There’s a tradition that the first tea bag was developed by accident. In the early 1900s, a tea salesman discovered that a cup of tea could be made simply by dropping a silk bag full of tea into boiling water. Over the years, there have been several improvements in the design of tea bags. The first tea bags were shaped like sacks. Tea bags eventually became flat and rectangular. In recent decades, pod tea bags, pyramid tea bags, and even stick-like tubes have been introduced.

Pyramid tea bags are especially regarded as an innovation of the tea bag, improving the tea mixing and exquisite flavor to provide a complete experience of delight. This article will help you to understand more about the advantages of this tea bag type, compared with the regular one.

What are pyramid tea bags made of? Are they safe?

The pyramid tea bag is a small triangular bag made from Food Grade Plastic (such as nylon or PLA/Soilon) or non-woven fabric.

The pyramid filter bag is considered a new step forward in the tea industry. Unlike other regular filter bags on the market, pyramid bags are considered the most advanced form of production and packaging technology. It’s packed with modern automatic machines. The 3-angle design that automatically clamps stamps brings a novelty in shape, and the packaging form is more aesthetically pleasing.


Pyramids tea bags vs regular: Which are better?
PLA/ Soilon bag is biodegradable and becomes more and more popular

The triangular filter bag helps to increase the penetration of the tea to the outside and enhances the rich taste, delicious flavor, giving you a full experience when enjoying. This friendly filter bag was invented to help the herbs and tea leaves extract quickly and maximize the active ingredients in the blend. 


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Why are pyramid tea bags better than regular ones? 

Pyramid tea bags not only have the benefits and convenience of regular tea bags, but they also deliver the tea quality that loose tea leaves may provide.

Tea Quantity

Each of the pyramid tea bags is filled with 2 – 7 grams of whole leaf tea, fruits, and botanicals, depending on the material size of the materials… It’s just enough for brewing the perfect 150 – 200 ml cup.

In the hot summer, people may wait for the tea cooler, then add some sugar or ice to get an excellent beverage.

Flavor Variety

A pyramid tea bag has greater room, allowing the tea leaves within to move freely and fully expand, absorbing more flavors. You can clearly see the ingredients inside the filter bag without worrying about additives.

Other than genuine teas, pyramid tea bags have great functions for infusions and decoctions (such as chamomile, orange peel, licorice, and butterfly pea flowers…).

Pyramids tea bags vs regular: Which are better?
The infusion of botanicals in tea bag such as fruit peel, rose flower, ginger root… is so great


Better Brewing

Tea is preserved in pyramid filter bags to keep the leaves and petals intact, so when making the tea, it blooms beautifully.

It also helps you brew the right amount of tea, not too much to make the cup of tea bitter, nor too little to lighten the taste, ensuring the wonderful aroma and flavor.

Some tests were carried out in the past using the UK’s average tea brewing duration of 40 seconds and 2 minutes, with a tea bag weight of 3.125 grams. Unilever demonstrated that a pyramid-shaped tea bag improves brewing efficiency. Tea infusion for 40 seconds and 2 minutes was more impressive than a round teabag.

Time Efficient

Using tea bags is more convenient than leaf tea because you only need to carry tea bags with you and take some hot water to make a cup.

The first reason so many consumers choose tea bags is the convenience. No need to mess around with the brewing tools or wash extra cups that make the kitchen and living room cluttered, tea bags make enjoying a cup of tea so much simpler. All you need is a tea bag and a cup of hot water. The embedded cord design also makes cleanup simple.

Travel Friendly

Pyramid tea bags have compact sizes. Each tea box’s weight is only about 100-200g, which is easy and convenient to carry in your pocket and move anywhere you want, without having to bring pots and cups.

In addition, the filter bag can be biodegradable in a natural, environmentally friendly environment.

Tea Grades

In Asia, tea bag’ generally refers to paper packets containing finely ground loose leaf tea (fannings).

However, when triangular tea bags were found with more space, people packed a variety of teas and herbs in larger sizes, even whole leaves or whole flower petals. Consumers will have more choices to suit their tastes and preferences, like fruit tea, ginger tea, or Vietnamese traditional ancient tea (Shan snow tea, Suoi Giang tea, etc).

Pyramids tea bags vs regular: Which are better?
Our clients can fill in the pyramid tea bag with a wide range of botanicals and whole leaf tea)



A luxurious gift choice

Pyramid bag is a high-class tea line. You can choose tea bags packed in a luxurious design of tin boxes or wooden boxes…, that’s suitable for gifts on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Opening Ceremony, Lunar New Year.

Pyramids tea bags vs regular: Which are better?
Cozy tea box with elegant design is an impressive gift for important events

Can I order pyramid tea bags from FGC? 

We use the most modern packing technology at FGC’s factory to produce pyramid tea bags. We have 2 automatic machines imported from Japan – Fuso brand, with an average capacity of 6000 bags per hour. We also offer our clients various choices of final packages like aluminum bag, tin box, paper box or carton, that meet the market’s demand and transportation conditions.

Pyramids tea bags vs regular: Which are better?
Our Japan origin pyramid tea bag packing machine – stable capacity and best quality


Our R&D team is always willing to support clients in terms of building recipes, choosing ingredients, and optimizing the taste & aroma.

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FGC – one of the most prestigious private label tea manufacturers in the world


Future Generation Co., Ltd is devoted to becoming your reliable supplier if you are seeking for a large quantity of pyramid tea bag products that match your requirement in terms of pricing, tastes, qualifications, packaging, and even customized label designs.

Pyramids tea bags vs regular: Which are better?
FGC offers clients a wide range of products & packagings

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