The private label tea service has been developed and expanded to meet the massive demands of clients worldwide recently. As among the most prestigious Private Label Tea Manufacturers,  Future Generation Co., Ltd helps to bring your ideas to life by proving free samples, stable supply, free label design, and fast delivery. With more than 26 years of experience in tea production and tea export, FGC is committed to being a prestigious supplier of such a comprehensive and professional service.


The world tea market is witnessing the scarcity of reliable tea sources due to various causes including climate change, pandemics, cultivars, shortage of skilled farmers, the overuse of fertilizers in tea growing, etc. With the increasing demand of tea consumers for various tea types and products, the search for reliable private label tea manufacturers has become more necessary than ever. This article will provide you with all information about our Private Label Service. 

Who is FGC (Future Generation Co.,Ltd)?

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
FGC is the leading tea production and tea exporter in Vietnam

Future Generation Co.,Ltd or FGC is a tea manufacturer in Vietnam. Our main office is located in Hanoi city, and our two largest manufacturing plants are in Phu Tho province and in Vinh Phuc province, Vietnam. 

Founded in 1996, now we are known as the leading tea supplier in Vietnam, with more than 26 years in tea production and tea exporters. Our tea products are consumed in more than 50 countries in the world.

We are proud of our rich experience in the tea field, with high-quality tea products.

If you are looking for private label tea manufacturers who are capable of meeting your demands for stable tea sources, packaging quality, diversity, cost efficiency, etc, FGC is the right supplier for you.

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What is composed in FGC’s Private Label Tea Service?

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
Tea packaging at FGC’s factory in Phu Tho province

With many years of experience in providing Private Label Service, we have more than 4000 clients and partners from many countries. What factors help our service attract such many clients? Let’s take a look at what is included in our service:

Customized package

We offer clients numerous types of custom packaging which are high-quality, trendy, and perfect to protect the flavor and hue of tea. You can choose only the packaging service from us if you are already available in the rest of the things such as tea sources, recipes, processing machines, etc. However, we recommend that you should consider using both packaging and other services from our company because that can be more beneficial to your business than each specific stage. 

Here are some packaging types you can order from FGC:

STT Packaging types
1 Tea Pouches Paper pouches
Plastic pouches
Aluminum pouches
2 Tea duplex paper box
3 Tea canisters: often used for packing premium tea products Paper canisters
Tin canisters
4 Package in bulk  Paper cartons
Kraft paper bags
5 Package for RTD tea TetraPak Aseptic boxes
Hotfill PET bottles

#Tea Pouches

a/ Paper pouches

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
The paper pouch is the most eco-friendly tea packaging choice. Source:
  • Eco-friendly as they can be 100% recycled or biodegradable in the natural environment without causing environmental pollution.
  • Do not contain toxic ingredients, ensuring safety for consumers’ health.
  • Easy to design and print with many modern printing techniques such as offset printing or digital printing, therefore helping to save production costs.

b/ Plastic pouches

  • Made from PP, PE, and OPP plastic materials.
  • Durable and popular
  • Help preserve tea quality for a longer time and are proper for long overseas transportation. 

c/ Aluminum pouches

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
The aluminum tea pouch has a glossy appearance. Source:
  • Compose of 2 or more layers of film in which pure aluminum film is a part of the structure.
  • Have a long shelf life ( almost more than three years)
  • Can be used in various environments
  • Have a glossy appearance, making the products more luxurious and beautiful.

#Tea duplex paper box

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
Cozy duplex tea box. Source:
  • Not only store and protect tea quality conveniently over time and during transportation but also effectively show information, details, and highlights of the products, helping the producers in marketing the product.
  • Eco-friendly as they are made from paper.
  • Need nylon, aluminum bags, or paper bags inside to better preserve the tea quality.

#Tea canisters

Tea canisters are usually used for premium tea products on special occasions. Source:

a/ Paper canister

  • Shape: round, hexagonal, or octagonal
  • Eco-friendly and health-safe

b/ Tin canisters

  • Shape: unlimited
  • Effectively blocking air contact with the tea and preventing moisture, oxidation, and light
  • Not affect the tea’s aroma

#Package in bulk

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
Large storage of loose tea at FGC’s factory in Phu Tho province

a/ Paper cartons

  • For packaging tea under 5 kg net weight, producers can use 3 layer cartons.
  • For more than 10kgs to 20kgs net weight, 5 or even 7 layers of cartons are recommended.
  • A PE bag packed inside the carton is ideal to keep the quality and aroma of teas during transportation.

b/ Kraft paper bags

  • Economic effectiveness: save space, reduce the cost, and process easily
  • Eco-friendly

#Package for RTD tea

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
TetraPak Aseptic RTD Tea boxes from FGC. Source:

a/ TetraPak Aseptic boxes

  • 6-layer sterile and pasteurized packaging
  • safe to use

b/ Hotfill PET bottles

  • safe and convenient
  • various shapes

Depending on specific demands and requirements for your tea products, you can choose the best suitable packaging from our above collection.

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Diverse and stable tea and ingredients sources

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
Green tea garden at FGC’s factory in Phu Tho province

Apart from customized packaging, we also provide you with sources of tea and other necessary ingredients such as herbs, fruits, flowers, etc. 

Tea leaves are from our organic tea farms located in the Northern and Southern regions of Vietnam so they have a unique aroma, liquor, and taste when enjoyed. We also offer our clients various tea types and grades which come from organic and natural sources. 

In addition to many beautiful gardens of Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, etc., planted in our factories in the Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc provinces, we also import ingredients from many countries in the world. With such diverse sources, we are a reliable tea supplier with a high commitment. Our annual tea export volume reaches up to 20,000 metric tons. 

Furthermore, our tea and ingredient sources also meet many international and regional standards of quality, environmental friendliness, and other factors. Some qualifications include ISO, HALAL, HACCP, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, Organic, VietGAP, KOSHER, etc

R&D support

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
Research and development at FGC’s R&D department

Research and development play an important role in the introduction of new products. In the tea industry specifically and in the food & beverage industry generally, R&D is indispensable because these activities make products healthier, more sustainable, tastier, stay fresh longer, quicker to produce, and process more efficiently, etc. 

To meet the nutritional and health demands of the consumer, our R&D department focus on

  • Developing a new product from different flavors & new ingredients
  • Coming up with ways to reduce costs without compromising product quality & taste
  • Improving the nutritional content, taste, and texture of the food & beverage
  • Devising methods to increase a product’s shelf life
  • Creating healthier products i.e. products with less sugar or fat

Stunning logo and product information design

Logo and product information not only help you position your brand and boost your marketing strategy to your target clients. With many years of experience in private label for many small and large partners, we are committed to making your tea packages attractive and have inspirational appearances.

To know more about packaging, read “ How to package loose leaf tea to save cost and be eco friendly”.

Benefits when you choose FGC’s Private Label Tea Service

FGC - one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world
Dry and airy storage at FGC’s factory

By using our Private Label Tea- OEM services, you will gain a lot of benefits for your business. 

Save time and cost

We offer you many services in a Private Label package, including sourcing, researching & developing, processing, blending, and packaging, etc. Such an all-in-one package helps you to save costs and time. Every stage is finished at a factory by a supplier can reduce transportation costs, procedures, labor costs, sourcing searching, etc. 

Undoubtedly, the Private Label service from FGC is an economical solution for your business.

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Get free samples

As one of the largest private label tea manufacturers, we provide free tea samples. You then can decide whether you will choose us as your supplier or not. All samples you are provided have the same quality as that of actual products. Therefore, if you are looking for a private label supplier, contact us and get your expected tea sample. 

Have an unlimited choice of packaging types

We provide you with a myriad of packages that are safe, high-quality, and ideal to protect the tea under any circumstances. Each type of package will have outstanding features and downsides, so you should consider them carefully before choosing. 

Have stable and high-quality sources

In addition to stability, our tea and ingredients sources also meet many regional and international standards. Some qualifications include ISO, HALAL, HACCP, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, Organic, VietGAP, KOSHER, etc. Our tea quality is controlled from “ farm to table”.

Work with a responsive & experienced partner

As the leading tea supplier and exporter, we highly appreciate responsibility, experience, and profession. We follow strict regulations in manufacturing, processing, and packaging. We are proud to be a reliable F&B manufacturer.

How to order the Private label tea service from FGC?

Contact our sales department via to be consulted and get more information about the Private Label Tea services of our company. 


FGC is among the best private label tea manufacturers that can meet all demands of clients in terms of service quality, qualification, product uniqueness, and packaging diversity. Don’t hesitate to send an inquiry or contact our sales department if you are looking for a prestigious private label service supplier!

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