With Private Label Services – OEM, FGC promises to provide customers with diverse, good quality and suitable black tea packaging types.


OEM, or Private Label Service, is an amazing solution allowing businesses the opportunity to build their brand without the hassle of creating new products. It helps to open doors to enhanced distribution opportunities, profitability and business value. This article will explain to you why you should choose our Private Labeling services to help your business advance further. 

We are the leading Black Tea supplier in Vietnam- A country with long-lasting tradition of drinking tea 

Future Generation Company (FGC) is a leading tea manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam. We have maintained a standard of excellence for over 26 years and become the top tea supplier in Vietnam, with an annual average export volume of nearly 20,000 tons. In which, black tea is our highlight product that has been exported widely to over 50 countries.

FGC has been well-known as a reliable tea supplier with reasonable offers due to a wide variety of tea sources, a high-tech production and packaging system and a professional R&D department. Tea leaves are collected from 60 tea gardens nationwide, in which most are located in northern Vietnam and some of which use organic cultivation techniques, and then transferred directly to factories for processing.

Currently, we have 15 factories in total near the tea gardens including a 60-hectare factory in Phu Tho province – the biggest one where we implement most of our production and packaging work. FGC has invested in many modern processing lines with a sorting and blending system to produce black tea products, imported from Japan, Germany, Malaysia, etc. Besides, every formula is created after careful research and testing of our R&D experts so the products delivered to our customers remain high quality with good flavors.

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Private Label Services- What offer various Black Tea packaging types

Private Label Service, or OEM, stands for ‘original equipment manufacturer’. An OEM company manufactures a product for another business under their own brand. OEM is an ideal solution for businesses looking to stand out in a competitive market. Some companies choose to use this service to concentrate on building their brands since when a brand is strong, customers become passionate about other choices as well and loyal to their products. This is an exceptional way to take your business to the next level of success.

FGC is one of the foremost ‘Private Label OEM’ tea exporters in Vietnam, a tea co-packer with internationally certified packing plants. We have been co-packing numerous brands for more than 4000 clients and partners. Our expert team will manage all aspects of design, blend and packaging of your private label tea, so you get the finished product customized upon your requirements. Therefore, it will help you to get rid of boring manufacturing work and give you much time to focus on promoting your brand and products as well as sales and distribution.

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Read more about Private Label Service from FGC:


How many Black Tea packaging types does FGC provide?

Due to the variety of sizes and styles, the flavor and hue of our tea is well-protected and maintained.

Here are some standard packaging recommendations for black tea: 

Tea Pouches

a/ Paper pouches

  • Eco-friendly as they can be 100% recycled or biodegradable in the natural environment without causing environmental pollution.
  • Do not contain toxic ingredients, ensuring safety for consumers’ health.
  • Easy to design and print with many modern printing techniques such as offset printing or digital printing, therefore helping to save production costs.

b/ Plastic pouches

  • Made from PP, PE, and OPP plastic materials.
  • Durable and popular
  • Help preserve tea quality for a longer time and are proper for long overseas transportation. 

c/ Aluminum pouches

  • Compose of 2 or more layers of film in which pure aluminum film is a part of the structure.
  • Have a long shelf life ( almost more than three years)
  • Can be used in various environments
  • Have a glossy appearance, making the products more luxurious and beautiful.

Tea duplex paper box

  • Not only store and protect tea quality conveniently over time and during transportation but also effectively show information, details, and highlights of the products, helping the producers in marketing the product.
  • Eco-friendly as they are made from paper.
  • Need nylon, aluminum bags, or paper bags inside to better preserve the tea quality.

Tea canisters

a/ Paper canister

  • Shape: round, hexagonal, or octagonal
  • Eco-friendly and health-safe

b/ Tin canisters

  • Shape: unlimited
  • Effectively blocking air contact with the tea and preventing moisture, oxidation, and light
  • Not affect the tea’s aroma

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Package in bulk

a/ Paper cartons

  • For packaging tea under 5 kg net weight, producers can use 3 layer cartons.
  • For more than 10kgs to 20kgs net weight, 5 or even 7 layers of cartons are recommended.
  • A PE bag packed inside the carton is ideal to keep the quality and aroma of teas during transportation.

b/ Kraft paper bags

  • Economic effectiveness: save space, reduce the cost, and process easily
  • Eco-friendly

Package for RTD tea

a/ TetraPak Aseptic boxes

  • 6-layer sterile and pasteurized packaging
  • Safe to use

b/ Hotfill PET bottles

  • Safe and convenient
  • Various shapes

Depending on specific demands and requirements for your tea products, you can choose the suitable packaging style from our above collection.


  • Free Sample
  • Stable Supply
  • Free Label Design
  • Fast Delivery


  • Save time and costs
  • Get free samples and free label design 
  • Be assisted in research and development
  • Work with a responsive and experienced supplier
  • Have an unlimited choice of packaging types

Black Tea Grades by FGC

FGC offers many kinds and grades of Vietnamese black tea based on processing methods, leaf size, and grown regions. Let’s choose the best products for your business.

#Processing methods

  • Black Tea Orthodox
  • Black Tea CTC

#Leaf size


High Grades



Appearance: long, bold, slightly twisted leaves.

Liquor & taste: strong golden red-brown liquor, brighter hue than other grades, sweet aftertaste

Has the unique aroma of a high-grade black tea

OPA tea grade is produced from fresh tea leaves from high-grown regions such as Ha Giang, and Yen Bai=> the tea is 100% organic and free-chemical.


Appearance: wiry and twisted leaves and buds (can contain some white tips)

Liquor & taste: strong golden red-brown liquor, darker than OPA, sweet aftertaste

Long leaf size The longest size leaf grade within the OP grades

Stalk rate must be under 1%

Medium leaf size  Curved and twisted leaves

Stalk rate must be under 1%

Short leaf size The shortest and youngest leaf grade within the OP grades

Contain many young white tips

Stalk rate must be under 1%



Appearance: Wiry, curved, young, and natural black tea leaves (can contain many silvery tips)

Liquor & taste: strong golden red-brown liquor, darker than OP, strong taste and sweet aftertaste

Large leaf size Wiry, curved, and young tea leaves

Natural black

Contain some white tips

Stalk rate must be under 1%

Small leaf size Smaller and younger leaf than the large leaf size BOP

Stronger taste and sweet aftertaste

Contain many silvery tips

FBOP Appearance: Short, slightly wiry, less twisted broken leaves (can contain many silvery tips)

Liquor & taste: strong golden red-brown liquor, darker than BOP, strong taste and sweet aftertaste

Pekoe Appearance: curly round leaves (made of young tender tea leaves and buds, only 5-8% of tea leaf grades is Pekoe)

Liquor & taste: light golden red-brown liquor, fantastic taste and sweet aftertaste

P Appearance: made from the young veins of tea leaves, wiry and natural black, larger in size and older in leaf, compared to FBOP

Liquor & taste: red-brown, lighter than FBOP

High-grade black teas from FGC are mostly high-grown tea sources planted and harvested by minority ethnic groups in Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Moc Chau, etc. The tea sources are 100% organic and unique in hue( a little golden dark), authentic in aroma and rich in health benefits.
Medium Grades PS
  • A flaky leaf grade with a neat appearance.
  • Consists of leaves that are slightly curly but fully open.
  • A smaller grade just after PS.
  • Finely broken pieces of tea leaf that still have a coarse texture.
  • The smallest pieces of tea that are left over after sieving other bigger leaf grades
  • A fine powder tea, much finer than fanning grades.
  • Tea leftover from producing other higher tea grades.

=> Used in producing filter tea bags.

Medium-grade black teas from FGC have strong golden red-brown liquor, but a little darker than the high-grade ones. 

For more information about Black Tea Orthodox:

Black Tea Orthodox

  • The largest size of CTC tea with a dimension of about 3 mm.
  • Blackish in appearance, light in aroma, and sweet in the aftertaste.
  • Round and black-brown in color with a size of about 2mm.
  • Bright and fragrant in aroma, strong in taste, and sweet in the aftertaste.
  • The grade comes from the young leaves, with a round appearance and the size being about 1 mm.
  • It has a dark brown color, typical aroma, rich acrid taste, and a sweet aftertaste.
  • A broken part of CTC Black teas with size being just about 0.5mm.
  • Dark brown in color, typical in aroma, rich acrid in taste, and sweet in after taste.

=> Appropriate for producing filter tea bags.

Read more about Black Tea CTC:

Black tea CTC

#Grown regions

High-grown Low-grown
Regions Nghia Lo-Yen Bai

Ha Giang

Bao Loc- Lam Dong

Moc Chau

Lai Chau

Tuyen Quang

Thai Nguyen

Phu Tho

Nghe An

Thai Nguyen

Tuyen Quang

Descriptions Tea plants are naturally grown in high granite mountains or plateaus at the altitude of 1600 meters over sea level

Planted and harvested uniquely by minority ethnic groups

100% organic (no chemical is used)

Unique tea cultivars, the age of many tea plants can be up to hundreds or even thousands.

=> High-grown teas are the most premium and authentic tea products. The teas are the harmony among people, environment, minority culture, and tea types. 

=> Contains more silvery tips

=> Tea from Bao Ngoc, Lam Dong Central Highland can be the best alternative to Ceylon tea due to the special soil for tea plantations there

=> The average prices for these teas are higher than other teas.

Tea plants are planted by skilled farmers in the hills and midland areas at the altitude of 600-900 meters over sea level

Organic and well-controlled quality

=> Low-grown teas don’t refer to the low tea grades.

Tea characteristics Taste: Mild, gently sweet aftertaste (Tea from Ha Giang can be a little bitter) Taste: Stronger than high-grown tea
Tea leaf hue: golden dark or natural dark (especially teas from Ha Giang and Yen Bai has golden dark as characteristics color) Tea leaf hue: natural dark
Liquor hue: golden red-brown Liquor hue: golden red-brown

Apart from these above-mentioned grades, FGC can produce various kinds of black tea grades (blended from many grades, sources, or types, based on your expected cost, liquor, taste, and even appearance). Which ever type you want, we will help you create custom tea formulas and black tea packaging which suit your target market well.


For FGC, customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority when providing OEM services. We ensure our clients receive the products and black tea packaging styles that they desire and constantly improve our OEM manufacturing capabilities. Get in touch with us and let us bring the vision of your black tea brand to shelves. 


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