vietnamese tea ingredient

Vietnamese tea ingredients | Facts wholesalers should know before purchasing

28/11/21 FGC
Camellia Sinensis plant is the only ingredient of green tea, black tea, oolong tea, Pu Erh tea, white tea, etc. Two questions are: How can people create those tea types
the 5 best Vietnamese teas

The 5 best Vietnamese teas recommended by tea connoisseurs

28/11/21 FGC
Vietnamese people have been drinking tea for thousands of years since the Hung King began to build our country. We have created a rich and unique tea culture with many
vietnamese iced tea

5 Vietnamese iced tea recipes bring street culture atmosphere to you

19/11/21 FGC
Iced tea, or Trà Đá (Vietnamese name) is, without any exaggeration, the heart and soul of Vietnamese street culture. With a cup of iced tea, people start their day, take
vietnamese pineapple tea

Vietnamese pineapple tea brings the essence of tropical fruit to tea lovers

19/11/21 FGC
Vietnamese pineapple tea is a tropical-flavored beverage made from pineapple and green tea leaves. You will be surprised by the slight fresh taste and flavor in the combination. Hopefully, this
vietnamese orange tea

Vietnamese orange tea – Bring you back to summer

12/11/21 FGC
In recent years, orange tea has been frequently featured on the menus of Vietnam’s coffee and tea shops. The drink harmoniously combines the taste of tea and fresh orange that
Some of FGC’s tea products under brand name - Cozy

The best green tea brand in Vietnam you should know

11/11/21 FGC
Vietnam has a long-standing tradition of producing and drinking green tea. We can create many types of green tea products to adapt to the diverse needs of customers in the
Tea farm in Yen Bai province

Vietnamese tea areas: Introduction of 4 largest tea growing regions

11/11/21 FGC
Vietnam has many tea areas across the country, with approximately 124,000 hectares of tea plantations. Besides, Vietnam has more than 500 tea processing facilities with a capacity of over 500,000
Vietnamese Mango tea

High quality Vietnamese mango tea for your market

10/11/21 FGC
Vietnamese mango tea is an attractive drink that is no stranger to fruit tea lovers. Mango tea is a luscious mixture of a robust, classic black tea blended with a
Vietnamese White Tea

All about Vietnamese white tea – the most highly prized teas

10/11/21 FGC
Vietnamese white tea is a high-value tea with a delicate flavor. In the past, white tea was served to the imperial rulers only. White tea is hand-harvested for a short
aluminum canister and paper canister in Cozy tea product

Vietnamese green tea tin box: Necessary information for wholesalers

01/11/21 FGC
Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) is Vietnam’s leading tea exporter, capable of supplying various high-quality green teas in bulk and packaging designs. We can provide green tea in loose tea