What changes can we expect to see in the world of tea in 2020, especially after Coronavirus outbreak?

Coronavirus has been a devastating global problem for months. How will it affect the tea industry? Though the virus will not affect tea plants directly, it is foreseeable to have a negative impact on the workforce. There is also a possibility that tea-producing regions might be quarantined or ports closed. Both demand and supply may decrease consequently.

Drinkers of orthodox black tea and green tea are getting older and consuming less. Tea drinking to address specific health concerns (like diet, stress, depression, blood pressure, etc.) will continue to grow in 2020. Many tea producers have been offering functional teas to catch up with this trend.

While Orthodox tea and coffee markets have fallen recently, we can scent the continued rise of fruit, herbal, and spice teas. Consumer taste has become sophisticated, people expect better flavor and quality with health benefits than in the past.

So-called fruit, herbal, and spice tea may be confused by many people. Many tea companies already developed various teas with fruit flavors, herbs, or spices in convenient tea bag types.

It can be a beverage made from a combination of fresh or dried fruits, herbs, and spices. This drink is entirely caffeine-free and can be self-made at home as well.

It can also refer to the combination of tea (made from the leaves of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis) with a fresh slices or dried pieces of fruits, herbs, and spices.

The great thing with fruit, herbal and spice tea is that they are not overly sweet, low caffeine and still have all the benefits which can be found in the raw form of the fruit, herb or spice used. Choosing a good tea to suit your taste can be a positive experience as you get to try and test out many types of teas and familiarize yourself with the taste and aroma of each. When searching for the perfect tea, it is important to consider not only taste but the health benefits you are looking for. And it is not only a drink, it can be used in many other ways, for example being added to cooking such as smoothies, desserts and ice cream.

Future Generation Co. Ltd have researched market trends and developed RTD tea with concentrate and extract of tea, fruits, herbs and spices packed in paper box with UHT technology. These products not only have smooth taste, good for health, environmentally friendly but also very convenient.

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– Gina –