Vietnamese lotus tea is considered an art in Vietnam. Artisans make it from the best green tea-scented fresh lotus flower. If you are looking for the best Vietnamese Lotus tea to buy, you can buy it easily at FGC just by phone call or email to us.

1. What kind of Vietnamese lotus tea can FGC provide for you?

According to the Vietnamese traditional method of making lotus tea, tea makers will row a boat out to the lotus lake in the middle of the night. At that time, lotus nectar will be the most fragrant. Then the artisans will carefully open all the lotus petals, fill them with the finest green tea leaves, then tie the petals together tightly, leaving the tea there in place overnight to absorb the scent of lotus flowers.

The next morning, tea makers will have to row the boat out again to collect tea. They carefully open the petals and collect green tea leaves, which have absorbed the natural aroma of the lotus flowers. The hand-made process makes Vietnamese lotus tea unique and expensive.

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Traditional Vietnamese lotus green tea
Traditional Vietnamese lotus green tea is one of the best teas to buy

In FGC, we product lotus tea in different method to meet the wholesalers needs:

For hand-made lotus tea, we only produce it during the lotus flower season. The time lasts from 3 to 4 months in a year (from May to September). Therefore the quantity of the tea will be limited and its price is expensive in general. One kilogram of lotus tea can reach up to 500$ per kilogram, and therefore not many consumers can afford to pay.

To provide lotus green tea to consumers at a reasonable price, our R&D team has researched to develop lotus green tea in filter tea bag type. We use green tea from finest green tea and blend with natural lotus aromatic, packed in a tea bag net weight 2 grams. The advantages of this lotus tea bag are the reasonable price and convenience for people to enjoy anytime, especially in offices, schools, or trips. You can put one tea bag in a cup of hot water and wait for several minutes.

Here are two types of FGC lotus tea that customers can choose to buy:

Type Price
Vietnamese Lotus Green tea in loose

Packing: 50gram or 100gram or 200 gram vacuum foil bag

Vietnamese Lotus Green tea in loose to buy

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Vietnamese Lotus green tea in filter tea bag


  • 2gram heat seal envelope x 25/box
  • 24 boxes/carton

Vietnamese Lotus green tea in filter tea bag to buy

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FGC can customize all these types to best match the customer’s taste and target price.

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2. How to buy FGC Vietnamese lotus tea?

Vietnamese lotus green tea is famous worldwide, so how can you buy it from the reputable brand?

Answering this question is sending us an email to: There will be a professional sales manager who calls or email you back within hours.

Through our discussion, we will understand clearly the demand of the import market and advise in detail what types of lotus green tea should be the best choice to establish a customer’s name in their market with the most competitive prices. After defining the lotus green tea types that are the best for buyers, we will discuss the packaging design for the products.

vietnamese lotus tea packing
FGC can customize product packaging to meet customer needs

Currently, FGC provides buyers many packing styles:

  • For Vietnamese lotus tea in loose type: To keep the best aroma, we can vacuum in 50 gr or 100 gr or 200 gr bags than 24 bags or 48 bags packed in a master carton. Or we can put these vacuum bags in a duplex box, then pack them in a master carton.
  • For Vietnamese lotus tea in filter tea bag type: We can pack in 2grm hard tag or soft tag, 25 or 50 or 100 tea bags in a duplex box. To best keep the aroma of lotus flower, we strongly recommend buyers choose the way of packing each filter tea bag in a heat seal envelope, 24 or 48 envelopes in a box, then 24 or 48 boxes in a master carton.

To reduce cost, buyers also can choose to pack 25 filter tea bags in an aluminum foil bag, then put this aluminum foil bag in a box. We also can pack two aluminum foil bags or four aluminum foil bags in a box, 24 or 48 boxes in a master carton, depending on the customer’s requirements.

FGC private label service:

The most important part is the brand name and design of the product. If customers have their registered brand name in their market, we will do their private label. If not, customers can use our brand name Cozy.

As we all know, the designs play a critical role in deciding the success of the products. If buyers do not yet have their packaging design for Lotus tea products, our professional designers also can help.

Private label service

The minimum quantity of Vietnamese lotus tea you can order

If you buy our Vietnamese lotus teas under FGC’s brand name as Cozy, we can accept a minimum order of one pallet. We will ship to you by sea or by airway promptly. For customizing your private label, we will need a minimum quantity order of one 20ft container.

With experience in tea export & tea marketing, we believe in offering our customers all our best services. Do not hesitate to contact us and place your first order of Vietnamese lotus green tea.

3. Why should you buy FGC Vietnamese lotus tea?

As the most reputable name in the Vietnamese tea industry, FGC will provide you with the best quality lotus teas at the most competitive price. Both green teas and lotus flowers are carefully selected from our verified gardens, FGC ensures the highest quality of our raw materials.

best vietnam lotus tea to buy
Each meticulous processing stage is the cause of lotus tea products with the highest quality

Thanks to our reputation, FGC has established good and long-term business relationships with more than 100 business partners in more than 50 countries in the world, our annual export volume has reached 20,000 tons recently and continues to increase.

One of our strengths which we are always proud of is our OEM service. We can customize Vietnamese Lotus tea products according to buyers’ requirements, pack under private customer label or our Cozy brand in many packaging types:

  • Filter paper tea bag
  • Vacuum foil bag
  • Plastic bottle, duplex box, tin box
  • Carton 10kgs, 25kgs, or in a bulk paper sack

These packaging types also keep the aroma of lotus flowers during long-distance overseas transportation and maintain the quality of green tea.

Besides the two main types of lotus tea right now, our R&D team is working hard to develop some new types of Vietnamese lotus green tea. We expect to introduce them to our customers very shortly.

For more information of best Vietnamese lotus tea to buy or if you want to make your own lots tea brands, please feel free to email us at or directly email to

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