Pandan tea is a drink brewed from dried pandan leaves. The tea is believed to be a great tonic for its incredible health benefits. 

This article will provide you with interesting information about such unique tea.


Pandan is an aromatic plant that is widely used in South and Southeast Asian cuisine. It creates a sweet floral fragrance for food. Besides, pandan leaves blended with tea also make an interesting drink. Pandan tea is the favorite drink of many Vietnamese people. So, what makes this type of tea special?

What is Pandan tea?

Pandan tea is a famous tea made from green tea, pandan leaves, and jasmine flowers. The tea, therefore, comes in a pleasant floral and herbal fragrance, clear green-yellow liquor, a slight tea taste, and a sweet aftertaste.

Pandan, the main ingredient of the tea, is a tropical prized mostly for its long, blade-like leaves. The leaf is used as an ingredient in many products in many countries such as Sri Lanka, Thai, Vietnam, etc.

Pandan tea leaves
Pandan leaves

What type of Vietnamese Pandan Tea does FGC provide?

Blended Pandan Tea (with dried fruits or with herbals)

This Pandan tea is the blending of tea leaves and pandan leaves cut, according to unique flavored methods. Because of using a large number of tea buds, pandan tea is a high-quality tea with a herby and fresh taste. The tea will take more time to brew, but has a richer taste and aroma, bringing a great experience for consumers.

Pandan Tea powder

According to clients’ needs, FGC can produce Pandan tea powder with the main ingredients such as pandan leaves, green tea, etc. These ingredients are mixed in a certain ratio and ground into fine powder. When making tea, you just need to steep the powder in hot water and enjoy it.

Instant Pandan Tea

Instant Pandan tea is produced through the modern processing method of FGC. The tea is a perfect combination of pandan extract, tea extract, and other ingredients such as jasmine extract, etc. Instant tea easily dissolves in water, simple to make but still retains its flavor. It can be a suitable drink for the convenience of consumers.

RTD Pandan Tea

The main ingredients of RTD Pandan tea from FGC are green tea, pandan leaves cut, jasmine flower, and herbs. Our RTD tea is a safe and healthy beverage, with many food-safe recognitions and certifications. The way to preserve it is easy without affecting the quality. Therefore, this type of tea can be enjoyed everywhere and anytime.

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Pandan tea from FGC
Pandan tea from FGC

Benefits of drinking Pandan Tea

Pandan tea blended with various herbs is very popular for its health benefits and rich flavors. This tea is not only effective in refreshments but also helps to promote health and prevent some diseases. Here are some of its health benefits:

Prevent heart disease 

Pandan leaves contain carotenoids, a class of antioxidants. These substances are known to reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the heart’s arteries due to plaque buildup. Therefore, pandan tea is known as a good drink for heart health.

Prevent cancer

Pandan is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, which can help to reduce harmful free radicals. Moreover, drinking pandan tea is also considered a way to boost the immune system and prevent cancer, heart disease, etc. That’s why many people use this tea.

Control blood sugar

Some studies have shown that pandan tea may control the blood sugar of drinkers. After drinking pandan tea, people had lower blood sugar than the ones who didn’t drink it. Pandan leaves may have the ability to reduce and stabilize blood sugar.

Purify and detoxify the body

Pandan tea also contains pure micronutrients to help the body clear heat and detoxify. In addition, vitamins in pandan tea, such as vitamin C, thiamin, etc., have the ability to strengthen resistance, cool, and prevent skin aging.

Benefits of drinking Pandan Tea
Benefits of drinking Pandan Tea





Buy Pandan Tea from FGC

FGC is the leading tea manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam

With more than 20 years of experience, Future Generation Co., Ltd is one of the best tea manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. In 2021, FGC reached 20 thousand metric tons in the annual loose tea export volume, which makes it the second-largest tea exporter in Vietnam by turnover.

FGC has exported tea to over 60 countries and provided Vietnamese tea for millions of clients around the world. FGC is confident it will be the best wholesale supplier of Vietnamese tea. We try our best to provide clients with excellent products and consultant services.

FGC provides clients with a variety of tea products

Tea products from FGC are very diverse in tea types and tea packaging:

  • Tea type: Black tea Orthodox, black tea CTC, green tea, herbal tea, flower-scented tea, specialty tea, etc.
  • Tea packaging: Tea bags, tea canisters, RTD tea, TetraPak Aseptic boxes, Hotfill PET bottles, etc.

The FGC crew can support international customers to create their blending formula and design their private labels. At the same time, we can supply them with several materials to create a new tea product, such as flavor, packaging, herbal ingredients, etc. This optimizes pricing and marketing costs for newly launched products.

FGC ensures a stable tea supply, with cutting-edge production machines

With the source of fresh tea from over 60 large tea gardens in the country, FGC’s factories can produce more than 20000 tons of dry tea per year. We have our own tea and herbal farm to ensure the availability of materials for production. Our machinery system is constantly innovated to achieve high capacity and productivity. FGC always strives to make tea production continuous and efficient.

FGC ensures a stable tea supply
FGC ensures a stable tea supply

Explore FGC’s tea factory in Phu Tho province:

A tour of FGC’s tea factory in Phu Tho province- See what attracts you most?

FGC controls the products’ quality from “farm to table”

The quality assurance process at FGC is carried out from many tea gardens in Vietnam to the teacup. Green tea gardens are grown according to VietGAP and Organic standards. Our tea production process meets many international standards, such as ISO, Halal, Rainforest, etc. Therefore, we can produce various types of tea that meet the most demanding requirements.

FGC is available in Private Label Tea Service, an ideal solution for your best growth

FGC’s factory is equipped with modern machines from Europe, so we can produce tea packaging according to customers’ requirements. With Private Label Tea Service, FGC provides free label design, free samples, and fast delivery. This is an ideal solution for small and medium enterprises, distributors, shop chains, etc.

Read more about Private Label Service at FGC:

FGC – one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world


If you are looking for a healthy drink, Pandan tea may be a good choice. Pandan tea is not only special in taste but also good for drinkers’ health. To get more interesting information about Pandan tea and other types of tea, connect our tea experts via to be consulted.


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