The 3 Best Teas For Headaches

24/01/21 COZY
Headaches can range from minor annoyances to debilitating migraines that prevent you from getting anything done. Tension headaches cause a sensation of pressure and pain that can feel like someone

Herbal Tea – several Benefits for a Healthier Life

08/01/21 COZY
Whether you want something to warm you up in winter or cool you down in summer, herbal tea can be consumed year-round since it’s a delicious beverage at any temperature.

If ever it was time for drinking tea, it’s now

02/01/21 COZY
Everyone has their own pandemic heartbreak story. Weddings, graduations, and birthday parties — all on hold for now. Even the smallest get-togethers or casual dinners out seem like hazy memories

Specialty Tea Sees Triple-Digit Increases In E-Commerce Sales During Coronavirus

15/12/20 COZY
E-commerce is growing as never before for tea since the onset of shelter-in-place in the U.S. “We have seen a huge spike in home tea consumption via grocery and online

How To Grade And Classify Black Tea

11/11/20 COZY
First of all, there are hundreds way to classify and grade tea; each country would grade tea a little bit different from each other. What I’m about to show you
Some products of FGC’s Cozy tea

FGC Types of Tea

11/11/20 COZY
BLACK TEA FGC has hundreds of types of black tea that are graded according to: + Origin of plantation:  High Grown Low Grown Tea estates (Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Tuyen


21/10/20 COZY
Lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. In many cultures, lotus tea is very sacred. All parts of the lotus plant can be used, from leaves and flowers to roots


29/09/20 COZY
Many of us enjoy tea on a daily basis and it is nice to know that our gardens may enjoy “tea” too. Compost tea is like a healthy drink for

7 Simple Steps to Better Tea

29/08/20 COZY
I am asked occasionally if water for tea can be heated in a microwave or a coffeemaker. The plain answer is yes. However, my leading question to the inquirer is,


29/08/20 COZY
Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, traditionally consumed in East Asia but has become trendy tea in many countries. Matcha is loaded with