Tea has been the most popular beverage in Vietnam for thousands of years. However, the art of enjoying tea of Vietnamese people isn’t too sophisticated to become a tea ceremony. Therefore, you can see the variety in the ways Vietnamese people drink tea and use tea sets. Because of many different hobbies and styles of enjoying tea, the tea sets aren’t similar in size and materials.

In this article, let’s discover the variety of Vietnamese tea sets, which partly reflect the diversity and uniqueness in our tea culture.

1. Vietnamese tea set for enjoying tea

There’s a saying in Vietnam that refers to the important factors when making tea: “the first is water, the second is tea leaves, the third is making method, the fourth is the teapot, the fifth is tea friends” (Vietnamese: “nhất ấm, nhì trà, tam pha, tứ ấm, ngũ quần anh”).

Teapot, in particular, and tea set, in general, is one of the five most important factors which help make the best cup of tea.

1.1. Basic description of Vietnamese tea set for enjoying

In common, the Vietnamese tea set includes one large teapot with a handle, one big teacup (optional), and from one to six small teacups. Some tea sets have more saucers like the Western style.

The large teacup is used to contain tea infusion and make tea color the same before pouring it into small teacups. If not, we will have different colors and tastes between small cups. If the tea set doesn’t have a large teacup, pour a little tea water in turn into each small cup until the small cups are full.

Tea is stored in the large cup
Tea is stored in the large cup before being poured into small cups.

Vietnamese tea connoisseurs choose tea sets according to the number of drinkers. For example:

For one person: 

A 70 – 120ml teapot and one teacup for one person, called độc ẩm in Vietnamese language.

Tea set for one person.
Tea set for one person.

For two people

A 150 – 220ml teapot and two teacups if there are two people drinking tea together, called đối ẩm in Vietnamese language.

Tea set serving for 2 tea drinkers.
Tea set serving for 2 tea drinkers.

For from 4 to 6 people

A 250ml teapot and 4 or 6 teacups for four, five or six people drinking tea together, called quần ẩm in Vietnamese language.

Tea set for many people enjoying tea together
Tea set for many people enjoying tea together

1.2. Materials

People are most concerned about the material of the tea set, as it will affect the aroma and quality of tea. Different materials will suit certain types of tea.

Vietnamese pottery tea set

Pottery was the first material used to make tea sets, and it is said to be the best choice for brewing tea. Vietnamese people often use pottery tea set for brewing oolong tea and black tea.

Among potteries, purple clay tea sets are the greatest for brewing tea because this clay can hold and release the aroma of tea. The special feature of purple clay tea sets is absorbing the fragrance of tea when making tea. So the longer you use it, the more flavor it can absorb. The taste of tea will be better. So, here is our recommendation for you: you should use the purple clay set for one kind of tea only.

Purple clay tea set
Purple clay is the best material to enjoy Vietnamese tea.

Vietnamese porcelain tea set

Tea sets made by porcelain are popular in Vietnam today, most famous is porcelain from Binh Duong, Bat Trang, Hai Duong. Porcelain tea sets are usually white, making it easy to see the color of the tea.

They are often used for green tea as porcelain pots retain heat well. With a variety of designs, most products look very beautiful and luxurious.

porcelain tea sets
Most people in Vietnam use porcelain tea sets in their families.

Vietnamese glass tea set

Because of its transparency, a glass tea set is the best ideal to enjoy the tea-brewing process. So they are often used for flower tea or herbal tea.

Glass is low-cost and easy to cast. But they are easily shattered, and your hands get scalded when you touch its wall.

Vietnamese glass tea set
Vietnamese glass tea set is used to brew flower tea.

Vietnamese rose quartz tea set

Rose quartz is a natural stone with many uses and meanings for the owner about Fengshui. It is believed to bring very positive energy to the house. The tea set is made of gemstones, making it unique and beautiful. In the past, aristocratic families used the tea set to express their wealth and get lucky.

Rose quartz tea set
Rose quartz tea set is used as a display in a rich family.

Vietnamese wooden tea set

The wooden tea set is a good ideal for use as a decoration in the living room or garden of Vietnamese family. It contributes to the creation of a welcoming and harmonious family environment. It also has feng shui meanings, such as a warm, happy family.

Furthermore, the water from the teapot flowing into the cup represents the fortune that the previous generation passed on to the next.

Wooden tea sets
Wooden tea sets are often used on tea tables in gardens.

Vietnamese copper tea set

Copper tea sets are used as very meaningful gifts, feng shui items, or to enjoy Vietnamese tea. They are regularly delicately carved.

Copper tea sets
Copper tea sets are now rarely used in our family.

1.3. Size

Not all Vietnamese teapots and teacups are the same size. Teapot’s medium size is 9cm in diameter and 8cm in height. The teacup is about 6cm in diameter and 3cm in height. Small cups often serve to enjoy hot tea. We can sip a cup of hot tea slowly on cold days.

a girl drink tea
Small cups are suitable to enjoy tea in an elegant way.

1.4. Selection criteria

For professional tea drinkers often choose seasonal tea sets.

  • In autumn and winter: They will select a teapot with a hard and thick shell to retend heat better and help keep the tea warm and fresh longer.
  • In summer: They will select a thinner teapot to suit hot weather.
 Vietnamese Bat Trang Purple Clay tea set
You should use the Vietnamese Bat Trang Purple Clay tea set to make tea in winter.

For tea beginners, they will select plain, simple porcelain teapots. As the price is reasonable, porcelain material is easy to wash, the teapot does not absorb the flavor of tea, so it can be used to brew many different types of tea.

A simple porcelain tea set
A simple porcelain tea set is used for beginners.

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2. Vietnamese tea set for other purposes

Selection tea sets for other purposes is more simple, in accordance with each detailed situation.

2.1. Vietnamese tea set used in formal events

Vietnamese tea sets used for special guests informal occasions such as house guests, Tet holidays, weddings, funerals, etc. have a simple enamel texture but are luxurious and elegant.

The tea sets for weddings
The tea sets for weddings are simple but luxurious.

These tea sets have a common feature that includes a big teapot and 4 or 6 round teacups. Almost all Vietnamese tea sets used in these cases are made from high-grade porcelain and have saucers for the teapot and each cup.

The delicate tea sets
The delicate tea sets show the respect of the hosts to the guests.

2.2. Tea set for serving tea on the sidewalks

It is easy to find is sidewalk hot tea or iced tea in Vietnam. Vietnamese people have a habit of drinking tea every time after meals or on the road to work or home, so sidewalk tea shops are open everywhere. You can see tea sets in these tea shops are in many sizes and designs. But they are often in large sizes to serve many drinkers.

A tea set may include a porcelain kettle and large cups.

The porcelain kettle
The porcelain kettle is easily found in Vietnamese iced tea shops.

Sometimes it is an aluminum kettle with glass cups.

Iced tea is popular in Vietnam on hot days.
Iced tea is popular in Vietnam on hot days.

2.3. Tea set for modern consumption

It is hard to enjoy tea in a Vietnamese traditional tea set in today’s busy life, thus a variety of convenient tea sets have been designed.

With the design of a combination of a super speed kettle and a teapot, it is a very convenient way to make tea for busy people in office.

Super speed teapot
Super speed teapot is served for busy people who don’t have much time to brew tea.

2.4. Vietnamese mini tea set for the purpose of worship

Besides tea sets used for the above purposes, we have small mini tea sets for ancestor altars. It is a tiny tea set including one mini teapot and three mini teacups or five mini teacups.

Because of its profound spiritual significance, the worshiping tea set must be selected separately. It is allowed to use it with other household products.

Your preparation of a separate tea set on the altar demonstrates your thoughtfulness. Furthermore, it shows the descendants’ respect for the ancestors and makes the worship space more solemn.

Mini tea sets
Mini tea sets are used in the altars.

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We hope you can understand our tea culture through the Vietnamese tea set. Also, you can choose one suitable tea set if you enjoy Vietnamese tea.

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