As the leading wholesale tea powder supplier, FGC pledges to bring you a variety of tea powders, with good quality and particle size.

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Over 26 years of construction and development, FGC is proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of tea in Vietnam covering from tea ingredients to finished products. Among them, tea powder becomes the most popular thanks to its convenience and tasteful flavors.

The fresh and unforgettable flavors that our instant tea products bring about attract a lot of clients and result in large demand in the domestic market as well as international markets. At present, FGC is leading instant tea wholesaler in Vietnam with top-rank quality. This article will provide you detailed information about our product range and reasons why you should choose us as your trustworthy supplier for tea powder. Don’t miss out!

Future Generation Co., Ltd- the largest supplier of wholesale tea powder

As you may know, tea powder is tea that is processed and grounded into a fine consistency that resembles powder. Liquid from fresh tea leaves is extracted by using low pressure and then freeze dried to form a powder. Nowadays, tea powder is beloved by many people and has become highly valued over the years for its health benefits and simplicity.

Recognizing that consumption trend early on, FGC has focused on building a system of high-tech production and packaging lines to fulfill the needs of both domestic and foreign customers. Cutting-edge technology is applied to produce high quality instant tea that meet international standards. FGC’s powdered tea is made of natural tea or herbs, without chemicals or colorants, certified to ISO, HACCP, FSSC 22000, RAINFOREST ALLIANCE, HALAL, etc. Therefore, the company is trusted by our customers to deliver best tea products and we have been providing fine tea powders to millions of clients from boba tea shops, restaurants, supermarket chains, etc. for over two centuries, which makes us to be the best wholesaler when it comes to tea powder in Vietnam. You can easily find our products in supermarkets, store or tea & coffee shops around our country. It’s never been so accessible to our products than ever before. This is our great effort to cater the society with our wholesale bulk tea in order to satisfy your tea cravings. 

Instant tea powder- a convenient choice in the modern life

Nowadays, busy lifestyle has turned many tea lovers’ attention to instant tea due to its convenience. Tea is ground finely enough that can dissolves quickly in either hot or iced water or other liquid for a cup of tea. It only takes you a few minutes to have a cup of fragrant and tasteful tea. There are many flavors that are available to satisfy each customer. Black tea, green tea and flavored teas are the three types of tea leaves used to make natural instant tea. The convenience also comes in packaging. Tea powders are often packed in small handy packets and it takes up very little space. Therefore, you can take it to everywhere even when travelling and enjoy your favorite tea flavor within a few minutes.  

In addition to the convenience, because the entire tea leaf is ingested, instant tea also offers a lot of important health benefits. You can be assured that our products are completely natural without any chemicals so they are totally safe for your health. Besides, herbal ingredients like jasmine, ginger and lemongrass help to boost body energy so you can recharge yourself after drinking a cup of instant tea. It also helps your body maintain proper metabolism and weight. Antioxidants in green tea powder can help in liver detoxification so the more you consume it, the better your liver is. 

From the above information, you can understand why powdered tea is the most widely chosen option now. 

Wholesale tea powder products produced by FGC

Pure tea powder:

Made from the fine tea leaves cultivated in the north of Vietnam, our wholesale tea powder is available in a range of forms and varieties.

  • Matcha powder

Matcha is a special fine powder of green tea leaves grown organically, using natural fertilizers and other supplies. With a high-tech processing line from Japan and own tea farms under strict control, FGC is offering premium matcha powder that can bring a lot of health benefits as one cup of matcha tea is equal to the nutritional and antioxidant values of 10 cups of brewed green tea. Our Matcha is well suited for blended preparations like lattes, smoothies, and baked goods – providing beautiful color and rich, distinctive flavor.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

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  • Hot ginger powder

Ginger is believed to be good for digestion, body warm-up, used as a spice and healthy drink. FGC’s Hotginger Tea is made from 100% old ginger root so it has a typical spicy taste of ginger, giving the body a feeling of refreshment in each sip of tea. The product has many medicinal properties, health benefits and good taste so it is very popular in the domestic market.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

  • Black tea powder

FGC’s black tea powder is made from premium black tea materials, produced on Japanese technology lines without using preservatives and food coloring. The powder has a light taste and delicate aroma, beautiful liquor and sweet aftertaste. Black tea powder is easy to dissolve in water and has the characteristic color of natural black tea and long-lasting aroma. It can be used as ingredients for beverages, milk, instant powder, confectionery, cakes and food.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

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  • Oolong tea powder

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, our refined Oolong tea powder maintains the original color, flavor and quality of tea and various nutrients to the maximum. Like black tea powder, it can be used alone or widely added to various types of beverages, foods, medicines in order to strengthen its nutritive health effects, and give various foods natural green and unique tea flavor.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

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Blended tea powder

Besides pure tea, we are also offering various infusions inside tea bag such as lime jasmine iced tea, passion fruit iced tea, winter melon ginseng iced tea. The blend is varied and made upon customers’ request so it comes in different flavors. 

  • Green Been Pennywort powder

Green been pennywort powder is one of our special offers. With pure and natural ingredients from green beans and fresh pennywort, the product is not only delicious but also nutritious, providing many vitamins and essential minerals to help protect and improve your health.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

Wholesale tea powder production in FGC’s factory

  • Modern technology with high capacity

As the leading tea manufacturer and tea exporter in Vietnam, we are proud to have a modern system of production lines such as a matcha production line from Japan, blenders imported from Taiwan, and packaging machines from the Czech Republic and Malaysia. Therefore, our factory can ensure high and stable production capacity to meet big demand from consumers. Our annual export volume has reached 20,000 metric tons with the turnover of 2021 exceeding 8,600 thousand USD.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

  • Fine powder with good quality

Since our factory is well-equipped with cut-edging technology, the products are manufactured with excellent quality. FGC uses the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to produce Vietnamese matcha. The matcha processing line from Japan can produce 5 kilograms matcha per hour and tea powder is produced with high capacity and quality on par with tea from Japan. Powder comes in fine texture without lumps and impurities so it can satisfy even notoriously fastidious customers.

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam

  • Eco-friendly plantation and production

One of the reasons why we have gained trust in many customers is because we have stable and quality tea sources. FGC now has over 60 large tea farms under strict control inluding 11 hectares of organic tea gardens in addition to normal tea gardens at the altitude of 1200-1600 meters above sea level. Normally, it takes about 3 to 4 years from planting for the plant to reach its full harvest growth. Depending on the season, plants are harvested every two to five weeks.  Only flushes (two leaves and a bud) are harvested to make tea. Since we have paid close attention to consumers’ health, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in cultivation. Our tea leaves have met Vietnamese organic standards and become a healthy choice for everyone. 

FGC - The leading wholesale tea powder supplier from Vietnam



If you are looking for a reliable instant tea wholesale that sells tea powders with premium quality, feel free to contact us for advice and support. We make sure to give you our utmost attention. You can aslo buy our tea powder right from the Vietnam’s chains of supermarkets and grocery stores.

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