The largest group in the Vietnamese tea industry

Since the outset, the company has focused on tea manufacturing and trading

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Founded in 1996, Future Generation Company (FGC) placed its focus of manufacturing and trading tea.
Thanks to the leadership and collective effort of the entire workforce, the company has grown rapidly into Vietnam’s biggest tea company.
From a small trading company in 1996, the company now has 15 tea factories across the country with total annual export reaches nearly 20,000 tons of tea to over 50 countries worldwide.

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What we do

In FGC, we made it our mission to find the perfect fit for our customers’ needs.
With over 60 tea farms in Vietnam, along with many trusted partners all over the world, along with top-tier production capabilities, we always maintain great control over the final products. We will always strive to provide you the tea products that you have envisioned, from quality and pricing to packaging.

Our gardens

All FGC gardens are strictly controlled from farm preparation, cultivation to harvesting, post-harvest storage. Related factors such as: the environment, chemicals, crop protection products, packaging, and the working conditions, and the welfare of workers on the farm are of great importance to us in FGC.
We also constantly apply advanced and modern technology in planting, storing, processing, and packaging tea products. At our factory in Phu Tho province, FGC now has 21 hectares for our new hybrid varieties (LDP1, Kim Tuyen, Phuc Van Tien) which have better taste and large yields, also are suitable for producing premium tea like Matcha, Oolong; all using organic methods.

Our certificates

Quality assurance and product safety is one of Future Generation’s top priority. Our Quality Management System is audited and verified by independent certification bodies to prove conformity to internal standards, ISO norms, laws, and regulatory requirements.

Our achievements

Here are some of our proud achievements since our foundation.




Voted by most of Foreign Trade Agencies of Vietnam, given by National Committee for International Economic Cooperation