Vietnam has a long-standing tradition of producing and drinking green tea. We can create many types of green tea products to adapt to the diverse needs of customers in the world. If you are searching for the best green tea brand in Vietnam. You are in the right place.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the Future Generation Company – the leading company that can provide the best tea products in Vietnam.

 best Vietnamese green tea
One of the best Vietnamese green tea from Future Generation Company

1. Introduction to FGC – the best green tea brand in Vietnam

Future Generation Company is a non-state enterprise specializing in manufacturing and trading Vietnamese tea products such as green tea, black tea, herbal tea, etc. Located in Phu Ho commune (Phu Tho province) – one of the largest tea areas in Vietnam, FGC is always confident in providing cornucopia tea sources.

In addition, FGC owned more than ten processing factories and hundreds of hectares of tea estates across Vietnam. It has become the largest Vietnamese tea group in recent years.

green tea plantations in Phu Ho commune
Tea plantations in Phu Ho commune (Phu Tho province)

FGC has exported tea products to over 50 countries, with export volume reaching 20000 tons per year. Our target clients are F&B enterprises (manufacturer, trader, F&B shop chains, distribution channels). We supply raw materials (green tea in bulk) and finished products under clients’ brand names.

You can see the following parts for more information. FGC has determined food safety and quality management are the two most important factors to our reputation & sustainable development.

In the domestic market, we launched our own brand named “Cozy” in 2003. Cozy’s green tea products are diversified, including tea leaves, tea bags, herbal tea, instant tea powder, RTD tea in a paper carton or plastic bottle.

products from thea best green tea brand in Vietnam
Cozy is one of the best green tea brand in Vietnam

2. Types of green tea that FGC can provide to you

Owning a vast number of tea plantations across the country and more than 15 tea factories, FGC can provide you with many types of best green tea in Vietnam. Here are some of the significant types you might care about.

2.1. Tea in bulk

Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of bulk green tea products with the most competitive prices in the market. We have a modern production line system. We also use ingredients that we strictly control according to global standards for health safety, from fresh leaves to dried tea.

For the business partners who look for the raw Vietnamese tea materials, we give many options:

  • Differentiate by processing methods: Steaming, pan-frying, de-fermenting, semi de-fermenting.
  • Differentiate by the size of leaves: Big leaves (OPA, OP, Super Pekoe), medium and small leaves (TH, BPS, F).
  • Differentiate by packaging standards: Plastics bag, paper bag, carton box
  • Differentiate by blends: Pure green tea or green tea mixed with herbs, natural flowers, natural and artificial flavor.
Tea blending and packing systems at FGC’s factory
Tea blending and packing systems at FGC’s factory

2.2. Cozy brand green tea

For the Vietnamese market, currently we have introduced a wide range of Cozy brand green tea products which are suitable for different purposes.

Type Image
Cozy Green tea bag

  • Ingredients: Green tea, natural & artificial flavor (optional)
  • Packaging: 2gram x 25 tea bags/box; 36 boxes/carton

Cozy Green tea bag

Cozy Green tea for traditional brewing

  • Ingredients: green tea, jasmine flower, jasmine flavor
  • Packaging: 50/100/200gram per vacuum bag

Cozy Van Tien Thai Nguyen Green Tea.

Cozy Premium Green tea

  • Ingredients: 1st class green tea (Shan snow tea with white tips and buds), natural jasmine / lotus flower (optional)
  • Packaging: 2gram x 20 pyramid tea bags/tin

Premium Tan Cuong green tea under Cozy brand

Besides the advantage of product range, FGC can bring good services to clients. In the next section, you will see the benefits which FGC can offer to Vietnamese green tea wholesalers.

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3. Tea manufacturing process capability of FGC

FGC has modern manufacturing technology and a vast range of tea sources. Therefore, FGC can provide a large amount of Vietnamese green tea products with the best quality at a good price.

3.1. FGC can control quality of green tea from plantations to cups of tea

The fresh tea buds affect 80% of the product quality, while the crop yield determines the finished tea output. For sustainable development, to get high quality tea products and large output, FGC pays attention seriously to improve the quality of fresh tea buds as well as crop productivity.

Tea Nursery Area at FGC’s farms
Tea Nursery Area at FGC’s farms

The FGC agricultural team always focuses on agricultural extension and plant protection. We have received support from the Northern mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute so far. Then we have conducted many training courses for farmers in the field on intensive farming techniques and pest control according to VietGAP, Rain forest & Organic.

On the other hand, our company promotes the application of science and technology to production, design tea hills to prevent erosion, plant shade trees, and expand tea production areas according to safety procedures.

All products are controlled for food safety under VietGAP, ISO 22000, and HACCP 2003 standards during all periods of the manufacturing process.

tea quality certifications

3.2. FGC can provide a variety of grades of green tea

We supply various grades of green tea from Vietnam to the global market. Our clients could search the raw tea material for any of their uses.

Grades Image
Green tea – big leaf

  • Ingredients: green tea grade OP, Pekoe
  • Packaging: pe/pp, paper sack, pe/carton (Suitable materials for tea box, tea mixed with herbs/ flowers/ fruits)
  • Supply capacity: 200 – 300 tons per year

the best Green tea - big leaf in Vietnam

Green tea – medium size

  • Ingredients: green tea grade TH
  • Packaging: pe/pp, paper sack, pe/carton (Suitable materials for tea extraction, tea mixed with herbs/ flowers)
  • Supply capacity: 100 – 150 tons per year

    the best Green tea – medium size in Vietnam

    Green tea – small leaf

    • Ingredients: Green tea grade BPS, Fannings
    • Packaging: PE/PP, paper sack, pe/carton (Suitable materials for tea bag, tea extraction)
    • Supply capacity: 300 – 400 tons per year

      the best Green tea – small leaf in Vietnam

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      3.3.  FGC R&D can support wholesalers to have perfect blend recipes

      The changes in market demand have inspired FGC to put in the necessary time, effort, and resources to develop best Vietnamese green tea products and services which better meet the client’s requirements.

      Our investments during years include, but are unlimited, the following criteria:

      • Advanced processing lines
      • Laboratory with modern equipment
      • R&D team with both experienced and innovative young staffs
      • New ingredients, new packaging, new receipts of product
      • Conducting market research and taking part in exhibitions
      Tea is sampled and documented by FGC’s R&D team
      Tea is sampled and documented by FGC’s R&D team

      3.4. FGC offers a competitive price with high-quality green tea products

      FGC is able to provide high quality Vietnamese green tea products at competitive prices because:

      • FGC is proactive about raw materials, with hundreds of tea estates. Our tea varieties can be used to produce different green tea grades, from cheap to premium products.
      • FGC has a team of professional sales managers who can advise customers on products that are suitable for the market and cost-optimal.
      • FGC always searches for better and more economical service of packaging materials and logistics service to cut down the expenses.
      Warehouse in FGC factory
      Warehouse in FGC factory

      3.5. FGC has a professional consultants team to support international customers

      • Our staff is not only sales managers but also consultants for any arising issue.
      • Our staff can speak numerous foreign languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Korean; help you to connect effectively with the main consumption tea markets.
      • Our staff has extensive knowledge of international trade practices, transactions, customs procedures, international payment methods, and trade law. They can advise how to save time and cost for your import shipments.
      • Our staff also work effectively on specialized tools & Softwares like Photoshop, AutoCad – to help you design your good-looking & attractive packaging.

      4. How to purchase the best green tea in Vietnam

      Here is the process of purchasing Vietnamese green tea products at FGC company.

      FGC’s Tea ordering process

      Any time you have an inquiry, you can contact our sales managers via these channels:

      Our sales managers are always willing to answer the questions and send updated quotations in time.

      To conclude, from advantages in products and services, we believe that FGC is the best green tea brand in Vietnam. If you would like to experience our professional service and the best products at affordable prices, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to wait for you!

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