaging will protect products’ quality to avoid many risks such as humidity, heating, sunshine, yeast, mold, etc. Depending on the methods of transportation and storage, we can choose different materials. There are some types of tea packaging materials: cardboard, tin cans, stand-up pouches, etc.


There are two aspects to care about the size of any tea packaging. Those are the size of the label and the whole cover. The logo should be big enough to attract customers. However, it should not overwhelm all of the packaging.

Choosing the exact dimension to optimize costs to produce packaging is necessary. Thus, it is preferable to cooperate with a supplier that can provide flexible tea packaging services to meet the needs of corporations and wholesalers, households, and small-scale vendors.

Cozy tea packaging
Size is one of the important factors of choosing tea packaging

Brand identity

90% of customers say colors and pictures help them remember a company, so tea packaging should feature your logo and color scheme. Tea packaging should be considered as another opportunity to develop a brand identity.


Tea packing costs might cut into your company profits. For example, a tin can is more expensive to manufacture than a cardboard box. However, if you would like to compete with luxury foodstuffs, you’ll need to invest a little more in materials and design. You may not use tin, but consider the thickness of the cardboard and how the colors appear on its background.

FGC tea packing options
Choosing suitable materials can help to save costs.

There are various ways to package tea products. The following parts will describe more details about three common ones listed below: Packaging for loose tea, powdered tea, ready-to-drink (RTD) tea.

2. Packaging designs for loose tea

You can use the packaging design for all kinds of tea, such as black tea, green tea, back CTC tea, etc. When drinking loose tea, you will feel the fresh taste and aroma of tea leaves.

If you are busy making a cup of tea, using a tea bag is a good idea. There are many kinds of tea bags, detailed as follows:

2.1 Single Chamber tea bag (with tag)


  •  Cheap price
  •  A tag that makes more convenient


  • Tea leaves have to be cut or broken down into small pieces to fit the tea bags, which leads to a decrease in healthful components. And it usually contains dust and fannings.
  • A slower rate of extraction compared to other forms of teabags.
A design of single chamber tea bag
A design of single chamber tea bag

2.2 Pod bag


  • This pot bag is suitable for making tea in a teapot to serve many people at the same time.
  • It is without string and tag, so the price is reasonable.


  • Have a slow rate of tea extraction like a single chamber tea bag.

artichoke tea bag


lipton uncang tea bag

365 Artichoke Tea (popular in Vietnam) (left) and Lipton Podbag Tea bag (distributed in Malaysia) (right)

2.3 Double chamber tea bag (with/without envelope)

  • Having all single chamber tea bag’s advantages.
  • Time for extracting is faster than a single chamber tea bag.
  • It can protect aroma and flavor for a lasting period.

Ahmad double chamber tea package


peach cozy tea bag package

Ahmad Tea on the left and Cozy Peach tea on the right.

2.4 Pyramid tea bag


  • A pyramid bag can contain whole-leaf tea, so people usually use it for premium tea.
  • The content is visible from the outside, so it increases the visual appeal of the tea
  • The fastest rate of extraction


  • The price of pyramid tea bags is more expensive than other tea bags.

cozy tea tin package


pyramid tea package

Cozy Shan Tuyet Tea (right) and Twining English Breakfast (left) packed in pyramid bag

2.5 Tin can/Plastic pouch/Plastic canister/Zip lock foil pouch/Vacuum pouch/Cardboard box

Cardboard is packaged in a wide range of products because it’s lighter and easier to transport. Besides, lightweight items can deliver both environmental efficiency and aesthetics.

Tea can be packaged in stand-up pouches made of paper, plastic, or aluminum. That is both economical and appealing. The quality of tea is preserved well in the heavy-duty zip lock pouch and vacuum pouch style, which keep tea in a sturdy and curved appearance. Zippers, rounded corners, and a superior film coating contribute to the luxurious design.

Hong Long paper canister (in Vietnam)

Hong Long paper canister (in Vietnam)

Boh Tin Canister (in Malaysia)

Boh Tin Canister (in Malaysia)

Tam Ma loose tea in plastic & foil pouch (from Vietnam)

Tam Ma loose tea in plastic & foil pouch (from Vietnam)

Lipton Tea in carton boxLipton Tea in carton box

3. Packaging designs for powdered tea

In this part, we will discover interesting things about packaging designs for powdered tea.

3.1 Stick/Sachet

  • Suitable for individual usage
  • Correct proportion right away without the need for measuring tools

Hot Ginger Tea package


Nestea Match package

Hot Ginger Tea (right) and Nestea Match (left) packed in sachet and stick form

3.2 Foil pouch/Jar

  • Suitable for large quantity usage
  • Have to measure quantity more carefully to ensure certain flavor profile

Tang orange mix in pouch


Cozy Ice tea in Can

Tang orange mix in pouch (left) and Cozy Ice tea in Can (right)

4. Packaging designs for RTD tea

RTD, also known as Ready-to-Drink, has been a favorite type of young people in recent years.


  • Easy for on-the-go consumption
  • With aseptic technology, the tea is guaranteed to keep the most flavor
  • Currently the safest RTD packing method
  • Fit for milk tea, herbal tea, etc.


  • Higher minimum quantity order
  • Less resistance to harsh environments (rough transportation, high humidity or dusty environment, etc.)

4.1 Tetra Pak (250ml)


Kagome Mix Vegetable Drink Japan


365 Detox Tea Vietnam

Kagome Mix Vegetable Drink Japan (left) and 365 Detox Tea Vietnam (right)

4.2 PET Bottle (350ml/500ml)


  • Easy for on-the-go consumption
  • High resistance to environment
  • Cheaper price


  • Lower minimum quantity order

Itoen Green Tea Japan


Tea+ Vietnam

Itoen Green Tea Japan (left) and Tea+ Vietnam (right)

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5. Where should you choose tea packaging design services?

It’s not easy to know all the in-and-outs of a tea product. For this reason, you should get all the support of professionals from diverse sectors to build a good tea product. If you are searching for tea packaging design services, FGC is the best answer for you. Because of the following reasons:

  • FGC provides consulting services and packaging design in accordance with your brand.
  • FGC has many partners in packaging production firms, which are reputable and high quality product packaging companies in Vietnam, so we can supply variety kinds and shapes for your preference.
  • A one-stop-shop for your tea products so you can focus on sales and marketing.
  • Guarantee of the final products’ quality and safety

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