Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) is the top tea company in Vietnam that can provide ingredient and support partners to package completed products.

When you order tea in a tin box from FGC, you will receive detailed guidance on the tin boxes and types of tea and guarantee quality at every step. This article will demonstrate how you can save time to find a tea tin box manufacturer when cooperating with FGC.

A sample of tea tin box product produced by FGC
A sample of tea tin box product manufactured by FGC

1. The service of providing tea tin box of FGC

To have a complete tea tin box, you will likely need to research to find the right tin box supplier, a reliable source of good tea, designer, packaging service provider, import and export formalities, and so on.

However, all you have to do is spend a few minutes imagining your idea tea tin box and then contact FGC. You need to deal with one individual only from FGC to make that idea a reality.

The service of providing tea tin box of FGC includes the follows:

Tin box

FGC has been making tea tin boxes for years, so we have a good relationship with many reliable tea tin box manufacturers who can supply a wide choice of diverse designs and high-quality materials.

You will not waste your time evaluating the capabilities of the suppliers. You will absolutely take advantage of our know-how. Besides, FGC can advise you on the shape, size, design, quantity, the price for the box based on your initial idea and estimated budget.

You may use current tea tin box templates of FGC or the manufacturer’s to save on mold costs or order a new box model to improve originality.

 simple or plain boxes
Mold fees are rarely charged on simple or plain boxes

Our tin box suppliers usually offer a little low MOQ, from 1000 boxes. The larger the quantity, the better the price.

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Tea ingredients

FGC is Vietnam’s top tea exporter, with over 10 tea manufacturing factories and hundreds of customers in more than 60 countries. Thousands of tea samples of FGC, ranging in price from low to high, are available for various uses.

Some commonly used teas for tin boxes are:

If you want to combine multiple teas in one tin box, we are confident to undertake your requirement. You will be given specific instructions on the type of tea to use in your tea tin box when working with us.

Various types of tea that FGC can offer
Various types of tea that FGC can offer

Packaging design

When cooperating with us to manufacture tea tin box, you will have many more other added values. It just not only find the tea tin box supplier.

FGC can order on your behalf and do all the procedures from receiving the tin boxes to packaging products completely according to the specifications agreed with you. To increase the tea’s shelf life, we can add a layer of the aluminum bag for loose tea.

Extra layer of bag in tea tin box
Extra layer of bag in tea tin box

For the convenience of consumers, we can pack tea in tea bags such as pyramid bags, round bags, single or double chamber tea bags before putting them in tin boxes.

Various types of tea bags
Various types of tea bags that FGC can package for our customers

FGC can pack the above bags with high-quality machines imported from Europe and Japan, then add sealing stamps or manual stickers on tin boxes depending on your request.

FGC’s tea bag packaging machines are made in Italy with a capacity up to 300 bags/minute

Other services

To assist you obtain products swiftly and easily, FGC’s sales executive will advise you on import and export procedures, documentation, payments, marketing plans, etc.

An FGC representative will respond shortly once you contact us through any methods listed here: https://vietnam-tea.com/contact-us.

You may visualize the processes and amount of time that you can save when deciding to order a tea tin box through FGC. Next, let’s take a look at some of the typical products produced by FGC.

2. Samples of tea tin box manufactured by FGC

Our customers often order tea tin boxes for a purpose as a gift, especially during the holidays. The advantage of tin boxes not only bring a look of luxury but also help preserve the tea well but are often reused and utilized for various purposes. The following are a few representative products of tea tin boxes that we manufactured:

Sample 1

Samples of oolong tea tin boxes
Samples of oolong tea tin boxes

The box is a design produced around the 2010s. We used the same rectangular box mold, each type of tea was printed differently. These boxes were used to pack special loose tea such as Thai Nguyen green tea, Oolong tea, and Jasmine tea. The inside had an additional layer of aluminum bags. The old logo of FGC’s brand COZY was embossed on the lid of the box.

Sample 2

Tan Cuong green tea tin box
Tan Cuong green tea tin box manufactured by FGC is highly appreciated in the global market

FGC uses this type to pack a wide variety of products. We use the same mold of round cylindrical tin box engraved brand name and slogan. For each tea, we use a sticker with a different design. Inside is a pouch bag containing 10-15 pyramid teabags.

Sample 3

Premium FGC’s Jasmine tea 
The tea tin box has a luxurious looking so it is suitable for making gifts

The mold for this type of box is the same as for sample 2, with the inside box being loose tea packed in an aluminum bag. The upgrade point of this box model is a higher value tea used, plus a luxurious and gorgeous design paper box. It is a gift tea loved by many of our partners.

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Cooperation with FGC is an optimal choice for customers in terms of time, cost, efficiency, etc… And we have enough capacity and experience to confirm that you can save a lot of time searching for a tea tin box manufacturer by working with us.

Contact us now to experience it: https://vietnam-tea.com/contact-us.

Author: Ms. Hang Gina – FGC Sales Executive

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