If you are wondering “Where to buy Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea at a cheap price?“, there’s no doubt that FGC is the best choice for you. FGC can provide bulk loose leaf tea at a very affordable price but still ensure the high quality of tea. In this article, we will learn more about and explain why.

1. FGC – the leading bulk loose tea leaf supplier in Vietnam

Founded in 1996, FGC has since rapidly expanded to become Vietnam’s top tea producer and supplier, with a yearly average export quantity of nearly 20,000 tons. FGC’s tea planting area is almost 25 thousand hectares, with 60 tea gardens countrywide, some of which use organic cultivation techniques. FGC handles 15 tea factories throughout the country, whose production is under Vietgap, Rainforest, ISO, and other certifications.

With 25 years of experience in the tea industry, FGC has cooperated with many partners around the world and exported bulk loose leaf tea to more than 50 countries and territories. Iraq, Russia, the USA, and China are the main markets of FGC.

We are proud to be the largest bulk loose leaf tea supplier in Vietnam. FGC can offer our customers a variety of service experiences, from kinds of tea and flavors to blending methods, packing, and design options.

FGC’s processing factory in Phu Tho province
FGC’s processing factory in Phu Tho province

2. Why can FGC produce high-quality bulk loose leaf tea at a cheap price?

Although FGC supplies the best quality tea with large output, the tea price is reasonable and competitive. It’s because FGC has a wide variety of tea sources, a modern machinery system, 15 factories and an R&D department, and supplies many options to customers.

Diverse sources of tea

FGC’s tea gardens are concentrated in northern and southern mountainous and midland regions, where the climate, geography are good for planting tea trees. We focus on increasing the tea area, replacing the old tea gardens with new cultivars more productive with better quality, applying cultivars for black loose leaf tea, green loose leaf tea, oolong tea and other high grade loose leaf teas.

bulk loose leaf tea plantation
With many tea plantations across the country that provide fresh tea materials available for production at any time

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FGC invests in automatic watering systems, alternating irrigation, and application of economical sprinkling in the dry season. As a result, the tea trees always have enough moisture, improving the harvest.

The raw materials are collected and transferred directly from the tea gardens to the factories, without going through many intermediaries. This helps to reduce input prices, shorten storage time, and ensure the quality of raw materials.

In addition, FGC has tea sourcing from other countries in the world. So we can supply many different kinds of bulk loose leaf tea at cheap price to meet demands of various markets.

Modern and advanced machinery system

FGC invests many processing lines to produce black tea, green tea, oolong tea, matcha powder, packing lines for Vietnamese tea bags, small bags and machines from reputable brands of Europe and other countries like: IMA, HST, ACMA, TEREDA, …. So that the tea is preserved in good condition and high quality. Modern machine system helps decrease labor resources, improve productivity, quality and production efficiency.

FGC’s bulk loose leaf tea bag packing line
Tea bag packing line in FGC

FGC is always looking to improve in terms of modernity, standardization, environmentally friendly and diversity, based on market demand and food hygiene standards around the world. FGC applies one of the standards such as: VIETGAP, HACCP, ISO, organic tea to help strictly manage the source of raw tea, stabilize the quality of Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea.

15 factories and one R&D department

FGC has 15 large factories with a blending system across Vietnam so that we can continuously supply large quantities of bulk loose tea at cheap price to partners and wholesalers.

FGC’s bulk loose leaf tea warehouses

FGC has built an R&D department to research and develop many different Vietnamese tea recipes according to different demographics such as: flavored tea, fruit tea, flower-scented tea, matcha, green oolong tea, etc. FGC creates optimal tea formulas to improve quality and save the cost of production.

Vietnamese loose tea researching

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Supplying diverse selections for customers

FGC provides loose leaf tea for various kinds of Vietnamese loose tea in bulk such as black tea, green tea, oolong tea, shan tea, Pu-erh tea, herbal tea, scented tea, flavored tea, and more.

Moreover, we have many packing styles and designs for customers to choose the right things for their needs.

FGC can supply loose leaf tea in bulk for a minimum quantity of 1×20’ container or 1×40’container. But if it’s the first time of cooperation with a new customer, we will accept your trial order of some pallets or some thousands tons only.

From this production capacity, it can be seen that FGC can meet the needs of customers to buy loose leaf tea in large quantities and at low prices.

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3. Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea products of FGC

There are many kinds and grades of Vietnamese loose leaf tea at cheap price we have as follows:

Types of FGC loose leaf tea Grade of tea Price
Loose leaf green tea Green OP

$2 – $3/kg in bulk

$9 – $13/kg tea bag

Green Pekoe

$2 – $4/kg in bulk

$9 – $14/kg tea bag

Loose leaf black tea


Black BOP

$2.5 – $3/kg in bulk

$9 – $13/kg tea bag

Black OP

$2 – $3/kg in bulk

$8 – $13/kg tea bag

Black OPA

$1.5 – $2.5/kg in bulk

$8 – $12/kg tea bag

Black Pekoe

$2 – $4/kg in bulk

$9 – $15/kg tea bag

Loose leaf oolong tea  

$15 – $25/kg in bulk and small bag
Loose leaf pu erh tea  

$100$ – $200/kg
Loose leaf shan tea  

$50 – $120/kg small bag

$500/kg/ specialty tea (Shan Tuyet tea >500 years old)

Loose leaf white tea  

$200 – $300/kg small bag
Loose leaf herbal tea (ginger tea, lemongrass tea, artichoke tea, hibiscus tea, chamomile tea…)  

$10 – $20/kg tea bag/ stick/sachet
Scented tea (lotus tea, jasmine tea, strawberry tea, peach tea…)  

$3 – $5/kg in bulk

$10 – $15/kg tea bag

FGC’s loose leaf tea is packed in big bags 30 – 50kgs to save the cost for importers who want to repack in their factories. Or we can pack tea leaves in the shapes of small bags and duplex boxes.

We also can offer tea products under their private brand name. They can directly distribute tea products to their convenience stores, supermarkets, and other distribution channels.

To keep up with the new trend of consuming convenient tea, FGC invests in a variety of large-capacity equipment to produce and pack loose leaf tea in small bags/pouches, tea bags/sticks/sachets. So it’s fast and easy to have a cup of tea and enjoy it when you are busy.

4. How to buy Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea products from FGC

If you want to buy Vietnamese cheap tea with good quality, please contact us by followings:

FGC contact form

When getting your inquiry, we will contact you to learn about your demand: the detailed grade of tea, requirement about tea appearance, flavor, taste, infusion color, packing, design, etc. We will send you a price and sample to test before making an order. After discussing the price and other terms of the contract, we will sign the contract and make a shipment for you.

If you are here in this post, you may have an answer to where to buy Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea at a low-price offer.

Author: Ms. Tuyet Mai – Sales Executive (mai.dtt@vietnam-tea.com).

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