In recent years, Vietnamese bottled tea has become a favorite drink of millions of people. It happens when bottled carbonated drinks seem to have reached the end of their growth in terms of sales, on the other hand, bottled tea keeps coming up with innovation every year.

As a result, many beverage companies in the world are starting to develop more and more ready-to-drink (RTD) tea products. A lot of these products use tea concentrate or tea paste to create the base for the drink. While it helps cut costs, the tea concentrate and tea paste will lose much of the aroma and flavor (that companies would have to add back in later) during production.

Tea extraction machine for Vietnamese bottled-tea
Tea extraction machine for Vietnamese bottled-tea

Therefore, some tea exposter companies, including us in FGC, started to use the immersion extraction system to extract the purest tea flavor. We will go into more detail about why this is the case in a minute!

1. Explanation of why FGC’s Vietnamese bottled tea can bring a real tea flavor

The first reason is that FGC’s tea extraction machine uses the immersion method similar to that of tea bag infusion. During the process, the tea is immersed in a controlled temperature water bath and stirred constantly. Therefore, the tea does not have to go through extreme temperature or atmospheric pressure that may distort tea flavor and aroma.

As a result, our Vietnamese RTD tea products always have a clearer and more profound tea flavor and aroma. It is easy to realize it when you compare our products to other RTD tea products that use tea paste or tea concentrate. Additionally, since the tea keeps its taste and aroma, no extra flavoring or ingredients need to be added afterward.

FGC’s R&D team testing tea batch
FGC’s R&D team testing tea batch

The RTD tea products can only taste good if the Vietnamese original tea used during the extraction method is high quality. That is why FGC stands above the rest of the competition. With controlled  Vietnamese tea farms, top-of-the-line processing machines, and an experienced R&D team, FGC can consistently produce high-quality tea blends that are suitable for bottled tea.

2. Types of bottle for Vietnamese tea

Currently, we mainly use two types of packaging for Vietnamese ready-to-drink tea products:

Types Description
Tetra Pak Edge Bottle (250ml)

vietnamese tetra pak bottle for tea

  • Packed by using aseptic technology to help preserve the flavor to the maximum.
  • Shell life can be from 8-12 months. It depends on the product.
  • Very suitable for a drink that is a mixture of tea, milk, herbal ingredients, and fruit concentrate.
  • Higher MOQ (minimum quantity order) required.
PET bottle (300- 500ml)

vietnamese plastic bottle for tea

  • Packed using HotFill technology that can guarantee food safety.
  • Shell life can be from 6-12 months. It depends on the product.
  • More resistant to distortion during transportation
  • Suitable for products in harsh transporting, displaying condition.
  • Lower MOQ (minimum quantity order) required.

In addition to R&D service to create the recipe for new Vietnamese bottled tea products, our in-house designers can help you design your brand and product.

FGC different types of Vietnamese bottled tea
FGC can offer you a variety of services such as private label service, blending service, etc.

3. Types of Vietnamese bottled tea products

Here are some Vietnamese bottled tea products that FGC are currently producing and distributing in our domestic market for your reference:

Products Description
Cozy Lemongrass Peach Bottled Tea

(Tetra Pak Bottled – 225ml)

vietnamese peach lemon grass bottled tea

It is one of our top-selling products in Vietnam’s tea market. With a tea flavor and aromatic lemongrass peach, the product is one of the top choices when you need a refreshing fruit tea drink on the go.
Cozy Kumquat Honey Bottled Tea

(Tetra Pak Bottled – 225ml)

vietnamese kumquat honey bottled tea

The perfect combination between the taste of Vietnamese tea, the sourness of kumquat and the sweetness of honey makes this bottled tea very popular with young people.
Cozy Lychee Bottled Tea

(Tetra Pak Bottled – 225ml)

vietnamese lychee bottled tea

The aroma of fresh lychee combined with the taste of Vietnamese tea creates a perfect fruit tea product. This product is compactly packaged and ergonomically designed to be easy to carry
Cozy Matcha Milk Tea

(Tetra Pak Bottled – 225ml)

vietnamese matcha milk bottled tea

This bottled tea product is very popular thanks to the delicious taste of Vietnamese matcha. Customers all over the world will surely accept this product.
Cozy Peach Milk Tea

(Tetra Pak Bottled – 225ml)

vietnamese peach milk bottled tea

Milk tea combined with peach flavor makes a particularly delicious product. This special flavor will definitely conquer young customers all over the world.
Detox Bottled Tea 365

(Tetra Pak Bottled – 225ml)

vietnamese detox bottled tea

This type of Vietnamese bottled tea products is suitable for hot days and after the consumption of fatty, heavy food. The detox tea 365 brings balance to the body.
Energy Bottled Tea F5

(Plastic Bottled – 360ml)

vietnamese energy bottled tea

Energy tea can give you a quick refresh so you can continue with your work instantly without the sugar crash like the other energy drink.

4. How to order the best Vietnamese bottled tea from FGC

Here is 4 easy steps to order the best Vietnamese bottled tea products from FGC:

Vietnamese Bottled Tea order Process

Step 1: You can contact us by

Step 2: Q&A

After that, we can discuss your needs regarding your RTD tea products, then we can fully understand what you want and devise a proper solution for you.

Step 3: Quotation/Sample

We will then create and send you Vietnamese bottled tea samples based on your need and send you a quotation.

Step 4: Adjustment/Negotiation

At this point, we can continue discussing terms for packaging, payments, logistics, etc. until we reach approval to begin contract signing.

Here at FGC, we aim to provide you with the best Vietnamese bottled tea for your companies. We will do everything in our capabilities to ensure your product’s success. So don’t hesitate to contact us to start talking about your plan for your products.

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