Many of us enjoy tea on a daily basis and it is nice to know that our gardens may enjoy “tea” too. Compost tea is like a healthy drink for plants.

Not only can we compost tea in tea bags as fertilizer in the compost bin, but loose leaf teas and compostable tea bags may be dug in around plants. Using tea in compost adds that nitrogen-rich component to the compost, balancing the carbon-rich materials, increase the speed. The brewed liquid concentrates bacteria, fungi, protozoa… into an easily absorbed liquid form.

Items that you need when using tea in compost are:

  • Tea leaves (either loose or in bags)
  • A compost bucket
  • A three tined cultivator

After steeping each successive cup or pot of tea, add the tea grounds to the compost bucket where you keep food waste until ready to place in an outdoor composting area or bin. Then proceed to dump the bucket into the compost area, or if composting in a worm bin, dump the bucket in and cover lightly.

You can also dig the tea bags or loose leaves around plants to utilize the tea bags for plant growth directly around the root system. This use of tea for plant growth will not only nourish the plant as the tea decomposes but aids in moisture retention and weed repression.

Composting tea is a “green” method of disposal and terrific for the health of all your plants, providing organic matter to increase drainage while maintaining moisture, promoting earthworms, increasing oxygen levels, and maintaining soil structure for a more beautiful garden. You can also make good use of your tea bag or tea grounds after brewing or expired tea that you forget to drink.

Green tea garden at Future Generation Co. Ltd. factory using DIY fertilizer from tea.