FGC’s processing factory in Phu Tho province

FGC – Where to buy Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea at a…

26/12/21 FGC
If you are wondering “Where to buy Vietnamese bulk loose leaf tea at a cheap price?“, there’s no doubt that FGC is the best choice for you. FGC can provide
Vietnamese pu erh tea

Vietnamese Pu erh tea (Trà Phổ Nhĩ) – The best tea to…

21/12/21 FGC
Vietnamese Pu-erh tea stands out among common teas because of its unique production process. If you are a tea lover, you should not ignore Pu-erh tea, which is one of
vietnamese tea export

Vietnam’s tea export: Situation and improvements

19/12/21 FGC
Vietnam is a country with vast advantages in tea production. Vietnam is presently rated fifth in the world in tea exports and seventh in global tea production, with around 124,000
Vietnamese jasmine milk tea

Vietnamese milk tea: Recipes and Tips to choose the best tea ingredient

19/12/21 FGC
Milk tea is a combination of tea milk, ice, and bubbles that bring out a delicious drink. In this article, we will introduce to tea lovers four simple recipes of
Tea drinking in Vietnamese tradition during the Tet holiday

Do Vietnamese people drink tea? A glimpse of Vietnamese tea drinking habit

19/12/21 FGC
Do Vietnamese people drink tea? – Definitely, the answer is Yes. If wine is the beauty of the West, for Asians, the cultural quintessence is expressed in the cups of
vietnamese sweet tea

Vietnamese sweet tea – A novel choice worth to try

12/12/21 FGC
Vietnamese sweet tea is a mixture of tea, sugar, and hot water or ice. Sometimes, people add syrup, soda powder, or fresh fruits. The tea has a great combination of
vietnamese imperial oolong tea

Vietnamese imperial oolong tea: Characteristics and advantages

12/12/21 FGC
Originating from China, oolong tea is made from the semi-oxidation process. Its other name is Oolong imperial tea”. Because at first Chinese served it as a tribute gift for the
vietnamese herbal tea recipes

5 Vietnamese herbal tea recipes you can do by yourself easily

12/12/21 FGC
Drinking herbal tea swiftly has become a new trend of safeguarding one’s health in recent years. In this article, we will introduce 5 easy-to-make Vietnamese herbal tea recipes. We also
A cup of artichoke tea for weight loss

Vietnamese artichoke tea recipe – The best idea to enjoy naturally sweetened…

12/12/21 FGC
In Vietnam, artichoke is not only a vegetable used for food but is also an ingredient used to make tea. We will introduce 2 Vietnamese artichoke tea recipes in this
Teapot for one person  

Guide on choosing the best Vietnamese teapot to fit your need

12/12/21 FGC
For Vietnamese people, teapot is one of 5 factors that determine the quality of tea. Vietnamese people have a saying ” “nhất thủy, nhì trà, tam bôi, tứ ấm, ngũ