Earl grey, well-known for its significance in the tea market, has a mellow and chic Bergamot orange flavor. With Earl Grey Flavor Powder, you can incorporate this vibrant citrus flavor into a dry, powdered form. It’s simple to incorporate the flavor of earl gray into instant beverage mixes, pancake mixes, and other recipes.


One of the most popular tea blends available is Earl Grey. Traditionally, just black tea and bergamot oil are combined. Green tea, oolong tea, and rooibos are some of the other tea bases that are employed. The rind of a fruit known as a bergamot orange, which is frequently grown in Italy, is used to make bergamot oil. Earl Grey Tea powder  is made from earl grey black tea through a grinding process in order to diversify its usages and easily to store.   

What is Earl Grey Tea Powder? Understanding of Earl Grey Tea 

Charles, the second Earl Grey, who served as Great Britain’s prime minister in the 1830s, is credited with giving the beverage its name. There are numerous legends surrounding the creation of this well-known blend of black tea and bergamot.

Although it wasn’t invented in England, Earl Grey was made popular by the English. Teas with flavors and scents are only found in China. To pique the interest of the ruling emperors and foreign trade merchants, Chinese tea masters were continually experimenting with new ways to make their teas more unique. The Chinese tea masters utilized a variety of scents and flavors to enhance the teas, including jasmine, bitter oranges, and wild rosebuds.

In 1824, Earl Grey tea was originally mentioned along with the notion of enhancing the flavor of subpar tea with bergamot. The English aristocrat and Prime Minister Charles Grey is most frequently associated with the appellation “Earl Grey.” There are several legends about Earl Grey’s beginnings.

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Nowadays, Earl grey is considered as one of the most well-known flavored teas in the world. This iconic British beverage normally has a black tea base and is flavored with bergamot orange peel oil, a citrus fruit with characteristics similar to those of an orange and a lemon with a hint of grapefruit and lime. It is thought that the bergamot orange cultivar of today is a cross between the Mediterranean-native bitter Seville orange and the Southeast Asian-native sweet lime/lemon.

An assertive, full-bodied, and malty black tea pairs admirably with bergamot’s sweet, flowery, sour, and bitter flavor profile. Some people find that flavored black tea tastes better because it masks some of the astringent or bitter flavors that may otherwise show through in the soaked tea leaves. Others find that drinking flavored tea is simply a more intriguing, unique, and enjoyable way to sample different tea flavor profiles.

For  the convenience of modern’s life, nowadays people create Earl Grey Tea powder. Earl Gray Flavor Powder enables you to integrate this fresh citrus taste within a dry and powdered form. Perfect to create instant beverage mixes, pancake mixes, and more, adding the taste of earl gray is easy.

Benefits of Earl Grey Tea Powder

Earl Grey tea powder offers many advantages in addition to its distinct and delicious flavor.

Beneficial for Teeth

Catechin, an antioxidant that prevents oral infections, is present in tea in very high concentrations. Earl Grey tea naturally contains fluoride, which is also present in tap water. Your teeth benefit from fluoride because it prevents cavities and fights decay.


Earl Grey tea has a reputation for improving digestion. It facilitates digestion and relieves uncomfortable indigestion, colic, and motion sickness.

Fights Depression and Anxiety

People have been reported to experience both a relaxing and uplifting influence from the bergamot in Earl Grey tea powder. This is a result of bergamot’s inherent aromatherapeutic properties. For those who struggle with depression, stress, or anxiety, Earl Grey is a good natural remedy.


Even while it doesn’t have as much caffeine as coffee, it still provides you with a pleasant little afternoon boost without keeping you up all night.

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Preventing Cancer

Earl Grey is rich in antioxidants, which support our bodies’ defenses against the free radicals that can lead to illnesses like cancer. As a result, consuming the pleasant beverage may increase your likelihood of avoiding such illnesses.

Avoiding Heart Disease

Everyone has good news! Three cups of Earl Grey tea a day, it seems, may help reduce your risk of heart disease. According to a 2012 research in Preventive Medicine, after three months, persons who drank three cups of black tea per day 

Cold Treatment

The bergamot flavoring in Earl Grey tea powder is thought to reduce fevers and strengthen the immune system. As a result, it is regarded as a natural cold cure.

You Stay Hydrated

Not just because you drink it with water, either. Due to its high potassium level, tea helps you keep hydrated and maintains the body’s fluid balance as opposed 

The use of Earl Grey Tea Powder

Due to its convenience, Earl grey tea powder is widely used today. 

One of the most popular uses of earl grey tea powder perhaps is the usage in milk tea. The unique flavor of earl grey and milk make a perfect combination. Besides making hot earl grey milk tea, you also can do iced earl grey tea which is a very good idea on hot summer days. 

The other way of using Earl Grey tea powder, quite common, is making earl grey tea cake. This delicious loaf of cake was infused with tea twice before being dusted with lemon and honey while it was still hot. Creating this cake is just as simple as making fast breads like banana bread. The primary distinction is that in order to impart the excellent flavor of Earl Grey tea into the cake loaf, you must first infuse milk with tea bags. Simply warm the milk on the stove, add the two tea bags, and let it steep for around 30 minutes. Once the bread is baked, you will be able to taste the earl grey flavor in the milk as a result. 

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Where can I buy Earl Grey Tea Powder on a large scale? 

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Earl Grey Tea


Earl Grey tea is the black tea flavored with bergamot oil. Earl Grey’s distinct flavor comes from the addition of the aromatic oil from the rind to black tea. Nowadays, it is still considered as one of the most well-known tea flavors in the world. To make it more convenient for consumers in daily usage, earl grey tea powder has been developed  and is quite popular now. 


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