Vietnamese pineapple tea is a tropical-flavored beverage made from pineapple and green tea leaves. You will be surprised by the slight fresh taste and flavor in the combination. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to try this new drink and will teach you where to buy good pineapple tea, good brands, and even how to make your pineapple tea correctly.

Vietnamese pineapple tea
Vietnamese pineapple tea is a great summer drink!

1. What is Vietnamese pineapple tea?

Vietnamese pineapple tea is a tea and pineapple fruit pairing that can bring an interesting dining experience to tea lovers. It has a sweet and sour taste and a slight aroma of pineapple, and a little bit of bitterness of green tea.

Your tongue might taste the sweet, slightly sour taste of pineapple tea mixed with the bold taste of tea leaves. Vietnamese pineapple tea can be served hot or cold depending on your choice.

Tea with a slide of Vietnamese pineapple
Slices of fresh pineapple can add additional flavor to your tea

In fact, pineapple tea can be made with fresh pineapple juice or tea leaves that are absorbed by the flavors and scents of pineapple. In the next part, we will introduce you to two ways to make a cup of pineapple tea in Vietnamese style easily.

2. How to make a cup of Vietnamese pineapple tea?

It is really easy to make a cup of pineapple tea in Vietnamese way. In this part, we will guide you on how to make pineapple tea when you have fresh pineapple juice or not. Let’s get started!


  • One tea bag of pure black tea or green tea
  • 80ml of hot filtered water
  • 1/2 fresh pineapple
  • 20ml sugar syrup

How to do:

  • Brew the tea bags for 10 minutes in 80ml of boiled water, then remove the tea bags.
  • Grind the fresh pineapple by the blender.
  • Add ice, brewed tea, sugar syrup, and crushed pineapple into a cocktail shaker, then shake vigorously for 2 minutes.
  • Pour it out into the glass mug and use sliced pineapple or mint leaves for decoration.
step to make a cup of vietnamese pineapple tea
It is simple to prepare Vietnamese pineapple tea by combining green tea with pineapple juice.

If you cannot make pineapple tea with fresh ingredients, you can still make pineapple tea with our pre-mixed tea products.

  • Pineapple flavored ice tea (with or without other fruit/herbal flavoring)
  • Tea with pineapple leaf flavoring (with or without other fruit/herbal flavoring)

Making a glass of Vietnamese pineapple tea is quite simple and quick. It’s even better if you find a well-blended tea product. If you wonder how to buy Vietnamese pineapple tea from the best supplier, we will answer you in the following parts of this article.

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3. How to buy Vietnamese pineapple tea from the best supplier

If you own or are in charge of purchasing a coffee/tea shop or supermarket, or if you are a tea importer looking for a supplier of bulk Vietnamese tea, FGC is the reliable partner you need.

As Vietnam’s leading tea company, we export bulk tea to over 50 countries and supply tea to many well-known coffee chains and tea shops in Vietnam.

FGC’s tea processing factory in Phu Tho province
FGC’s tea factory in Phu Tho province

FGC owns 15 factories in Vietnam and a professional R&D department to develop a wide range of options for your tea line. Therefore, to be our partners, you will receive numerous incentives and creative training from our beverage experts with thousands of innovative blends. We can tailor the tea according to your preferences. Ultimately, you can get to the best blending formula.

“Tam Ma” tea bags
Our domestic “Tam Ma” line, made for using in coffee shops all around Vietnam

You can replace fresh Vietnamese pineapple by using pineapple-flavored tea or fruit mixed tea, which will add delicious flavor and uniqueness to your pineapple tea line.

FGC also has modern packaging and mixing machine system which we can offer various types of packages as follows:

  • Ice tea stick or bag (15-17gram)
  • Teabag (2-5 gram).
  • Laminated pouch (50gram to 5kg)
  • Bulk packages from 10kg to 60kg net weight each (PP/PE, paper sack, carton, etc.)
FGC’s Cozy Gold Label Vietnamese tea to make pineapple tea
FGC’s Cozy Gold Label product

All of our manufacturing and packaging processes adhere to ISO 2200:2018 and HACCP code 2003 standards. We strictly control the quality of Vietnamese pineapple tea. We also care about its packaging to ensure that it stays that way even after long journeys.

tea quality certifications
This infographic to help you visualize our tea order process

FGC also provides consultation, design, and other services. When you work with us, you can get high-quality products at reasonable prices. You also have a slew of other advantages.

4. How to purchase FGC Vietnamese pineapple tea

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably interested in our products and services. So, we’ll walk you through our professional workflow to help you find the best products for your company.

FGC’s Tea ordering process
This infographic to help you visualize our tea order process


If you have any questions about pineapple tea or wish to make a purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us in the channels below:

Q & A

All of your questions and discussions about the tea packaging method will be answered as soon as possible by our sales teams.


After discussing the appropriate products, we will provide a quotation. Tea samples will be sent to you for evaluation.


The samples can be tweaked until they meet your exact specifications. Meanwhile, we can discuss other contract terms (payment, delivery, document, etc.).


All terms have been agreed upon. After being sent via email, the contract is signed by both parties and becomes legally binding.

Contract Execution

The contract’s terms and conditions are met by both parties.

We hope that this article has provided you with more helpful information about Vietnamese pineapple tea and a reliable supplier. Let’s bring this drink full of tropical summer flavors to more tea lovers, no matter where you are or what season it is.

Author: Ms. Jennie – FGC Sales Executive

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