vietnamese imperial oolong tea

Vietnamese imperial oolong tea: Characteristics and advantages

12/12/21 FGC
Originating from China, oolong tea is made from the semi-oxidation process. Its other name is Oolong imperial tea”. Because at first Chinese served it as a tribute gift for the
vietnamese herbal tea recipes

5 Vietnamese herbal tea recipes you can do by yourself easily

12/12/21 FGC
Drinking herbal tea swiftly has become a new trend of safeguarding one’s health in recent years. In this article, we will introduce 5 easy-to-make Vietnamese herbal tea recipes. We also
artichoke tea is safe

Vietnamese artichoke tea recipe – The best idea to enjoy naturally sweetened…

12/12/21 FGC
In Vietnam, artichoke is not only a vegetable used for food but is also an ingredient used to make tea. We will introduce 2 Vietnamese artichoke tea recipes in this
Teapot for one person  

Guide on choosing the best Vietnamese teapot to fit your need

12/12/21 FGC
For Vietnamese people, teapot is one of 5 factors that determine the quality of tea. Vietnamese people have a saying ” “nhất thủy, nhì trà, tam bôi, tứ ấm, ngũ
vietnamese tea brand

FGC – The best Vietnamese tea brand for global market

05/12/21 FGC
If you are searching for the best Vietnamese tea brand there is no need to look further because Future Generation Co. (FGC) is your one-stop-shop. With over 20 years of
various types of tea packaging

Tea packaging: All necessary factors to select the best one

05/12/21 FGC
Packaging is one of the most crucial factors that affect the quality of any tea product directly. Selecting a suitable tea packaging is as important as blending new recipes. Because
Vietnamese iced tea

Vietnamese Iced Tea (Trà đá) – A beverage in cultural street food

05/12/21 FGC
Iced tea is not a luxury drink and doesn’t have a rich history in Vietnam. However, it has gradually become a familiar drink for Vietnamese people, especially in big cities
vietnamese bulk tea online supplier

How to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online

29/11/21 FGC
Vietnam is the fifth country in the world to export tea. Many big tea companies and packaging firms import vast volumes of Vietnamese tea to provide a unique flavor at
tea market in vietnam

Green tea market in Vietnam – The past, present, and future

28/11/21 FGC
Vietnam is one of the cradles of tea trees and the 5th largest tea exporter in the world. Vietnam has a tropical climate and fertile soil that factors are suitable
Fresh tea leaves

Vietnamese tea leaves – Characteristics, price, and top-tier supplier

28/11/21 FGC
Tea tree is one of the perennial industrial plants that bring high and long-term economic value to Vietnam. They are grown in many places, especially thriving in the midland and