Nowadays, people prefer to use products that are good for health, environmental protection, and convenience.

Everyone knows that tea is a very healthy drink. To meet convenience needs, manufacturers have launched tea bags, which are both environmentally friendly and easy for users.

This article gives suggestions on how to make a delicious tea bag.

How to make tea with tea bags? Helpful tips for brewing tea bags

Pick these rules if you want to make a perfect cup of tea

  • Choose a perfect tea for your mood: based on the user’s preferences, needs, and desires for health, you can choose different types of tea, now there are many types of tea bags such as black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and fruit tea.
  • Choose your favorite mug, cup, or teapot: for tea bags, it is not necessary to use a teapot like when using loose tea, we can just use 1 cup, with or without lid. However, if you want to use teapots, you can still use them. 
  • Use freshly drawn cold water: an indispensable ingredient when making tea is water, here we use hot water to make tea bags, the water temperature ranges from 75°C – 100°C, depending on the type of tea you use.
  • Follow the brewing instructions: to have a perfect cup of tea, we should follow the instructions from the manufacturer to print on the label of each tea bag.

How to make tea with tea bags? Helpful tips for brewing tea bags

Tea amount, water temperature, and brewing time

There are 3 factors that determine whether your cup of tea is good or not, the amount of tea, the amount of water, the temperature of the water, and the brewing time.

  • Amount of tea: Usually a pack includes 2 grams of tea, each time can be used from one to many packets, depending on the needs and number of drinkers.
  • Amount of water: 180ml/2 grams
  • Water temperature: 70°C – 100°C
  • Brewing time: 2-5 minutes 

Each type of tea will need a different temperature and steeping time, to get the best cup of tea.

Below will suggest in detail the brewing time of each type of tea

How to make tea with tea bags? Helpful tips for brewing tea bags

How to add milk or other ingredients to the tea cup (if you want)?

Many people like to enjoy original tea, but many people like the aroma of tea, the sweetness of sugar, milk, or the freshness of fresh fruit, so there are many different ways to enjoy tea.

Tea can be used with many ingredients, the most common is mixed with milk (fresh milk, powdered milk, condensed milk), sugar, fruit syrups, and honey, adding a few slices of fresh fruit to the cup, we will get a perfect cup of milk tea.

How to make tea with tea bags? Helpful tips for brewing tea bags

Here we use tea bags, after brewing time, take out the tea bag, and get an original cup of tea, you can add your favorite ingredients to the finished tea cup, remember to pay attention to the ratio of each ingredient.

  • For better taste, you can add ice to the teacup, and enjoy it.
  • Optional add-ins: sliced lemon, sweetener of choice, fresh mint leaves, sliced cucumber. 
  • Serve tea as is or with any add-ins of your choice. Tea will keep well, covered, and refrigerated, for 3 to 5 days. 

Vietnamese tea bags

How to make tea with tea bags? Helpful tips for brewing tea bags

Vietnam is one of the top 10 largest tea-growing and exporting countries in the world, so Vietnam’s tea is favored and trusted by consumers of many countries.

In order to keep up with the demand of the market, we have imported many modern machines from Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, to serve the packaging of tea bags.

FGC’s tea bag products include black tea, green tea, herbal tea, oolong tea, and fruit tea which are selected from delicious Vietnamese tea plantations, in addition, we also source and blend with tea from other famous regions such as Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia to create products with unique flavors and suitable for consumers.

If you want to have your own branded tea bag products, we provide OEM service, besides printing packaging and labels on request, we also have an experienced R&D team to produce new products, based on your ideas.

How to make tea with tea bags? Helpful tips for brewing tea bags
All tea bag products sold by FGC


Drinking tea is a daily habit of many people, they not only quench their thirst but also brings a lot of health benefits. Not only old people but also young people are increasingly interested in drinking tea. Tea bags are a great solution for those who love to drink tea but don’t have much time for preparing tea utensils. 

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If you are tea distributors, tea importers, teashop managers, or even tea lovers, we are committed to being your prestigious tea source supplier in Vietnam!


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