A tea bag was considered a perfect solution for tea lovers who have a busy life. Instead of spending a lot of time making a traditional teapot, consumers now tend to use dipped tea bags because of their convenience. In this article, we will guide you on how to make a cup of tea with tea bags simply, quickly but still have a great taste.

1. 5 steps to make the best cup of tea with a teabag

Having a good cup of tea depends not only on the type of tea, its origin, but also on the water quality, teapot/ teacup type, and the brewing method. Below are the 5 steps to make the best cup of tea with tea bags.

tea bags
Using tea bags is a popular trend in the world today

Step 1: Choose ingredients and tea tools


Water quality is a very important factor for making the best cup of tea with teabag. If the water has a chlorine, metal, or sulfur smell, the brewed tea will never taste good and can even cause poisoning.

It is best to use filtered water or pure spring water. Do not use distilled water or boiled water. The higher the amount of oxygen in the water, the better the brewed tea will be.


You should choose the type which has a good quality tea, free from mold and oxidation. Depending on your needs, choose a suitable type of tea.

For example, if you want to be mentally refreshed and alert for a long working day, drink green tea in the morning. If you want to relax at the end of the day, choose a cup of herbal or flower tea. Or a cup of ginger tea will help keep the body warm in winter.


Teapots come in various sizes, from 75ml to 225ml or larger sizes. With a cup size of 50ml, a teapot from 100ml to 175ml will be suitable for 2 – 4 people to drink together. Choosing a teapot or teacup made of porcelain or ceramic helps to ensure better heat retention.

make an amazing cup of tea with a tea bag
To make an amazing cup of tea with a tea bag, you need to take care of many factors

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Step 2: Boil water

Brewing tea must use hot water, but each type of tea is suitable for a different temperature. 100-degrees Celsius boiling water is only suitable for black tea or aged oolong tea. It needs high heat to break down the textures and release the flavors.

For brewing green tea and popular herbal tea bags, the most suitable temperature will fluctuate in the range of 70 – 80 degrees Celsius. These temperatures can help preserve the substances in the tea. If water is too hot, it will lose nutrients and may affect the digestive system. Conversely, if the water is too cold, the nutrients in the tea will not dissolve in the water.

types of teabag
The recommended water temperature to brew each type of teabag

Note: The water always needs to be totally boiling. You can reduce the temperature of the water by letting it cool gradually.

Step 3: Pour boiled water into teacup/teapot

Rinse the teapot (if you use teapot) and teacup thoroughly with boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius. Pour gradually boiled water into the teapot or teacup. A 3g pack of teabag should be steeped with 150ml of water for the best taste.

Many people prefer strong tea, so they use 2, even 3 tea bags for 1 cup of tea. Doing so will increase the amount of caffeine, stimulate the central nervous system, affecting sleep. Not only that, but tannic acid also causes gastric mucosal contraction, protein precipitation, vitamin B deficiency, and affects digestive function. Consuming too much tea also reduces the ability to absorb iron, thereby leading to anemia.

Rinse teacup helps hold heat longer
Rinse teacup helps hold heat longer

Step 4: Steep tea bag

After filling the pot/cup with hot water, cover the lid and steep the tea, waiting for its infusion. Each type of teabag will have a different infusion time. For example, green tea takes about 2 minutes, black tea 3 – 6 minutes, Oolong tea needs 3 – 4 minutes.

If soaking the teabag for too long, not only will the color of the tea be affected, but the taste will also decrease significantly. Tannin will make its taste bitter.

take the tea bag after a certain steeping time
You should take the tea bag after a certain steeping time for each tea type

Step 5: Remove tea bag

After brewing teabag originating from Camellia Sinensis leaves, you should take the bag out of the cup and use tea immediately to enjoy the delicious taste. You can use a spoon to remove the filter bag. Wait for the tea to cool a bit, then stir gently and enjoy.

Squeezing the tea bag to release all the water is a common mistake. This task makes the tea taste changed, a bit bitter. The reason is that the tannins contained in the tea have been completely released. This substance will make the tea taste more bitter than usual.

 take the tea filter bag out of the cup after a few minutes
You should take the tea filter bag out of the cup after a few minutes


  • Do not drink tea on an empty stomach because it will affect the digestive system. It can easily cause the phenomenon of “tea drunk” with manifestations such as dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, etc. Therefore, it is best to drink tea 30 minutes after a meal.
  • Do not use tea to take medicine because substances in tea can reduce the effectiveness. You should drink tea for about 2 hours after taking medicine.
  • To be not harmful to your health, you should only drink tea in a moderate quantity. According to expert advice, 4 – 5 cups per day is enough. Drinking too much tea will make the body intolerant to caffeine, affect the digestive system directly and cause indigestion.

2. 4 steps to make a cup of tea with a tea bag using the microwave

Microwave has gradually become an indispensable kitchen tool for a busy life. Not only that, but the microwave also helps to make tea very quickly. Just put the tea bag in a cup, put in some cold water, then put it in the microwave. It only takes about a minute to have a hot cup of tea with teabag.


  • Black tea: 2 tea bags (4 – 5 grams)
  • Coldwater: 180 ml
  • Sugar, ice cubes (optional)

Brewing instructions:

  • Pour cold water into the tea bags.
  • Put the cup in the microwave for 3 – 4 minutes. Set the microwave to about 360W.
  • Take the cup out of the microwave and enjoy
  • If you want to have a cold drink, let the tea cool down, put some sugar, ice cubes.
  • Stir well and enjoy.
Microwave your tea bag
Microwave your tea bag and easily enjoy a hot teacup

3. 3 recipes with a teabag for a perfect cup of tea

Besides the traditional way of brewing tea bags, you can make various delicious teas from tea bags by adding other ingredients. We will suggest 3 Vietnamese recipes to make a cup of tea with teabag that can make you love drinking tea even more.

3.1 Vietnamese lychee tea recipe

Lychee is a popular fruit in Vietnam. Besides the delicious taste, lychee fruit also brings good effects for health and beauty for skin and hair. According to research data from the US Department of Agriculture, lychee contains 9% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. A cup of lychee tea with 3-4 lychees can provide about 30% of vitamin C. A cup of lychee tea in the hot summer will help you cool down effectively

Enjoying a cup of lychee tea
Enjoying a cup of lychee tea will definitely be a perfect choice in the summer

Ingredients for making 1 cup of lychee tea about 200 ml

  • Sugar: 30 gram
  • Black tea: 2 tea bags (4-5 grams)
  • Boiling water: 180 – 200 ml
  • Fresh lychee: 80 – 100 gram
  • Lychee syrup: 10 ml
  • Ice cubes

Brewing instructions:

  • Soak the tea with 180ml of hot water, after 10 minutes take the teabag out. Dissolve tea liquor with sugar and let it cool down.
  • Take 1 lychee soaked in a shaker until it is slightly crushed. Pour the tea, lychee syrup, and some ices into the shaker and shake well.
  • Put ice cubes in a glass, pour in the mixture. Scoop the fresh lychee on top and enjoy.

3.2 Vietnamese mango tea recipe

Mango tea is a drink that is gradually becoming popular in the menus of restaurants and is loved by many diners. If strawberry tea or lemon tea are too familiar to you, let’s try mango tea. The combination of tea and tropical fruits always brings a refreshing taste. A mild astringency of tea and light sourness of mango will create an impressive drink.

Mango tea
Mango tea is really delicious and provides a variety of vitamins for the body

Ingredients for making 1 cup of mango tea about 200 ml

  • Sugar: 50 gram
  • Black tea: 2 tea bags (4 – 5 grams)
  • Boiling water: 180 – 200 ml
  • Fresh mango: 80-100 gram
  • Mango syrup: 10 ml
  • Peach syrup: 10 ml
  • Ice cubes

Brewing instructions:

  • Choose ripe yellow mango, peel it and cut it into square blocks.
  • Put the chopped mango in a blender, add peach syrup, mango syrup, little ice cubes, and puree.
  • Soak the tea with 180ml of hot water, after 10 minutes take the teabag out. Dissolve tea liquor with sugar and let it cool down.
  • Put ice cubes in a glass, pour in the cool tea. Scoop the mango mixture on top and enjoy.

3.3 Vietnamese ginger tea recipe

Ginger tea contains a lot of vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, etc. that will help improve the digestive system, prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, relieve headaches. Ginger tea can be used in both hot and cold.

Ginger tea
Ginger tea helps to warm the body on a cold winter day

Ingredients for making 1 cup of ginger tea about 200 ml

  • Ginger: 10 gram
  • Honey: 20 ml (2 tablespoons)
  • Black tea: 2 tea bags (4-5 grams)
  • Boiling water: 180 – 200 ml
  • Lemon juice, ice (optional)

Brewing instructions:

  • Peel off the outer skin of the ginger and wash it with water.
  • Cut the ginger into thin slices, then put it in a pot of water and bring to a boil
  • Let the fire simmer and boil gently for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of honey to the pot of ginger water, then boil for about 5 more minutes and then turn off the heat. Set aside for the water to cool.
  • Brew black tea with boiling water, wait for 10 minutes then discard the teabag. Mix the tea liquor with honey and ginger water.
  • Add 1 – 2 slices of fresh ginger and enjoy. If you like to drink it cold, you can add lemon juice and ice and stir, wait a few minutes for it to cool, then use.

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