Tea bags and loose-leaf tea are both popular today. So, is loose tea healthier than tea bags? 


Some tea drinkers usually brew tea by a tea bag, while many others prefer tea brewed from loose-leaf tea. Even though both are made from leaves of Camellia sinensis, loose tea and tea bags still have several differences. Let’s explore those features and find out whether loose tea is healthier than tea bags in this article. 

What are the differences between loose tea and tea bags?

Leaf size and quality

Traditionally, tea bags are made from broken tea leaves or tea dust, which are small pieces of low quality tea leaves. These kinds of tea leaves are cheaper and easier to find. On the other hand, loose leaf tea is usually made from whole tea leaves or larger size of tea leaves, which generally has higher quality than tea bags. However, recently, many tea bag brands have launched new types of tea bags that contain higher grades instead of flat-tasting grades of tea leaves. 

Tea leaves inside a tea bag
Tea leaves inside a tea bag

Flavor and taste

The difference in tea leaf size and quality of tea bags and loose leaf tea will lead to the differences in taste and flavor when brewing. Loose leaf tea with greater surface area tends to be more flavorful, complex, and nuanced than tea bags, as it steeps out more natural oils. With loose leaf tea, drinkers usually get a fresh and clean taste, while tea bags bring a bland and one-note taste. Nevertheless, the taste of tea also depends on preparation methods and the brewing time. 

Room to brew

Most tea bags in the market are designed with tight seals, so the room for tea to brew is only inside the bags. There is little space for the tea leaves to expand and release their flavor. In comparison, with loose leaf tea, there is more room for them to steep out. You can also watch the whole leaves gradually unfurl. 

Preparation methods

One of the reasons why tea bags have become popular is its convenience, which means you can easily brew a cup of tea without any other special tools. All you need to brew tea bags is hot water and a cup. Compared to loose tea, you will need more than that to infuse the tea leaves, such as tea infuser, tea pot, or tea filter paper. Moreover, there is a certain amount of tea packed per tea bag, usually from 1 – 3 grams. However, you will need a measurement to measure how much loose leaf tea you want to brew. Besides, it usually takes more time to brew loose leaf tea than tea bags due to the larger size of leaves. 

Tea filter and tea pot to brew loose tea
Tea filter and tea pot to brew loose tea


Today, both loose tea and tea bags are easily found in the grocery store, convenience store, or supermarket. Generally, loose leaf tea might cost more than tea bags. However, the difference is not too much. Both of them are affordable and available for almost everyone. 


There are numerous varieties of both tea bags and loose leaf tea in the market. Regarding loose-leaf tea, there are four main types, including green, black, white, and oolong tea. Depending on leaf quality, cultivation, and processing, each type of loose leaf tea contains many different sub-categories. With tea bags, you can also find various types of bags, such as round, single chamber, double chamber, or pyramid tea bags, as well as numerous flavors, including fruit and flower flavored tea. 

Environmental impacts

As each tea bag has a single packaging, along with paper tags, string, or even staples, some people might be concerned about their impacts on the environment. In contrast, loose leaf tea is completely compostable and requires less single-use packages. If you are following a sustainable lifestyle, you should look for loose leaf tea or biodegradable tea bags. 

Tea bags’ tags
Tea bags’ tags

What are the advantages and disadvantages of loose tea and tea bags?

Have you got the information about the differences between tea bags and loose leaf tea? So, in brief, what are the benefits and drawbacks of them?

With loose leaf tea, you might get higher quality tea leaves with diverse types. After brewing, the result will be a more flavorful cup of tea with a high concentration of beneficial nutrients. Besides, it is also considered to be more environmentally friendly. However, the price of loose leaf tea can sometimes be higher than that of tea bags. Moreover, it might take longer and more steps to prepare a cup of tea using loose leaf tea. 

Regarding tea bags, their biggest advantage is the convenience and easy-to-prepare process. They are also available with many flavors in most stores and supermarkets with a financially friendly price. Nevertheless, tea bags may bring a less flavorful taste with a smaller brewing room. Additionally, they are a less sustainable solution when compared to loose leaf tea.  

Both tea bags and loose tea have advantages and disadvantages
Both tea bags and loose tea have advantages and disadvantages

Is loose tea healthier than tea bags?

Some might consider the health benefits of these two kinds of tea and wonder whether loose leaf tea is healthier than tea bags. Because loose leaf tea usually undergoes less processing and has higher quality, it provides more antioxidants. Antioxidants found in tea leaves shield us from free radicals, which are detrimental to our health and lead to oxidative stress. Besides, drinking loose leaf tea regularly also boosts our immune system, reduces the risk of cancers and blood pressure, and helps weight loss. 

On the contrary, tea bags usually contain tea dust and fannings, which are low-quality tea leaves. Moreover, you cannot see clearly what is inside a tea bag, leading to the concerns about the presence of unexpected impurities. Therefore, antioxidant properties and healthy nutrients in tea bags are less than loose leaf tea. However, there are still many good quality tea bag brands in the market today. If you prefer the convenience and the diversity in flavor of tea bags, choose a prestigious supplier.

Is loose tea healthier than tea bags?
Is loose tea healthier than tea bags?

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