Black Lychee Tea (or Black Litchi Tea) is a fruit tea that combines black tea and lychee, a typical fruit of tropical summer. This tea is gradually winning the hearts of tea lovers around the world. To learn more about this tea and why it is one of the hottest products of Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC), details are provided in this article.

What is Black Lychee Tea?  


True to its name, Black Lychee Tea is a harmonious combination of two main ingredients, black tea and lychee.

Black tea

Traditional-style lychee tea uses whole-leaf black tea. Nowadays there are more options like black tea bags, tea extract or instant tea that can be used.

black lychee tea - black tea


In the traditional way, fresh lychees are infused with tea then being roasted and sorted. Lychees are also added to the finished tea in nations where the fruit is ready in fresh form. However, in places where fresh lychee is unavailable, canned lychee, lychee extract, lychee flavor or syrup can be used as a substitute to make this tea.

black lychee tea - lychee

Taste and Flavor

Black Lychee tea has the iridescent brown liquor, a light sweet scent and a harmonious characteristic sweet taste of black tea and lychee fruit. 

The next part will briefly introduce the history of this Lychee Tea. 

History of Black Lychee Tea 

Lychee and tea have both been consumed for thousands of years. The exact date of lychee tea’s official birth is not stated in any record. Lychee tea is said to have originated as a result of the lychee being placed next to the tea during long-distance transportation, which allowed the tea to take on the flavor of the lychee fruit. 

A lot of lychee and tea are grown and exported from Vietnam. When the lychee season comes, many Vietnamese households often make drinks using fresh lychee and tea. But the creation of new products by major brands in recent years has really made litchi tea a trend.

There are an increasing number of different Lychee Black Tea products, read on for more information.

Health benefits of Lychee Black Tea 

Lychee Tea contains plenty nutrients such as vitamins (B, C …), Kali(potassium) and compounds such as Beta-carotene, Polyphenolic, etc. Drinking 1-2 cups a day brings many health benefits such as:

Strengthens Heart Health

Lychee Black Tea has a lot of Kali, which can lower blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. The nutritious components in the tea can also aid in the treatment of heart issues, regulate blood pressure.

Boost immune system

Vitamin C from Lychee Black Tea gives the immune system a significant boost. It contributes to the stimulation of white blood cell formation, which strengthens the body’s defenses against common colds, flu, and coughs. 

Anti-Cancer Possibilities

This Tea contains polyphenols that can aid in the body’s elimination of free radicals.

Support weight loss

Black tea contains vitamin C, which encourages the creation of carnitine and boosts the conversion of fat into energy. From there, it promotes weight loss objectives and aids in fat burning more quickly.

Digestive Assistance

The high fiber content of lychee tea can help to increase nutrient absorption by boosting digestive and stomach enzymes. A cup of lychee tea after a meal is recommended to hasten digestion.

black lychee tea - benefit

If you want to enjoy the various benefits of lychee tea, please refer to the brewing instructions in the section below.

How to make Black Lychee Tea at home? 

There are various ways to make Lychee Tea at home depending on your preferences and the type of tea you can find. 

If you have loose tea or tea bags, please refer to the following:


1 tsp of loose tea or 1 tea bag (Black tea or Lychee Tea)

80 ml hot water

10ml syrup or 2 gram sugar

30ml lychee syrup (in lychee can)

5ml lemon juice 

3-5 fresh or canned lychee



Pour hot water into the tea and brew for 10 minutes then remove the tea bag or tea leaves. 

Add syrup, lemon juice and ice then shake well. 

Add lychee and enjoy. 

Details at: 

In addition, you can use lychee ice tea if you can find it in your area. All you need to do is to add hot water and ice to have a refreshing cup of lychee tea.

black lychee tea - box

The most convenient is to buy ready to drink Lychee Tea. The tea can be stored at your home for up to 1 year and tastes better when refrigerated. 

lychee tea tetra pak

Please refer to the information below if you’re looking for a provider of Lychee Tea in bulk.

Cozy Lychee Tea

Buy wholesale Lychee Tea from FGC 

FGC is a leading tea company in Vietnam, contributing to the Lychee Tea craze in Vietnam. The company’s Lychee Tea products have also been exported to the US, Japan, and Korea, etc. 

FGC’s Lychee Teas are packaged with modern lines from Europe, Japan and Taiwan, giving you a wide choice of packaging:

Bulk loose tea

Tea bag 2 gram, 5 gram 

Ice tea in stick or bulk 

UHT – Aseptic paper box 225ml

PET bottle 350 – 455ml 

You can choose to distribute our brand tea or order OEM for your brand. Our R&D department is ready to research more breakthrough tea products combined with Lychee Tea for you. 

Black Lychee Tea is a delicious fruit tea, which is becoming more and more popular. This is one of FGC’s hottest tea products. Hope this article has provided you with some preliminary information about the tea.

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