Whether you want something to warm you up in winter or cool you down in summer, herbal tea can be consumed year-round since it’s a delicious beverage at any temperature. The health benefits can also be enjoyed regardless of whether you drink it hot or cold, but these benefits vary largely by the type of tea you drink.

Herbal teas — unlike standard teas such as green tea, oolong tea, and black tea —are not made from the tea plant known as the Camellia sinensis plant. Instead, herbal teas are derived from a variety of dried flowers, spices, herbs, and fruits. This has led to a huge variety of flavors and options when it comes to choosing teas for taste and health benefits. You’ll find herbal teas from all over the globe including Vietnam.

1. It Can Help You Unwind

Tea is popularly known for its calming effects and has been used for centuries as the focal point of social events and unwinding after a long day. In the modern world, pressure and stress are often dealt with by taking medication, but the side effects of these medicines can be worse than the stress itself.

Instead, think about using herbal tea to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a safer and more natural alternative to prescription medicines and can help with stress and anxiety.

The relaxing properties of teas can also aid in sleep disorders such as insomnia or restless sleep. Cozy tea offers strong, natural sedative properties that can help you get to sleep faster and rest better. Since this tea can be powerful, use it sparingly and never consume it for more than two weeks straight.

Drink This:

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea contains menthol, which is a naturally occurring muscle relaxant. Mint tea can help encourage total body relaxation after a stressful day.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is another favorite that helps soothe and calm. A study by research scientists at the University of Pennsylvania found it could help in treating generalized anxiety disorder. It’s also a popular sleep aid and is the perfect bedtime tea.

2. Tea Boosts Your Immune System

Even people who don’t regularly drink tea know the positive effects tea offers when it comes to immunity. It’s why most of us opt for a piping hot cup of tea when we’re feeling under the weather. Cozy ginger tea has been used to boost the immune system during and after getting cold/flu. The medicinal properties of tea mean you can quit your cold or flu sooner.

3. It Can Help Prevent Chronic Diseases

Herbal teas are often high in antioxidants, which work to eliminate free radicals throughout the body and prevent oxidative stress. Tea also contains polyphenols, which studies have shown result in a lower likelihood of cancer. Teas are often used in Asia to combat or prevent chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Studies point to the polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins that are present in herbal teas as the reasons for positive health benefits. Polyphenols work to widen the arteries, which can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels and prevent blood clots. Teas such as rooibos and honeybush have antioxidants that have been shown to prevent brain deterioration and prevent osteoporosis.

Drink This: Hibiscus Tea

Polyphenols come from fruits and vegetables so the more color your tea has, the more polyphenols there are. Teas that are unfermented also have higher levels of polyphenols, so opt for those as well. Hibiscus tea is a deep red tea that is high in minerals and Vitamin C. Hibiscus tea has polyphenols that have been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol, prevent heart disease and cancer and fight bacteria such E. coli.

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