earl grey tea powder

Interesting Facts about Earl Grey Tea Powder

23/05/23 Hoàng Anh
Earl grey, well-known for its significance in the tea market, has a mellow and chic Bergamot orange flavor. With Earl Grey Flavor Powder, you can incorporate this vibrant citrus flavor
chamomile rose tea

Chamomile Rose Tea – A healthy herbal tea for daily use

14/04/23 Hoàng Anh
Chamomile rose tea is the combination of two beautiful flowers: chamomile and rose. Not only are they loved by their blossoms but also by a variety of health effects. It
black tea packaging

An introduction to black tea packaging types provided by FGC

24/03/23 Hoàng Anh
With Private Label Services – OEM, FGC promises to provide customers with diverse, good quality and suitable black tea packaging types. Introduction OEM, or Private Label Service, is an amazing
Does Jiaogulan tea have caffeine

Does Jiaogulan tea have caffeine? Everything you need to know about Jiaogulan…

10/03/23 Hoàng Anh
Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) is a precious medicinal herb. This is a herbaceous plant with a single tendril for climbing. This plant often grows in moist forests in some Asian countries
black lychee tea

Buy Black Lychee Tea – One of the hottest tea products from…

27/02/23 Hoàng Anh
Black Lychee Tea (or Black Litchi Tea) is a fruit tea that combines black tea and lychee, a typical fruit of tropical summer. This tea is gradually winning the hearts
FGC at Gulfood 2023

FGC at Gulfood 2023: Corporate with Vietnam leading tea and beverage supplier

13/02/23 Hoàng Anh
Gulfood 2023 will take place from 20 to 24 February 2023 in Dubai. FGC sincerely invites you to visit our booth at Za’abeel Plaza, Stand ZP-C46. What is Gulfood 2023?
benefits of fruit tea

6 amazing benefits of fruit tea you may know

30/01/23 Hoàng Anh
Vietnamese fruit teas are a good option if you’re looking for drinks that cool and cleanse the body. Fruit teas not only are delicious to drink, but also have many
apple mint tea

Apple Mint Tea- A healthy beverage in summer

28/01/23 Hoàng Anh
Apple mint tea is one of the most popular teas, the main ingredients that make up a delicious cup of apple mint tea including tea leaves, apples and mint syrup.
FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

FGC – The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

30/12/22 FGC
As the leading wholesale tea powder supplier, FGC pledges to bring you a variety of tea powders, with good quality and particle size. Take a look at this blog to
Is oolong tea black tea? Necessary knowledge about Oolong tea you should know

Is oolong tea black tea? Necessary knowledge about Oolong tea you should…

27/12/22 FGC
What is Oolong tea? Oolong belongs to a different category of tea than black or green tea. However, depending on the approach the tea master takes in processing the tea,