Have you ever wondered how much tea is in a tea bag? Understanding this will help you choose the right products for your demand and determine the proper brewing time and method! 


Tea bags are small and porous sachets that contain dried tea leaves or other herb blends. Tea bags have increased in popularity thanks to their convenience and diversity in shapes, sizes, flavors, and aroma. One of the most commonly asked questions among tea drinkers is “How much tea is in a tea bag?”. Let’s explore the answers in this article. 

What kind of tea is in a tea bag?

Generally, there are many different types of tea leaves in tea bags, and almost all types of loose-leaf tea can be found in tea bag form, including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, and so on. The quality of tea leaves in tea bags is usually lower than loose-leaf tea. Tea bags often contain smaller, crushed leaves, also known as fannings or tea dust, which steep quickly and have a darker liquor color. 

Nevertheless, not all tea bags with crushed leaves are of poor quality, such as some herbal teas, fine rooibos tea, and CTC black tea. The small leaves are used to create the expected flavor, aroma, or liquor hue. In addition, there are still many types of tea bags using high-quality ingredients. Those higher-quality leaves are usually packed in pyramid bags, which offer more room for tea leaves to fully expand. 

Tea used in tea bags is usually tea dust or fannings. 
Tea used in tea bags is usually tea dust or fannings.

How much tea is in a tea bag? 

The amount of tea in a tea bag might vary depending on the size, shape of tea bags, and quality of the tea leaves. Each size and shape is processed to suit a certain purpose. Some common tea bags’ sizes and shapes are standard, large, pyramid, and round tea bags. Besides, the exact amount of tea can change between brands.

Standard-sized tea bags are one of the most popular ones, usually for brewing a cup of tea. They contain around 2 to 3 grams of tea, equal to one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea, enough for one serving with about 8 ounces of water. Besides, there are also larger versions of tea bags, which can hold about 8 to 12 grams of tea. Those are ideal for family and friend gatherings or tea shops. 

Pyramid tea bags are getting more and more popular, which are often used for premium tea. They are shaped like pyramids and transparent, which allows you to see the tea leaves expand inside. One pyramid tea bag often contains approximately 3 grams of tea. Meanwhile, round tea bags hold about 2-2.5 grams of tea, quite the same as a standard-size one. This shape will allow the tea to expand more freely, creating a complex flavor. 

amount of tea in a tea bag
Amount of tea in a tea bag depends on shapes and sizes

How to read the tea bag labels?

Reading the tea bag labels before buying allows each customer to pick the tea bag products that are suitable for their demands. The weight of tea is frequently listed on the packaging in grams. Therefore, when reading the labels, search for a number that ends with “g” which stands for grams. Besides, some tea labels that indicate the weight in ounces that are signified by “oz”. One ounce is equivalent to about 28.25 grams, so be careful when converting. 

Some tea brands indicate the weight of each tea bag, usually in grams, such as “2g per bag”. Meanwhile, many tea bag boxes and packages will list the total weight of the boxes. Therefore, you should read carefully to find out the number of tea bags packed inside and divide to get the quantity of each bag. Furthermore, instead of listing the weight, some labels indicate how many cups of tea can be made by this tea box, like “make 20 cups”. Another unit tea manufacturers might use in labels is serving size, stating how many tea bags should be used for each preparation. 

how to read tea bag labels
Reading the tea bag labels allows you to choose the suitable products

Where to buy bulk tea bags?

Based on the demands of consumers, numerous types of tea bags with various amounts of tea inside appear in the market. If you want to start a tea business, understanding your customers’ requirements to choose suitable products is crucial. In case you are looking for a prestigious supplier of tea bags with rich experience, Future Generation Co., Ltd is a choice worth considering. 

Especially, with Private Label Services of FGC, everyone can turn their business ideas into reality. We will customize the tea bags in two aspects: recipe and packaging. If you want to create your line of tea bag products, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

According to your requirements, we can change the amount of tea and the ratio of ingredients or create new flavors. FGC has many tea gardens from all over Vietnam with different grades and characteristics, ensuring a stable supply for all orders. Besides, we have coordinated with prestigious suppliers of tea and herbs from all over the world, such as Sri Lanka, India, China, Africa, etc. 

With our great experience in the tea and beverage industry, we have a strict quality control system, with the hope of bringing the best products to each consumer. You can customize tea bag packaging, including single-chamber, double-chamber, round, and pyramid bags. Besides, you can vary the sizes of the tea bags and the amount of tea inside based on your targeted market demands. 

FGC tea bags
You can customize to make your own tea bag products

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We ensure stable tea sources for domestic markets and exports with vast high-grown tea farms and available herb gardens. Our tea gardens and factories also meet international standards such as VietGAP, ISO, HACCP, etc. In addition, we constantly innovate our machinery system, strengthen production capacity, and increase productivity. We also provide private label and customized packaging services for small and medium enterprises. 

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