If you intend to take any teas for better sleeping, have you ever wondered, “ does sleepytime tea make you sleepy?”. Tea experts will provide information about bedtime teas and their effects on consumers’ health in this post.


Sleep quality plays an essential role in creating a healthy lifestyle, but ironically, not all people are satisfied with their daily sleep. We can find sleeplessness at any time in life as many factors are causing this problem, such as stress, noise pollution, etc. Long-time sleeplessness may lead to insomnia, a dangerous disease currently.

Many scientists believe that having a relaxing bedtime ritual is an important part of getting better sleep. If you want to get interesting information about bedtime teas, this post will be helpful to you!

Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy?

Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy? Tea experts explain
The effect of sleepytime tea on your sleep depends on what type of tea and how often you consume it. Source: healthline.com

The answer is “ yes”, depending on the tea type you pick and the frequency of consuming it.  Chamomile tea is a typical sleepytime tea that has been proven for its sleep-inducing effect. 

Normally, for many people drinking herbal teas is to relax. The tea, at the same time, helps calm you down so that you will fall and stay asleep.

Time to drink tea also plays an essential role in optimizing the beneficial properties of the tea. You should drink the tea before bed for at least one to two hours to avoid interrupting your sleep in the middle of the night. Therefore, drinking liquids such as tea with enough time to hit the bathroom before bed is necessary.

Understanding what exactly sleepy time tea is?

Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy? Tea experts explain
Sleepytime teas are herbal tea made with a blend of ingredients to help you relax and sleep easily. Source: pinterest.com

Scientists have defined sleepytime teas as bedtime teas made from calming ingredients. These ingredients have a function in calming the nervous system well.

In other words, sleepytime teas are herbal tea made with a blend of ingredients to help you relax and sleep easily. These herbal teas have been used as natural sleep remedies since ancient times. Some typical bedtime teas include lavender, chamomile, passionflower, etc.

The best sleepytime teas you may know

Some of the typical sleepytime teas will be listed in this part. These herbal teas have been used as natural remedies for centuries and have assisted consumers in promoting their sleep quality.

Magnolia tea

Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy? Tea experts explain
Magnolia has been a natural sleep aid loved by many people. Source: pinterest.com

Magnolia tea is produced from the magnolia plant’s dried bark, buds, and stems. The plant contains honokiol and magnolol, which are believed to have many benefits for health. 

In particular, tea made from Magnolia has been a natural sleep aid in many forms of traditional medicine since ancient times.

Low caffeine green tea

Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy? Tea experts explain
Green tea bag from FGC

Green tea is the second-most-consumed tea in the world. The tea is famous for its distinct flavor and health benefits.

Some studies suggest that green tea could improve sleep quality and battle insomnia as long as you choose this tea with low or no caffeine content, especially if you are planning to drink green tea close to bedtime.

Chamomile tea

Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy? Tea experts explain
Chamomile flowers are one of the most popular natural ingredients used to make herbal tea. Source: vietnam-tea.com

Chamomile is one of the most popular flowers planted in many regions worldwide. Tea made from this type of flower belongs to herbal tea, which is famous for its delicate floral flavor and many health benefits.

Chamomile tea is among Vietnam’s most popular herbal tea, beside Jasmine tea, Hisbiscus tea, etc.    

Lavender tea

Made by brewing the buds of the lavender flower in water, Lavender tea comes in a vibrant purple beverage with a distinct flavor and aroma. 

Lavender essential oil is beneficial in calming nerves, leading to better sleep, improving skin health, and so on. As a result, besides tea, Lavender extracts are also used in many products such as perfume, soap, etc.

Valerian tea

Used as an herb or supplement, Valerian plant root is used to make bedtime tea. Valerian tea is regarded as a natural sleep aid. In addition to improving sleep quality, Valerian tea can help treat anxiety and enhance feelings of relaxation and calmness. 

Passionflower tea

Passionflower, also known as Passiflora or maypop, has many medicinal properties, including tinctures and capsules.

Products made from Passionflowers, such as teas, syrups, and tinctures, are believed to be a natural sedative and anxiety relief. Therefore, Passionflower tea can be an ideal drink for easing sleep disorders. 

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Benefits and downsides when drinking sleepy time teas

While bedtime teas offer a variety of advantages, consumers also should take their side effects into account. 


  • Drinking sleepytime teas can assist in creating good sleep habits that the brain recognizes as a wind-down before slumber.
  • The warmth and aroma of bedtime herbal teas are capable of comforting and soothing.
  • Most herbal teas are safe and easy to drink.
Does sleepytime tea make you sleepy? Tea experts explain
Sleepytime teas bring drinkers both benefits and side effects. Source: pinterest.com


  • Bedtime teas may not help severe cases of insomnia. Instead, they should be considered a supplementary tool to improve sleep troubles, not a cure-all.
  • While sleepytime teas are ideal for your sleep, they can negatively affect other organs in your body. This issue has been proved transparently but it is better to get doctors’ advice before taking the tea.
  • Drinking regularly with a suitable amount is much better than drinking too much in a short time.


Whether sleepytime teas work well depends on various factors, including drinking time, chosen tea, and your body’s mechanism. For more information about sleepytime teas and their effects, contact our tea experts via info@vietnam-tea.com to be consulted.

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