Consider Vietnamese fruit teas if you want to find beverages that purify and cool the body. Currently, those teas are very hot in the tea market and are sought everywhere. They are not only famous in Vietnam but also other countries around the world. This article will introduce to you the top 9 popular fruit teas of Vietnam.

FGC RTD fruit teas

1. What is Vietnamese fruit tea?

First of all, we need to understand what Vietnamese fruit teas are. Fruit tea refers to a refreshing beverage usually drunk on hot summer days. People make them by combining dried tea leaves with tropical fruits such as peach, lychee, and other fruits into a pure, fresh, and delicious drink that is very good for our health. It has a natural aroma of tea leaves blended with the gently sweet taste of fruits.

Vietnamese fruit tea
Choosing Vietnamese fruit tea for hot summer days is a good decision

You can easily find Vietnamese fruit teas in many forms in the market. Here are the 3 most popular forms.

Vietnamese fruit-flavored tea

People make the tea by using dried tea leaves or tea extract powder mixed with natural flavors from fresh fruits. These natural flavors are usually in the form of crystal, liquid, and powder.

Therefore, the tea can retain the natural aroma and sweetness of the fruit once you pour water into the mixture. Nowadays, fruit-flavored teas are produced in 3 forms that are handmade tea, instant tea, and tea bags.

Vietnamese fruit blended tea

It is a beverage in which tea extract is mixed with fruit flavor in liquid or powder and concentrated fruit juice. You can easily find the fruit blended tea in handmade tea and ready-to-drink (RTD) tea.

RTD fruit tea
RTD tea is very convenient for you to bring and drink everywhere

Vietnamese fruit-scented tea

It is made of pure tea leaves scented with fruits. Tea is blended with fresh fruit repeatedly until it absorbs all flavors of fruit. Sometimes for loose tea, you can add dried fruit pieces to increase the aesthetics of the drink, making it more attractive. You usually find Vietnamese fruit-scented tea in loose tea and tea bags.

The outstanding advantage of Vietnamese fruit teas is in fresh ingredients that are good for health because of containing rich essential vitamins and minerals. It can be said that this is a healthy drink which can help to detoxify the body.

Next, let’s continue to find out about the 9 most popular fruit teas in Vietnam.

2. The 9 most popular Vietnamese fruit tea flavors

Vietnam is situated in the region of tropical monsoon climate therefore there are many various kinds of fresh seasonal fruits here. Because of that, fruit teas in Vietnam are always diverse and available. Among them, there are the 9 most attractive fruit tea flavors in Vietnam. We will introduce and explain to you why people love these teas right here.

2.1. Vietnamese lychee tea

In recent years, Vietnamese lychee tea has become a drink loved by many people. Lychee fruit contains healthy vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, copper, folate, magnesium, etc. Therefore, lychee tea is a drink with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that are good for health.

These active ingredients can help to enhance the function of the digestive system, prevent cancer, protect the cardiovascular, and strengthen the immune system, etc. Besides, lychee tea has a fragrant aroma of tea and the sweet taste of natural lychee that will give you a refreshment when using it.

Vietnamese lychee tea
Vietnamese lychee tea has many benefits for our health.

2.2. Vietnamese peach tea

Vietnamese peach tea is one of the favorite beverages for not only the young but also fastidious people. Everyone is fascinated by the fresh but slightly bitter taste of tea.

When you enjoy a cup of peach tea, whether cold or hot, you will feel all the freshness it brings. In particular, it prevents anemia and treats cough, asthma very well.

vietnamese peach tea
Just drinking 1 cup of peach tea per day will help your body get rid of toxins and purify the body in the best way.

2.3. Vietnamese lemon tea

Lemon tea is a very familiar drink that lots of Vietnamese people, especially the young love drinking. It helps you to refresh and gives you an energy boost. Vietnamese lemon tea has the fragrant aroma of tea and the refreshing sour taste of lemon.

The drink has many health benefits because lemon has a rich vitamin C source. The powerful antioxidant helps to improve the immune system, antibacterial, flu treatment, detoxification, and anti-cancer.

Vietnamese lemon tea
Vietnamese lemon tea is a delicious drink that is hard to resist.

2.4. Vietnamese hibiscus tea

Vietnamese hibiscus tea has a refresh tart taste and a beautiful rose-red color. The tea can helps to prevent the aging process of the body, make the digestive system work better, reduce blood pressure, etc. Because the hibiscus flower has rich vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and so on.

Hibiscus tea from Vietnam
Hibiscus tea from Vietnam is definitely worth a try.

2.5. Vietnamese strawberry tea

Another kind of Vietnamese fruit tea is strawberry tea. Strawberries have a cute shape, beautiful color, and sweet-sour taste. Strawberries contain rich vitamin C so that it can help to resist the body and prevent the aging process. People usually use black tea to combine with fruits, which will make the tea and fruit taste even more intense.

Vietnamese strawberry tea
Vietnamese strawberry tea made from fresh and quality ingredients.

2.6. Vietnamese jasmine lemon tea

Vietnamese jasmine lemon tea is recently one hot trend and favorite drink of the youth. With the floral scent of jasmine and tartness of lemon, this beverage is marvelously refreshing and suitable for hot days of summer. You should make jasmine lemon tea cold with ice or put it in the fridge for a relaxing drink.

Jasmine lemon tea
Jasmine lemon tea should be enjoyed cold to feel the strong flavor of it.

2.7. Vietnamese squash tea

Vietnamese squash tea is a combination of tea leaves and squash. It has cooling and detoxifying benefits. Additionally, this tea helps you lose weight effectively, in which tea increases metabolism and squash reduces cravings.

vietnamese Squash tea
Squash tea is a very popular drink with a cooling effect on the liver.

2.8. Vietnamese kumquat honey tea

In the summer, kumquat honey tea is an effective dispelling thirst drink. Vietnamese kumquat contains a high amount of vitamin C, amino acids, fiber, and many minerals beneficial for health.

When we combine kumquat, honey, and tea leaves, especially green tea, it may limit cardiovascular disease, prevent cancer, improve the skin, etc. Enjoying a cup of hot kumquat honey tea in the winter will help with expectorant, cough treatment, and detoxify well.

vietnamese fuit tea
You may have a delicious cup of tea in your own style.

2.9. Vietnamese peach lemongrass tea

Vietnamese peach lemongrass tea has the sweet taste of peaches, the acrid taste of tea, and the delicate lemongrass flavor. Peach lemongrass tea can help to reduce arthritis pain, sleep well, improve digestion, etc.

Peach lemongrass tea
Peach lemongrass tea is a hot trend for either bartenders or connoisseurs.

Vietnamese fruit teas have many health benefits for health and good taste. It can explain why drinking fruit tea is a hot trend in Vietnam. Now the questions are where you may buy fruit teas in Vietnam or what suppliers you can trust and co-operate with them.

3. What brand has the best fruit teas in Vietnam?

With over 20 years of experience in the tea industry, Future Generation Company (FGC) has become the leading Vietnamese tea company with a private brand in Vietnam. Certainly, FGC is also the biggest provider of fruit teas.

3.1. Be the most reputable brand in Vietnam

Founded in 1996, FGC now has 15 tea factories across the country and total annual export reaching nearly 20,000 tons of tea to over 50 countries worldwide. So far, with thousands of partners, FGC has gradually affirmed our position on the domestic market and international market.

You can search for information about us and our fruit teas products in, the official website of FGC.

3.2. Provides a wide range of Vietnamese fruit tea products

FGC can produce diversified products to meet consumers’ tastes. Therefore, our products have occupied a vast market share of the Vietnam tea industry. FGC supplies a large quantity with a variety of Vietnamese fruit teas as below:

Instant Tea

Product name Image
Lychee Ice tea

(Trà vải hòa tan)

FGC lychee iced tea
Peach Ice tea

(Trà đào hòa tan)

FGC peach iced tea
Lemon Ice Tea

(Trà chanh hòa tan)

FGC lemon iced tea
Hibiscus Ice Tea

(Trà hibiscus hòa tan)

FGC hibicus iced tea
Jasmine lemon Ice Tea

(Trà chanh hương nhài hòa tan)

FGC jasmine lemon iced tea
Ginseng squash Ice Tea

(Trà sâm bí đao hòa tan)

FGC squash iced tea

RTD fruit tea

Product name Image
Kumquat honey tea

(Trà tắc mật ong)

FGC kumquat honey tea
Peach lemongrass tea

(Trà đào sả)

FGC peach lemongrass tea
Lychee tea

(Trà vải)

FGC lychee tea

Fruit flavored tea

Product name Image
Hibiscus tea

(Trà Hibiscus)

FGC hibiscus tea bag
Peach flavored tea

(Trà hương đào)

FGC peach tea bag
Strawberry flavored tea

(Trà hương dâu)

FGC strawberry tea bag
Apple flavored tea

(Trà hương táo)

FGC apple tea bag
Mango flavored tea

(Trà hương xoài)

FGC mango tea bag
Lychee flavored tea

(Trà hương vải)

FGC lychee tea bag
Soursop flavored tea

(Trà hương mãng cầu)

FGC soursop tea bag

For more information about our Vietnamese tea products, click here!

3.3. Provides fruit tea products made from the highest quality raw materials

FGC strictly controls our fruit tea products’ quality starting with tea trees in gardens to final products.

  • Tea sources: Our raw materials come from our traditional tea gardens and the fresh seasonal fruits of Vietnam. FGC has invested in many natural tea gardens to obtain the best tea leaves.
  • FGC ensures quality assurance and product safety: FGC pays attention to all steps of the production process, from planting to harvesting tea leaves to ensure the quality of raw materials. We always follow a quality management system with certificates such as ISO 22000, HACCP 2003, GMP of Quacert, Halal, Viet gap, Rain forest,…

3.4. Guarantees that products maintain the best quality, despite transportation for long distances

FGC’s fruit tea products are processed and packed with expensive equipment that are automatic production lines with leading modern production technology of Italy, Germany, Japan, Singapore,…

It helps the products keep the fresh taste of tea and fruit, prolong the shelf life even though transporting to distant countries for a long time. Thus, the products are always guaranteed to be fresh and delicious when they reach the consumers.

 modern manufacturing machinery to produce Vietnamese fruit tea
The modern manufacturing machinery inside the FGC factory

3.5. Provides many customized services

Apart from fresh and high-quality material sources of Vietnamese fruit teas, FGC can provide customers with many services as per their requirements.

Customized service packaging: FGC has many kinds of packages for customers’ choice, under their private labels and their own designs. For example:

  • Tea bags: 2g, 2.5g
  • Stick: 17g, 18g
  • Plastic boxes: 200g
  • Small bags: 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg,
  • Cartons: 5kg
  • KPK bags: 10kg, 20kg
  • Packing in bulk: 30kg, 40kg, 50kg
  • RTD paper package: 225ml
  • etc.
FGC tea types
FGC can provide many kinds of packages for customers’ choice: instant tea, teabag, RTD, etc.

Customized tea blending: With our creativity and flexibility in service, FGC can blend and mix many kinds of Vietnamese teas and fruits with other ingredients. Therefore, customers will have their own special and unique products.

3.6. Has a competitive price among products with the same quality

Offering the competitive price of fruit teas, in particular, and other teas, in general, is one of the advantages of FGC. Our prices are much more affordable than competitors in the same segment.

Even though the price is reasonable, it does not mean that the quality of products will be reduced or not guaranteed. FGC assures to supply Vietnamese fruit teas with the best price and premium quality for customers.

If you are interested in Vietnamese fruit teas, please feel free to contact us at or contact me directly!

Author: Ms. Tuyet Mai – Sales Executive (