5 Milestones of Vietnamese tea history

15/10/21 FGC
It is said that Vietnamese tea history has more than 4000 years of cultivation. Since the Hung Kings dynasty, Vietnamese people have grown and used tea as a drink. Through

Top 9 popular Vietnamese tea types

12/10/21 FGC
Through thousands of years of growing and drinking tea, Vietnamese people have built a tea culture that is both diverse and unique. Tea drinking has become an essential part of

How to make Vietnamese tea – A guideline to enjoy our tea…

12/10/21 FGC
Drinking tea has been a necessary part of Vietnamese culture for thousands of years. There are many kinds of Vietnamese tea and different ways of making Vietnamese tea. In this

Vietnamese tea culture: 5 interesting facts you may not know

12/10/21 FGC
For a long time, tea has become a significant and delicate culture of Vietnam. If you are interested in tea culture or want to research Vietnamese tea before bringing them

Buying the best Vietnamese lotus tea easily at FGC

12/10/21 FGC
Vietnamese lotus tea is considered an art in Vietnam. Artisans make it from the best green tea-scented fresh lotus flower. If you are looking for the best Vietnamese Lotus tea

Outstanding features of FGC’s Vietnamese ginger tea product

01/10/21 FGC
Vietnamese ginger tea is one of the first products of Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC). If you are wondering about our product or looking for a supplier of this herbal

Vietnamese peach tea – Benefits and How to buy easily

01/10/21 FGC
Vietnamese peach tea is a favorite beverage of young people, especially in the summer, because of its addictive taste. The taste comes from the slight bitterness of black tea and

FGC’s Vietnamese lemon tea – the brand of your choice

28/09/21 FGC
With over 25 years of experience in the tea industry, FGC has provided many varieties of high-quality tea products. One of the best-selling products we want to introduce in this

Vietnamese lychee teas and reasons why to choose FGC’s product

28/09/21 FGC
Lychee is a delicious and popular fruit in the summer around Vietnam. Additionally, lychee fruit also has a long-standing healing effect and is very often used in Chinese medicine. As

Top 9 most popular Vietnamese fruit teas

28/09/21 FGC
Consider Vietnamese fruit teas if you want to find beverages that purify and cool the body. Currently, those teas are very hot in the tea market and are sought everywhere.