In recent years, orange tea has been frequently featured on the menus of Vietnam’s coffee and tea shops. The drink harmoniously combines the taste of tea and fresh orange that may bring you back to summer. This article will provide necessary information about Vietnamese orange tea, including how to make it and where to purchase from a reputable supplier.

Orange tea
Orange tea is a favorite of many tea lovers in recent years

1. About Vietnamese orange tea

Let me introduce you to some facts about Vietnamese orange tea in the following part of our article below.

1.1. What is Vietnamese orange tea?

Vietnamese orange tea is a healthy beverage made with tea, fresh orange, and some other ingredients. This delightful drink has a distinct taste of tea with slight sourness, sweetness, adding a pleasant aroma of ripe orange and herbs combined, giving you the sense of a tropical summer.

Vietnamese orange tea with mint
Its slight sourness, sweetness, and a pleasant aroma of ripe orange will help you relax.

The major season for some of Vietnam’s famous orange varieties is November through April. However, because Vietnam has a diverse climate in different regions and develops international trade, people here may easily find fresh oranges at any time of the year. Then came the creation of various nutritious orange teas, which have been well-received by drinkers, particularly teenagers.

1.2.  How to make a cup of Vietnamese orange tea

Depending on personal preference, there are several recipes to prepare a tasty cup of orange tea. We would like to show you two common ways to make this fresh drink.

1.2.1. Peach orange tea using iced tea

Ingredients (for 5-6 servings):

  • Ice tea x 5 (using Cozy peach ice tea for great taste)
  • Fresh orange x 5
  • Water x 2 liters
  • Lemongrass x 5-6
  • Peach x 5-6
  • Sugar or syrup x 3-5 teaspoons
  • Ice
peach orange tea
Vietnamese peach orange tea is an interesting combination of orange, peach, mint, and tea


  • Wash the fruit and lemongrass
  • Smash and cut the lemongrass
  • Boil water and add lemongrass, continue to boil for about 3-5 minutes
  • Add ice tea, stir well and turn off the stove
  • Add sugar or syrup while the water is still hot, stir well
  • Slice the peaches and oranges
  • After the tea cools down, steep peach and orange slices into the tea. May keep it infused for 1-2 hours for better taste
  • Fill the glass with ice then pour in the tea and garnish with peach, orange and lemongrass.

1.2.2. Lemongrass orange tea using tea bag

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

  • Tea bag x 1 (Recommend Cozy peach tea for better taste)
  • Orange x 1
  • Hot water x 150 ml
  • Lemongrass x 1
  • Canned peach x 1
  • Peach syrup x 15 ml
  • Sugar syrup x 20-30ml
  • Ice
  • Mint or other herbs
Lemongrass orange tea
Lemongrass orange tea is popular among young people


  • Wash orange and lemongrass
  • Smash and slice the lemongrass
  • Put the lemongrass and one tea bag in the cup then add hot water. Brew the tea for 3-5 minutes. Slightly squeeze tea bag and stir to save time
  • Mix peach syrup, sugar syrup and peach juice in another cup then pour in the tea and lemongrass through the filter.
  • Add ice and stir the tea well
  • Squeeze 2 orange slices in the serving cup, add mixed tea and ice
  • Decorate with orange slices, canned peach, lemongrass, and mint (or any other herb that you like)

To make a cup of Vietnamese orange tea is not difficult. It’s even more convenient if you can find well-blended tea. If you wonder how to buy it from the best supplier, let’s find out the answer in the next part of this article.

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2. How to buy Vietnamese orange tea from the best supplier

Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) is a leading Vietnam tea supplier. We export bulk tea to more than 50 countries, and also supply tea to many coffee chains and tea shops in Vietnam.

As you can see in the videos above, the bartenders love to create orange tea with Cozy tea (a brand of FGC) because of its convenience and delicious taste.

If you are the owner or person in charge of purchasing a coffee/tea shop or supermarket, or simply a tea importer looking for a supplier of bulk Vietnamese tea, FGC is the reliable partner that you are looking for.

Some products of FGC’s Cozy tea
Some products of FGC’s Cozy tea

FGC has more than 10 factories and an R&D department that can create a wide variety of options for your own tea line.

If you can easily buy fresh oranges and other ingredients in your country, you may choose:

  • Pure black iced tea
  • Pure black/green leaf tea

If it’s too hard to get fresh ingredients, you can still make orange tea using our pre-mixed tea products.

  • Flavored orange ice tea (with or without other fruit/herbal flavor)
  • Flavored orange leaf tea (with or without other fruit/herbal flavor)
  • Black/green leaf tea mixed with dried orange, peach, lemongrass, and other herbs.

The teas can be altered to your preferences as much as possible. Even if you can find fresh fruits at your places, you can replace them by using flavored tea or fruit mixed tea will add delicious flavor and uniqueness to your orange tea line.

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Vietnam orange with cozy peach tea
Using Cozy peach tea to mix with orange is a way to enjoy Vietnamese orange tea

FGC also has a system of modern packaging and mixing machines. There are various types of packages as follows:

  • Stick or bag (15-17 gr) for ice tea
  • Teabag (2-5 gr) for leaf tea
  • Pouch bag (50 gr to 5 kg)
  • Bulk package (PP/PE, paper sack, carton, etc. 10-60kg)

All of our production and packaging processes are in compliance with ISO 2200:2018 and HACCP code 2003 standards. The quality of the tea is strictly controlled and the packaging maintains its quality even through long journeys.

tea quality certifications
ISO and HACCP certificates of FGC’s factories

Other services offered by FGC include consultation, design, and more. When you work with us, you can buy products of good quality at reasonable prices. You also have many other advantages.

The basic steps to purchase FGC Vietnamese orange tea will be described in the following section.

3. How to purchase FGC Vietnamese orange tea

If you are here in this article, you’re probably interested in our products and services. So, we will introduce you to our professional workflow to help you find out the best products for your business.

FGC’s Tea ordering process


If you have any questions about Vietnamese orange tea or want to purchase, please feel free to contact us:

    Q & A

    Our managers will answer your questions and discuss more about the tea packaging method for you.


    We will provide a quotation after discussing the suitable products. Tea samples will be sent for your testing.


    The samples can be adjusted until they meet your exact requirement. Meanwhile, we can discuss other contract terms (payment, delivery, document, etc.).


    All terms have been approved. The contract is signed by both parties and valid after being sent by email.

    Contract Execution

    Both parties accomplish the terms and conditions of the contract.

    We hope that through this article you have gained more useful information about Vietnamese orange tea and found a reliable supplier of this product. Wherever you are, in any season, let’s bring this drink filled with tropical summer flavors to more tea lovers.

    Author: Ms. Hang Gina – FGC Sales Executive

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