Green tea powder actually originated in China, during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). At this time, tea leaves were processed by roasting and then ground into powder and mixed with hot water to drink.

Nowadays, many people are interested in the green tea powder manufacturing process, thanks to its great health benefits. This article will provide you with a close look at all steps in the process, and simultaneously help you buy the best quality green tea powder products.

Green tea powder manufacturing process consists of 6 steps

Green tea powder is produced from tea plants that are grown naturally in the sun, with a simple process: tea picking, drying, and grinding by industrial machines.

  • Selecting a growth area: Tea plants are grown naturally in the sun, no need to cover before harvesting
  • Harvesting tender tea leaves: Tea leaves are harvested normally by hand or machine during the main crop (Jun to Nov) or spring crop (Mar to Apr). Just take note not to choose crushed and decayed leaves.
  • Washing and drying tea leaves: Tea leaves are washed to remove the dust and foreign matters, then dried at a high temperature.
  • Refining tea leaves (optional): Sometimes people will sift tea leaves to remove the stalks and leaf veins, in order to get the smooth powder.
  • Grinding tea leaves into fine green tea powder: Because of the grinding process by an industrial machine, heat is generated during the grinding process, making the tea powder yellow, and not smooth, which can be seen clearly with the naked eye.
  • Packing green tea powder: tea powder is packed in a sealed plastics bag, aluminum bag, or carton
Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Grinding – the important step to give the fine powder


Green tea powder manufacturing in FGC’s company – the special points

From the fresh tea leaves to the fine powder, tea leaves are processed in many steps. In FGC, we keep strong concern in the production line, and all tea powder products are manufactured under ISO 22000 and HACCP 2003 standards.

Here are the special points in the Green tea powder manufacturing in our company.

  • Vast tea gardens on highland central of Northern Viet Nam: FGC now has 15 hectares of tea farms grown under organic standards, and expects to increase to 25 hectares in 2030. The replication of organic production helps our company have a new agricultural production method that is friendly to nature and the environment, contributing to protecting the health of producers and consumers.
Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Tea Nursery Farm at FGC
  • Typical tea harvesting: When using a tea picker, the machine will pick all buds and leaves, so the finished tea has uneven quality. As for hand-picking tea, it is more labor-intensive, but it can help to sort tea leaves right after picking, ensuring output quality.
  • Modern production machine, with high capacity: To produce green tea powder, FGC’s factory uses cutting-edge technology. Differentiating from the traditional Japanese manner, we use synchronized lines brought from Japan to cover all phases of manufacturing. It retains the ideal flavor and aroma of Japanese tea while also helping to enhance capacity and volume.
Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Modern green tea powder processing line at FGC’s factory

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How does Green tea powder manufacturing define its tastes and flavors?

All stages of Green tea powder manufacturing need to be strictly controlled in terms of raw materials, time, volume, temperature, humidity… Any difference can lead to a change in the appearance & taste of the final product.

Choose raw material: Green tea powder made from old tea leaves and young tea leaves will give different quality. These young leaves are usually at the top of the tea plant, so these leaves are photosynthesized more than the older leaves. Due to a lot of photosynthesis, amino acids are converted into polyphenols, which create antioxidant capacity.

Refine tea leaves: If the leaves are not sieved and veins are not separated, the tea powder will not be completely smooth/ fine.

Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Grinding powder without removing the leaf veins will make the powder not smooth

Grind powder: If the heat rise of the mill is not controlled during operation, the tea powder may become hotly steamed and change color.

Storage: Green tea powder should be stored in dark, sealed containers at a cool temperature to ensure the original green color and flavor. If the tea powder is exposed to direct sunlight and the high temperature of the hot and humid summer, it will quickly oxidize and turn yellow.


Green tea powder types

Basically, matcha powder and green tea powder are both made from green tea trees (Camellia Sinensis). However, matcha powder is actually green tea powder, but not all green tea powder is matcha powder. So what are the main differences between these 2 popular types of green tea powder?

  Matcha tea powder Green tea powder
Material 100% tea buds

(with sunlight cover)

30% tea buds, 70% tea leaves

(no sunlight cover)

Appearance The powder is super fine and soft; light green; completely soluble in water; has a light sweet aftertaste The powder is yellow-green; not completely fine due to the veins of the leaves; not completely soluble in water; has a bitter taste
Use Food & drinks, drugs (higher nutrient content Cosmetics (lower nutrient content)
Price Expensive (30 – 50$ per kg) Cheaper (10 – 20$ per kg)
Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Different colors of matcha tea powder and green tea powder

Depending on the purpose of use, you should consider 2 types of green tea powder to achieve efficiency without waste.

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Benefits of Green tea powder

The effect of green tea powder will be no different from regular green tea leaves. And much of the well-known effects of green tea come from its antioxidants.

  • Anti-oxidation & Prevent cancer

Among antioxidants, catechins play a key role. Catechins contain more than 60% EGCG, which helps the body to prevent cancer. And what’s more amazing is that scientists have proven that catechins are found mostly in green tea powder and not in any other food.

  • Keep memory & concentration

The use of green tea powder also helps you to have a clear memory and always keep the balance for the brain. That’s because in the amino acids L – Theanine has the ability to produce more dopamine and serotonin, which improves memory and promotes better concentration.

  •  Strengthen the immune system

The catechins in green tea have been shown to have powerful antibiotic properties. In addition, just 1 cup of green tea a day is enough for the body to be supplemented with potassium, vitamins A & C, iron, protein, and calcium.

  • Detoxification

The chlorophyll in green tea cleanses the blood, helps maintain alkalinity in the blood and tissues by removing heavy metals and chemical toxins, and reduces hormonal disturbances. This substance also helps remove toxic substances attached to the intestinal wall from the body.

  • Help weight loss

Drinking a glass of green tea water every day will promote metabolism. Moreover, the use of green tea powder also helps the body burn fat faster than normal time. The weight loss effect of green tea lasts for many weeks. You need to combine diet with exercise for the best results.

Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Green tea powder has all the benefits of green tea leaves
  • Protect skin

Green tea powder is also used by many women to make green tea masks. Due to its inherently small size, green tea powder has the ability to creep into the pores of our skin, helping to remove excess sebum as well as dirt that is clinging to the pores.

In addition, polyphenols in green tea powder not only help reduce acne effectively but also helps reduce oiliness in the skin which helps to prevent new acne from forming.


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Green tea powder manufacturing processes can be distinctive in some factories due to the application of advanced technology, compared to traditional production methods. FGC is the right firm where you can buy high-quality green tea as we own every factor of a modern-tech applied company in manufacturing lines and constantly improve our productivity and capacity.

If you have any inquiries about green tea powder, please contact our Sales team via website/ email or phone. We are always willing to supply the best quality of green tea powder to our valuable customers.

Green tea powder manufacturing process- Things you need to know
Kimono powder – One of the high-quality green tea powder products manufactured at FGC

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