Glazed ceramic teacups in set with teapot

Vietnamese teacups: A unique part of the world

25/01/22 FGC
Vietnamese tea culture is both sophisticated and casual. It doesn’t have numerous stringent norms like many other nations, such as Japan, China, the United Kingdom, etc. You can see the
storing loose tea in glass jar

How long does loose tea stay fresh? Get answers from tea experts

18/01/22 FGC
Every time you enjoy a cup of tea, have you ever wondered how long does loose tea leaves stay fresh?  Actually, the freshness of loose tea leaves depends on how
Vienamese tea and coffee

Vietnamese tea and coffee: Which one is good for your health?

18/01/22 FGC
Tea and coffee are two of the most famous and popular beverages in Vietnam. Vietnamese tea and coffee are multiple ingredients because we can make many delicious and unique drinks,
different position of tea leaf has different price

Price of Vietnamese tea: Range, situation, and Solution

18/01/22 FGC
Tea has become one of the critical export agricultural products in Vietnam over the past years. However, Vietnamese tea price is not equal to its value and potential. About 90%
Tan Cuong green tea tin box

Save time finding a tea tin box manufacturer when cooperating with FGC

17/01/22 FGC
Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) is the top tea company in Vietnam that can provide ingredient and support partners to package completed products. When you order tea in a tin

Traditional Vietnamese tea: Culture, history, types and prestigious supplier

17/01/22 FGC
Tea in Vietnam has sneaked into every corner of Vietnamese tradition, from daily life to special occasions. Nowadays, tea is still is an indispensable part of Vietnamese people. In this
Chill Garden Lounge

Discovery 3 primary styles of tea houses in Vietnam

11/01/22 FGC
In addition to coffee, tea is a common choice for Vietnamese people when we go out. Vietnamese tea houses are very diverse in type, style, price, etc. This article will

7 types of Vietnamese diet teas may help you burn fat safely…

09/01/22 FGC
Vietnamese diet tea is a type of tea usually made from tea leaves and different herbs. These herbs will have many effects, but the ultimate goal is to help you
Vietnamese lemongrass tea

The most delicious Vietnamese lemongrass tea for tea lovers

08/01/22 FGC
Vietnamese lemongrass tea is not only a beverage but also natural medicine. Lemongrass is a popular spice in Asian cuisine. We won’t go through the many culinary applications of lemongrass
oolong tea is safe for drink

Is Oolong tea safe? – Explanations and useful guides

08/01/22 FGC
In recent years, the craze about Oolong tea has emerged, especially among young people, in many countries. If you like the tea and are wonder “Is oolong tea safe?”, here