Vietnam is the fifth country in the world to export tea. Many big tea companies and packaging firms import vast volumes of Vietnamese tea to provide a unique flavor at a competitive price.

It is difficult to travel to countries to acquire tea due to the ongoing epidemic. However, customers can still purchase Vietnamese tea in bulk indirectly via the internet. If you wonder how to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online, this article will assist you in selecting the appropriate tea and locating a credible provider without having to visit Vietnam.

1. The most popular types of Vietnamese bulk tea to buy online

Vietnamese tea has thousands of samples of all kinds. The following are some of the most popular types of Vietnamese bulk tea that international wholesale customers often choose:

Types of bulk tea  Description
Green tea

Vietnamese green bulk tea

Vietnam is the world’s second-largest exporter of green tea. Vietnamese green tea has a pleasant aroma, good taste, and a wide range of varieties. It can be used alone as a finished tea or in combination with other ingredients to enhance its distinctiveness.

Some typical grades for bulk tea as follows:

  • Super Pekoe
  • Green OP
  • Green TH
  • Green BPS
  • Green Fannings
  • Vietnam traditional green tea
Black tea

Vietnamese Black bulk tea

Vietnamese black tea has a mild, neutral taste and is inexpensive, so it is frequently mixed with other teas to reduce costs. In some countries, tea drinkers also prefer the light taste of black tea from Vietnam.

Most popular types:

  • Black OPA
  • Black OP
  • Black Pekoe
  • Black BOP
  • Black FBOP
  • Black P
  • Black PS
  • Black BPS
  • Black Fannings
  • Black Dust
Oolong tea

Vietnamese oolong bulk tea


Many tea gardens in Vietnam specialize in the manufacture of Oolong tea. Vietnamese Oolong tea is praised for its high quality and low cost.

Popular types:

  • Green Oolong
  • Black Oolong
Herbal tea

Vietnamese herbal bulk tea

Favorable natural conditions help Vietnam boast the world’s largest collection of natural herbs. There are some popular herbal teas that Vietnamese people love to use as healthy drinks. Here are some examples.

Flower-scented tea

Vietnamese lotus bulk tea


Green teas scented with natural flowers are one-of-a-kind teas from Vietnam, providing consumers with more options:

Matcha tea

Vietnamese matcha bulk tea

Some Vietnamese companies can also process Matcha tea at high quality at a lower price than Japanese Matcha.

Two typical types as following:

  • Matcha tea (orthodox)
  • 3 in 1 Matcha

After selecting the perfect Vietnamese tea for your market, there are numerous aspects to study and consider while seeking an online supplier of tea in bulk. Part 2 of this article contains more answers.

2. How to find the best online supplier of Vietnamese bulk tea

Choosing a reputable supplier for long-term cooperation is not an easy task. It is even harder to select online. There should be criteria to find a reliable Vietnam tea online shop. We would like to recommend a few factors for evaluating as follows:


  • Company establishment date and how long it has been in business.
  • Have a well-designed website with clear information about the company, brands, and product lines.
  • Have a quality assurance and management system in place for the products.
  • The location of the headquarters or representative office is public.

Manufacturing capacity

  • Infrastructure: number of factories, name of machinery and equipment system, production technology, etc.
  • Tea plantation: Location of the production plant, tea gardens to ensure the stability of product supply.
packing machine
Modern Germans’ tea bag packing line is one of the highlight points of FGC as an online bulk tea supplier

Product and prices

  • Ready to send samples for testing.
  • Flexibly adjust the samples as required.
  • Offer competitive prices.

Other services

  • Prompt and professional consulting service, straightforward purchasing process.
  • A variety of packaging services, including design assistance, proper packaging to ensure quality for long transportation.
  • A wide range of transportation, payment, and documents options.

Evaluation is necessary when you are looking for an online supplier of Vietnamese bulk tea. To save time, you can refer to the next section.

3. Where to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online

When it comes to Vietnamese bulk tea, Future Generation Co. Ltd. (FGC) is a prominent name. FGC is a trustworthy source to buy tea in bulk online because of the following factors:

Good reputation

  • FGC is Vietnam’s top tea company, founded in 1996 and has over 20 years of expertise in tea production and export.
  • More information about FGC can be found at website: or website of our brand Cozy:
  • The company’s system operation complies with HACCP code 2003 and ISO 2200:2018 standards.
bulk tea quality certifications
This infographic to help you visualize our tea order process
  • Our company and products have received many awards in Vietnam and abroad.
Vietnam online tea shop recieves award
The only tea brand receive Vietnam Value for many years

Capacity and Sustainable Development

FGC has 15 factories in the primary tea regions throughout the country. Our largest blending factory is located in Zone 1, Phu Ho commune, Phu Tho town, Phu Tho province, Vietnam. FGC has its own tea gardens and tea sources from all across Vietnam. Thus, we can produce more than 20000 tons of tea each year.

FGC’s tea garden
FGC’s tea garden

In addition, FGC is also equipped with a modern tea production and packaging system, imported from Europe, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, etc. to ensure the best quality.

FGC’s Phu Tho Factory Tour 

Product and prices

FGC can supply all products that are listed in section 1 of this article at a reasonable price.

After knowing your demands for Vietnamese bulk tea via online channels, we will research and send samples to you. Our R&D department will listen to your feedback and adjust the sample to your requirements. Even if you’re looking for something new and unique, we can look into it for you.

Cozy tea – A brand of Vietnamese bulk tea online supplier
Cozy tea – A brand of FGC, different kinds of tea in various types of packages

Other services

FGC’s managers can help you with product selection, blending, packaging, price, transportation, documentation, design, and even marketing plan. When you start cooperating with us, you can realize that our professional process will help you save your time and costs.

FGC head office

Address: R4 building, Office quarter 02, Royal City, 72A Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.

Now that you know where to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online, you may wonder how to start purchasing? The answer is in the following section.

4. How to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online

Wherever you are, you can ask us to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online. FGC can be reached in several ways:

FGC’s Tea ordering process

We hope that our article can partly answer your queries about how to buy Vietnamese bulk tea online and how to choose the best Vietnamese supplier. FGC is honored to become your trusted partner.

Author: Ms. Hang Gina – FGC Sales Executive

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