Tencha (碾茶) is a shaded Japanese green tea that is mostly used to make Matcha before the leaves are ground into fine powder.  

This tea’s main characteristic is small, flat, dark green flakes. For high-quality Tencha, the very first, most tender leaves of spring seasons are used. Whether harvested by hand or machine, the tender Tencha tea leaves must be processed very quickly – within 24 hours.

The tea plants are shaded/ covered with black curtains for 3-4 weeks before harvest to block direct exposure to sunlight, resulting in leaves that are rich in theanine and less bitter tannin. This creates a smooth, mellow and sweet taste. The leaves are then steamed at 200°C to prevent oxidation and through other processing includes: Blowing (Cooling down) – > Drying – > Cutting – > De-stemming (and de-veining)…

The result of this processing is flat leaves that are rich in their vivid green color. Tencha leaves are rarely sold in shops as they are usually ground straight away to make Matcha. But it’s sometimes also used for cooking or drinking.

Tencha Brew Guide:

Tea: 7-8g Tencha

Water: 200ml water at 60º-80ºC

Time: 1.5 – 2 minute steep

Make Iced Tea: Tencha is also good for slow ice-steeping and cold brewing. 

(Tencha – Matcha processing line at Future Generation Co. Ltd factory)

Future Generation Co. Ltd. invested in Tencha – Matcha processing line to bring fresh taste from tea garden to our products.

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Please contact us for bulk order of Matcha or Tencha.

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