Vietnamese mango tea is an attractive drink that is no stranger to fruit tea lovers. Mango tea is a luscious mixture of a robust, classic black tea blended with a natural mango flavor. Drinking tea is a great experience for both working and relaxing. If you are interested in learning more about this beverage, you can check out the information below about our Vietnamese mango tea.

    Cozy Mango Tea Bag
    Cozy Mango Tea Bag, a product made by FGC

    1. About Vietnamese mango tea

    Vietnamese mango tea is made from full-bodied black tea and fresh ripe mango. It possesses a sweet aroma and gentle sour taste of mango, bringing a refreshing and brisk feeling once drinking it.

    Mango is a seasonal fruit that is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Drinking mango mixed with black tea will help the body replenish natural minerals, quench thirst, recharge energy, bring a refreshing and pleasant spirit. On hot summer days, nothing is better than enjoying a delicious cup of mango fruit tea.

    mango iced tea
    Iced mango black tea with toppings is one of the refreshing beverages in Vietnam

    You can make a cup of mango tea by yourself at home with FGC’s Cozy Mango Flavored Tea

    Vietnamese mango black tea characterized by a flavor of the tropics will bring both summer vibes and many benefits to our health, such as boosting immunity, increasing digestive health, increasing concentration, etc.

    2. Advantages of FGC Vietnamese mango tea

    FGC is the leading company in manufacturing Vietnamese mango tea in Vietnam. We can provide mango tea in bulk with the highest quality. Here are some of the advantages of FGC mango tea products to ensure you want to become our partner.

    A sophisticated production system ensures product quality from start to finish FGC uses innovative cultivation, harvest, and preservation procedures to produce high-quality finished tea. The tea leaves are hand-picked, scientifically preserved, and delivered to the processing factory as soon as possible, no later than 4 hours.

    Harvest tea leaves to make mango tea
    The tea is hand-picked and cleanly delivered to ensure the best tea quality

    The tea is well preserved when shipped to faraway countries

    FGC applies an automatic electronic sensor thermostat system with new technology. It ensures that the tea does not directly contact the extreme heat, so the tea curls tightly for a longer time. The moisture in the tea is reduced to only 3.5 – 4%. That percentage is necessary for preserving tea and ensuring export to demanding markets.

    packing tea for export
    Tea is produced and packed carefully before loading to containers.

    Supplying tea in bulk with competitive prices

    FGC can export Vietnamese mango tea in bulk at competitive prices because we have many advantages of climate, labor. For example, Vietnam’s weather and land are suitable to plant many tea gardens across the country. In addition, Vietnam is the world’s 13th largest mango producer with many delicious mango varieties such as Hoa Loc, Cat Chu, Tu Quy, etc. Thus, the fruit is available at a low price in Vietnam.

    Low labor cost compared to other parts of the world, the price of Vietnamese tea is much lower while still keeping the same quality.

    Offering flexible services to meet the diverse needs of customers

    Besides Mango flavored tea, FGC can supply Vietnamese black tea blended with dried mango pieces if you want to order. The foundation tea may be black tea, green tea, or oolong tea, depending on your preference. We also produce tea according to your other formula, with various ingredients such as fruit, flower, flavor, etc.

    Packaging: design of bag and cartons under your private brand name and label:

    • In bulk 10kg, 20kg KPK bags
    • In small bag 200g, 500g, 30 bags/carton
    • In tea bag 25 x 2g/ box, 24 box/carton
    FGC's R&D department
    The R&D department will test new formulas and products

    3. Types of Vietnamese mango tea

    We now supply three main types of Vietnamese mango black tea as below:

    Type Image
    Cozy Mango Flavored Tea in tea bag

    • Ingredients:
      • Black tea
      • Mango flavor
    • Packaging:
      • 2gram x 25 bags/box
      • 24 boxes/carton

    Vietnam Cozy mango tea bag

    Cozy Mango Flavored Instant Tea Powder in sticker

    • Ingredients:
      • Black tea
      • Mango flavor
    • Packaging:
      • 15gram x 18 sticks/box
      • 30 boxes/carton

    Vietnames mango iced tea

    RTD Cozy Mango Tea in aseptic box

    • Main ingredients:
      • Fresh tea leaves extract
      • Mango flavor
    • Packaging:
      • 225 ml/ aseptic box
      • 24 aseptic boxes/carton

    mango oolong tea

    For more information about our Vietnamese fruit teas, click here: Top 9 most popular Vietnamese fruit teas

    4. How to purchase FGC Vietnamese mango tea?

    If you are interested in FGC in general and Vietnamese mango tea in particular, you can contact us through email or call. Here is some contact information for you to connect us.

    form contact

    Customers could contact to buy Vietnamese mango tea from FGC through followings:

    FGC’s Tea ordering process

    Q&A: Answer your questions about tea products and our company

    • Quotation and sample: We will offer prices and tea samples according to your detailed requirement and target price.
    • Adjustment and negotiation: After tasting samples, if you are not satisfied, we will improve them until we can agree on the quality. We will negotiate about design, marking and the best price you need.
    • Approval and contract: Once you agree with the price and samples, we will sign a contract with terms of payment, packaging, shipping, etc.
    • Contract execution: We shall begin to manufacture mango tea products and ship as scheduled in a contract.

    The fresh, tropical flavor of this Vietnamese mango tea reminds us of happy sunny days. If you are a fan of mango and like no artificial flavor tea, please don’t hesitate to try our mango tea. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Author: Ms. Tuyet Mai – Sales Executive (

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