If you are seeking reliable Oolong tea powder suppliers in the world, Future Generation Co,. Ltd or FGC is among the greatest ones you can cooperate with. Oolong tea is known as a premium tea that brings consumers a wide range of health benefits. The products such as Oolong loose tea, Oolong tea bag, Oolong ready-to-drink tea, Oolong tea powder, etc are the key tea trends currently. 


  “Oolong tea powder suppliers” is the hot topic in the search tool due to the increasing demand for tea powder products currently. Oolong tea powder is purchased by many tea shops as an inevitable ingredient for drinking and cooking. If you are looking for the best and most reliable supplier of Oolong tea powder in Vietnam, Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) should be your top option. Why is that? This article will tell you the reasons as well as explain more about the benefit and usage of this tea.

Health benefits of Oolong tea powder 

Oolong tea powder is the tea that is ground into fine powder by advanced grinding technology. Raw tea can be a specialized tea variety for Oolong production or another variety but produced by technology to create green Oolong or roasted Oolong. 

Thanks to the amazing benefits, many Oolong tea powder suppliers are motivated to research and develop more products from this special ingredient.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
Tea – a popular and healthy beverage. Source: cozytea.com

It is not difficult to find articles about the utilities of Oolong tea, which are similar to Black tea and Green tea. We hereby summarize some of the main effects as follows:

Weight lost

Oolong tea as well as oolong tea powder have ingredients such as polyphenols and caffeine that improve the ability to inhibit some enzymes, interact with intestinal microflora to help expend energy, and enhance fat oxidation. This helps reduce weight gain caused by a high-fat diet.


Tea with L-theanine may aid with anxiety and high blood pressure caused by stressful conditions.

Oolong tea contains a moderate quantity of caffeine, which is known to improve mood, attention, and brain function by increasing the production of dopamine and norepinephrine.


Tea drinkers have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as a lower risk of heart disease, according to several studies. Tea is also beneficial to your skin and it helps to slow down the aging process. 


Of course, Oolong tea powder is not a substitute for medication. However, many studies have demonstrated that tea contains natural antioxidants (such as polyphenols) that can prevent cancer cell proliferation.

Drinking too much oolong tea or any other drink in a day is not good, especially before sleeping. But 1-3 cups of oolong tea powder per day is the right amount to ensure the best benefits for your health. 

Oolong tea powder is becoming increasingly popular, owing to its deliciousness and several health benefits. The range of uses of this tea is also quite wide. Let’s find out in the next part.




Differences between oolong tea and black tea

In which situation is Oolong tea powder used? 

Manufacturers have created oolong tea powder products that are used for a variety of purposes:


Oolong tea powder, like other teas, is consumed as a beverage. This tea is unique in that it is easily dissolved and can be drunk instantly without complicated brewing. 

Pure oolong tea powder can be consumed alone, mixed with a little juice (lemon, kumquat, etc.) or milk to make a delightful milk tea cup.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
Oolong tea powder – a convenient ingredient for making milk tea


Like matcha powder, oolong tea powder is also widely used in making desserts such as ice cream, cakes, and pastries.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
Delicious dishes are made from tea powder


Oolong tea powder can be used as an ingredient in the production of high-end cosmetics or used directly to apply masks to help increase skin’s youthfulness.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
Oolong tea powder – a natural beauty material

Because of its versatility and effects, many people have looked up places to buy Oolong tea powder. If you are looking for a supplier from Vietnam, FGC would be the first choice. Find out why in the next section.

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The reasons why FGC is among the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam 

FGC has always maintained its leading position among the largest tea exporters in Vietnam. The company also constantly explores and develops new products to increasingly assert its pioneering position in the domestic tea market.

Oolong tea powder is another product that the company has researched and can guarantee good quality. There are numerous reasons why you should use FGC as your bulk oolong tea powder supplier, including:

Tea farms

FGC is Vietnam’s most professional tea producer, with more than 20 years of experience and more than 10 tea factories located in major tea regions. The source of fresh tea from over 60 large tea gardens in the country is enough to meet more than 20000 tons of dry tea per year. The company also maintains 10 hectares of Organic tea gardens in addition to normal tea gardens.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
FGC has enough tea sources to meet the demands of Oolong tea powder
 from standard to premium. Source: vietnam-tea.com

Vietnamese tea plant: Situation, orientation and growth potential

Modern machinery system with high production capacity

FGC owns a modern Japanese matcha production line. This is the only machine in Vietnam and in the region that can produce tea powder with high capacity and quality on par with tea from Japan. The production area is located next to the organic tea garden, ensuring the freshest ingredients. 

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
Japanese Matcha processing line that can be used to make high quality Oolong tea powder. Souce: vietnam-tea.com

The combination of the freshest ingredients and state-of-the-art machinery results in premium oolong tea powder.

Custom Logo design and all packaging styles available 

Not only ensuring quality from raw materials, FGC is also equipped with modern packaging machines from Europe, bringing many packaging options to customers. We also provide OEM service, assist the clients in designing logos, and packaging as well as start a new tea brand.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam
Wide variety of packaging options by FGC

Let’s find out how to order FGC’s Oolong tea powder in the next part of this article. 

How can I buy Oolong tea powder products from FGC? 

 Please take a few seconds to observe the following chart to visualize the FGC ordering process.

FGC- one of the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in Vietnam

The first step is simply choosing the method of contacting us:

  • Call: 0084 24 73000130

FGC representatives will promptly respond to you and answer any questions. Our Sales Executive will accompany you throughout the process of creating suitable Oolong tea powder samples, agreeing on contract terms to implementing and completing the agreement.

This article partly explains why FGC is among the best Oolong tea powder suppliers in the world. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for Oolong tea powder in bulk, Oolong powder mixed with other components to make an entirely new product, or if you need any other Vietnamese teas and herbs.

 Written by Ms. Hang Gina – FGC Sales Executive

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