Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) is Vietnam’s leading tea exporter, capable of supplying various high-quality green teas in bulk and packaging designs. We can provide green tea in loose tea or prepackaged forms such as tin boxes, teabag, etc. to our foreign wholesalers. This article will provide necessary information for wholesalers who are interested in Vietnamese green tea tin boxes. Let’s get started!

Premium green tea tin box
Premium green tea tin box – a gift set by FGC

1. Grades of Vietnamese green tea that FGC can supply under tin box packaging

In terms of green tea production and export quantity, Vietnam ranks second in the world. Vietnamese people have created many unique and high-quality green tea products because of our rich history and experience in drinking tea.

FGC has been producing and exporting green tea for more than 20 years. We would like to suggest to you some grades of the Vietnamese green tea tin box as follows:

Grades Description
Vietnamese traditional green tea

(Chè xanh Việt Nam)

Vietnamese traditional green tea

It is the pure green tea from Vietnam

  • Place: Thai Nguyen green tea, Tan Cuong green tea, Suoi Giang shan tea.
  • Leaf: long, twisted, dark green.
  • Liquor: light green, yellow
  • Aroma: strong
  • Taste: light bitter taste, sweet aftertaste
Flower scented green tea

(Trà xanh ướp hoa)

Vietnamese lotus green tea

It is a high quality Vietnamese green tea scented with natural flowers. For example: Vietnamese lotus Tea; Vietnamese Jasmine Tea

  • Leaf: twisted, dark green with dried flower petals
  • Liquor: light yellow, green
  • Aroma: fragrant
  • Taste: strong, floral aftertaste
Fruit green tea

(Trà xanh trái cây sấy)

Fruit green tea

It is a high quality Vietnamese green tea mixed with dry fruits. For example: Apple tea; Lemon tea

  • Leaf: twisted, dark green with dried fruit slices or cubes
  • Liquor: light yellow
  • Aroma: fruity fragrant
  • Taste: strong, sweet aftertaste
Herbal green tea

(Trà xanh thảo mộc)

Herbal green tea

It is high quality Vietnamese green tea blended with dry herbs. For example: Mint tea; Lemongrass tea; Chamomile tea

  • Leaf: dark green with dried herbs
  • Liquor: light green with slight color of the   herbs
  • Aroma: herbal fragrant
  • Taste: strong

FGC can flexibly create teas according to your preferences. For more details, you can find in section 3 of this article. Before that, let’s continue to find out the types of tin boxes you can choose for green tea.

2. FGC’s customized tin box packaging service

A strong point of FGC is the professional packaging service. We have experience in packing tin boxes as well. The shape and type of tea tin box are varied and customizable.

Here are a few suggestions for you:

Tea tin box model Image
Plain gold/silver tin box

  • Material: 0.20-0.3 mm tin plate
  • Internal: gold or silver
  • Print: No printing
  • Shape: Cylindrical round, square or rectangular, etc.
  • Advantages: available models, no mold fee, lowest price, shortest production time. You can use the same model for some types of tea just by changing customized stickers.
  • MOQ: 2000



Plain gold/silver tin box for green tea

Colorful tin box

  • Material: 0.2 – 0.3 mm tin plate
  • Internal: Gold or silver
  • Print: Simple printing (one or few colors, simple design, with or without engraving)
  • Shape: Cylindrical round, square or rectangular, etc.
  • Advantages: Available models, no mold fee, low price, short production time.
  • MOQ: 3000

Colorful tin box for green tea

Customized tin box

  • Material: 0.2 – 0.3 mm tin plate
  • Internal: Gold or silver
  • Print: Customized design
  • Shape: Customized shape
  • Advantages: Tin box with exact shape and design that you like (even in shape of your logo). Highest advertising and marketing effect. Harder for competitors to copy
  • MOQ: 5000

Customized tin box for green tea

3. Advantages of cooperating with FGC

When you cooperate with FGC, you won’t have to bother to find suppliers for tea, tin box, or packer separately. There are even more advantages of cooperating with FGC.

Green Tea

Vietnamese green tea tin boxes are high-end products. Thus we prioritize the quality of green tea. So far, FGC has more than 10 factories in the main tea regions of Vietnam. Our company has an R&D department to research and develop new products. We also have many reliable suppliers of herbs, dried fruits, special tea, etc. in Vietnam and abroad. As a result, we have the flexibility to create unique and premium gift teas for you.

 Cozy tin box for Vietnam Green tea
Cozy tin box using finest Vietnam Green tea

We do not limit the types of Vietnamese green tea in section 1, so you can choose green tea from different sources, mixed with one or a few types of flowers, herbs, fruits.

Our organization adheres to ISO and HACCP standards to ensure that quality is maintained at its highest quality through stringent procedures.

Tin box 

FGC has cooperated with many major tin box suppliers in Vietnam and other countries. They have extensive tea tin box models and experiences in creating beautiful new ones. By cooperating with FGC, you will save time reviewing reliable suppliers, searching for box templates, and importing boxes.

Vietnamese green tea tin box packed in PE bag and carton
Vietnamese green tea tin box packed in PE bag and carton

OEM packing service 

The type of green tea tin box can be more than just putting green tea directly in a tin box. FGC can upgrade it with OEM service.

To increase the convenience and solemnity of the gift tea, we can pack green tea in a filter tea bag of 2 to 5 grams then put 10-20 tea bags in one aluminum pouch. Each tea bag may have a tag with your logo or design if necessary. Our designers will redesign the tag and pouch according to your ideas.

The tea is packed automatically by a modern machine imported from the EU, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Therefore our final products will be preserved better and longer.

Green tea is packed in tea bag and aluminum pouch
Green tea is packed in tea bag and aluminum pouch before putting in tin box

Other services

You can get assistance from our manager on import and export procedures, payment, documentation, and more, in addition to tea type, tin box, and packing method.

Some tin box suppliers may request higher MOQ. Even if you decide not to import in bulk the first time, we will assist you in keeping the remaining boxes in good condition at our warehouse to be ready for the next shipments.

FGC’s huge warehouses
FGC’s huge warehouses

There are more benefits that you can experience while working with FGC. A good start is half done. It is easy to start purchasing Vietnamese green tea tin boxes from our company.

4. How to purchase FGC Vietnamese green tea tin box

The procedures to purchase our green tea tin box are summarized in the following diagram:

FGC’s Tea ordering process


If you have any questions about Vietnamese green tea tin box or intend to purchase this product, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Our managers will promptly respond to your email or call.

We will clarify your questions and discuss more the best Vietnamese green teas, tin boxes, and packaging methods for you.


We will provide a quotation after discussing and advising on the appropriate products. Tea and tin box samples may be sent for your inspection.


The samples can be altered until they meet your exact specifications. In the meantime, we can discuss the contract terms (delivery, payment, document, etc.).


All terms, including the quotation and samples, have been approved. The contract is signed by both parties and valid when being sent by email.

Contract Execution

The terms and conditions on contract are implemented by both parties.

We hope that through this article, wholesalers will find necessary information about Vietnamese green tea tin boxes. FGC is pleased and ready to create unique tea gifts with you.

Author: Ms. Hang Gina – FGC Sales Executive

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